Pure Android Toyota Highlander Navigation DVD Player GPS Radio Head unit with WiFi

Pure Android Toyota Highlander Navigation DVD Player GPS Radio Head unit with WiFi

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This Toyota Highlander navigation system comes with pure Android 5.1.1 system, quad-core CPU, 16GB+1GB, 1024*600 HD capacitive screen, special for Toyota Highlander 2008-2011, all-in one multimedia navigation system inbuilt GPS navigation system, WiFi, phone Mirror-Link, Bluetooth hands free phone calling, DVD player, FM/AM radio, USB, SD, etc, support steering wheel control, support factory JBL with a CAN-BUS decoder included.

This model has been upgraded to 10.1" large screen, Android 9.0 system, 8-Cores CPU, 32GB+4GB, built-in DSP amplifier,  you can check it here

Product Details

Pure Android Toyota Highlander Navigation DVD Player GPS Radio Head unit with WiFi

You can check the latest Android 9 system Android head unit for Toyota Highlander via this video:

It's upgraded with Android 9 system, 8-Cores CPU processor, 32GB storage, 4GB RAM, and DSP audio! Besides, it supports factory JBL amplifier.

It looks and works great, you can check the review from our customer below.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Email: sales@dvdgpsnav.com

This Toyota Highlander navigation system comes with pure Android 5.1.1 system, which is special for Toyota Highlander 2008-2011, for year model before 2008, the dashboard should be different, and you can check another Toyota DVD GPS unit with 200x100mm dimensions. This toyota highlander dvd player can support steering wheel controls, with CAN-BUS decoder included to support factory JBL amplifier, supporting rear view camera video input and headrest monitors, the Android Toyota highlander GPS also comes with GPS maps for free as a gift.

android toyota highlander navigation

toyota highlander navigation dvd player

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Android 5.1.1 Operation System
Support Android App Install, Delete
Quad-Cores RK3188 1.6GHz Cortex A9 CPU
DDR3 1GB RAM, 16GB Nand Flash
8 Inch large HD capacitive screen, touch screen
1024*600 resolution
GPS navigation system built-in, can listen to music or radio while navigation
Not work for the Toyota Highlander with original navigation
Built-in WIFI module, support 3G(3G module optional)
Support steering wheel controls to control the new highlander head unit
Built-in car radio, FM/AM, worldwide use
Handsfree Bluetooth phone calling function
Phone Mirror-Link function
Support Bluetooth music
Support rear view camera(optional)
Support USB connection, with USB cable
Support On-line Weather Forcast and Lived Wallpaper
Two SD card slots
Power output: 4*45W
GPS languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Sveska, Turkish, Slovencina, France, Dutch, Ceaky, Italy, Portuguese, Chinese…

Toyota Highlander Bluetooth

After installation Toyota Highlander Android Navigation

More information: installation guide of this Android Toyota Highlander navigation DVD player radio .

Warranty 2 Years

Customer Reviews

Review by Emmanuel O. A.
I am in Ghana, and I just received the upgraded version (Android 9.0 system, 8-Cores CPU, 32GB+4GB) with Backup Camera CCD. Everything fitted perfectly and working. Initially had issues with connecting my iPhone to the inbuilt CarPlay system but their support person assisted me to set up the link properly. I did not need any external dongle for that. I just had to connect my phone to the USB slot. Used it or 2 day now. So far, so good. (Posted on 11/22/2019)
Review by Victor Castillo
Will this support the original back up camera installed on my 2008 highlander?

>> It does not support original back up camera, it supports aftermarket back up camera with RCA connector. (Posted on 4/25/2019)

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Questions and Answers

Q: Does this support my 2008 Toyota highlander Limited? it has the factory JBL navigation system.

Posted By: Jason

A: Please send a dashboard photo for us to check for you.
Q: Looking to replace my 2011 Toyota Highlander Limited radio system with JBL and factory Nav with your system. I would like CarPlay for my Apple Iphone and I have a backup camera. Will this work?

Posted By: Roberto Guerrero

A: Our unit fits, but it has been upgraded with a new version, you can send us an email to learn more.
Q: Does this unit preserve the use of factory steering wheel buttons?

Posted By: Greg

A: Yes, it supports factory steering wheel controls.
Q: Does this have satellite/xm radio?

Posted By: Monica Traylor

A: It does not have satellite radio, just FM/AM radio built-in.
Q: Hi, can the DVD player in the rear still be used through the android head unit? I have a 08 highlander hybrid.

Posted By: Lj Nguyen

A: It does not support your factory dvd player.
Q: The stock radio screen is maybe 6'' . How does your unit with a 10" screen fit in the same space ?

Posted By: Craig Addy

A: Hi, you can check how does the 10.1" screen unit look like after installation on this page: https://www.dvdgpsnav.com/blog/toyota-highlander-radio-replacement-upgrade-10-1-android-head-unit/ If you still have a doubt, you can send a dash photo from your Toyota Highlander for us to check further.
Q: Is this available still? I would like to purchase but I don’t see a way to add to the cart and buy it.

Posted By: Tammy Willis

A: The new 10.1" Android head unit is available now, if you need, we can send you an invoice to confirm with you of the order. You can contact us via email for more information: sales@dvdgpsnav.com
Q: Does this show the names of songs/albums when playing through Bluetooth? This is upgraded to the 9.0 Android, can I upgrade it to 9.1? Internal mic?

Posted By: Tammy Willis

A: Hi, it displays names of songs/albums when playing through Bluetooth music. System update should be provided from us when it's available in the future. It's with built-in mic.
Q: Can I add an pioneer amplifier to this unit through blue remote wire or does it even have a remote wire ? And do I need additional adapter for mirror iPhone and swc?

Posted By: Thoos Xyooj

A: Hi, this unit has 4 channels audio output to connect an external amplifier with RCA connectors, and one channel subwoofer output. You can check if your amplifier has RCA connectors or not. You don't need additional adapter for mirror-link iphone and swc.
Q: I have the newest version with 8.0 on it. Does it support CarPlay? If so, how do I enable it? Also, is there a Canbus setting to enable stock OEM rear view camera or is the a harness I can add?

Posted By: Jacob

A: It supports Apple Carplay, you need to get a Carplay device to connect with it. Factory rear view camera is not supported, but you can install a aftermarket rear camera instead.
Q: Is this model out of stock? Will there be a replacement or stock soon? I have a 2008 highlander limited edition with stock jbl and backup camera

Posted By: Wilbert Leung

A: We have a new 10.1" Android unit which fits and works for your car, it supports your JBL, the factory backup camera may not be supported because it's with different plug, but you can also connect a aftermarket back up camera instead: https://www.dvdgpsnav.com/toyota-highlander-backup-camera-ccd.html If you are interested in our new unit for Toyota highlander, you can send an email to sales@dvdgpsnav.com.
Q: Dose this fit a 2008 highlander that has a jbl and back up camera? Also dose it recive text when linked to you phone?

Posted By: Victor Castillo

A: Hi, yes, this unit fits 2008 Toyota highlander with jbl, there's a CAN-BUS decoder to support JBL. And this Android unit can connect a back up camera with RCA connector. Do you need apple carplay function? Apple carplay is optional, mirror-link function is built-in by default.
Q: Will this fit a 2012 Highlander?

Posted By: Juan

A: Hi, you can send a dashboard picture from your 2012 Toyota Highlander for us to check, so that we can make sure if it fits your car.

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