Suzuki SX4 Sedan Hatchback Backup Camera

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Suzuki sx4 reverse camera, for sx4 sedan and hatchback both available. This backup camera has HD ccd image sensor, 720p. It’s with night vision and waterproof.

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88*35mm model: This Suzuki SX4 back up camera is special for SX4 sedan, replacing car license plate light for installation, the dimensions of this backup camera is about 88x35mm, so you can measure the dimensions from your car license plate light and see if this camera fits your Suzuki SX4.

30mm size model: This Suzuki SX4 reverse camera is special for SX4 hatchback, please measure the dimensions to confirm it fits your SX4 hatchback.

Waterproof IP Rating: IP67/68
Image Sensor: HD CCD
With guide line
TV Lines: 520 TV Lines
System: NTSC
Numbers of pixels: 800*600
Minimum illumination 0.1 LUX
Lens angle: 170 degrees
Operating temperature: -40~+85 degrees
Operating voltage: 12V DC
Mounting lamp instead of lighting facilities

1 review for Suzuki SX4 Sedan Hatchback Backup Camera

  1. newlexdon

    This is a ‘must have’ when buying the DVD/GPS unit. The connections are straight forward, but the install does take some time. First connect one end of the 15’ cable with an RCA plug (and RED wire) at both ends, to the RCA jack (CAMERA-AV-IN) on the unit. The RED wire connects to the BACK wire on the rear of the unit. Next, lower the steering wheel and unsnap the cover on the left side of the steering wheel. Then fish the rest of the cable over to the left side cover. Then under the door sill cover, behind the floor seatbelt anchor, the rear door sill cover, up under the rubber molding on the back fender well. Then unhook the upper part of the cover over the little window behind the rear door. Fish the cable over to the rear hatch. Remove the cover on the inside of the hatch so wires and cables are visible. Rather than trying the impossible task of fishing the cable through the boot connecting the hatch to the car, I notched both ends of where the boot attaches. Then fish the cable up the left side of the hatch to where it will be available to plug into the rear camera. Next I took off the left tail light unit. Connect a 6’ wire to the red and black wires of the backup light. The other end will be fished up behind the little window to the backup camera. The black end of the wire will be connected to the black wire on the backup camera. The red end of the wire will be connected to the red wire on the end of the RCA plug AND the red wire from the backup camera.
    To install the camera, remove the 4 nuts from the long cover over the license plate. Then unplug the license plate light.
    NOTE: put some sort of tool in the loop where the hatch latches when closed…otherwise, you won’t be able to open the hatch with that light wire unplugged. Then remove the left light. (I did not reinstall the left license light.)
    You’ll have to Dremel-alter the camera to fit in the license plate cover. This will take some time and patience. When it finally fits, reconnect the cover with the 4 nuts, replace the left tail light, and any covers that were loosened.
    NOTE: All wires should be soldered and taped. Be careful when removing or replacing any covers or panels.
    Once you have the backup camera functioning, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

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