Toyota Head Units

Aftermarket Toyota head units are Android infotainment systems that offer more advanced features and options than the factory-installed head units, including a larger touch screen, more connectivity options, and latest technology to enhance your driving experience by providing more features.

Advantages of an aftermarket Toyota head unit

  • Up-to-date technology: Aftermarket Toyota Android head unit is more up-to-date with the latest technology than factory-installed unit, which may not have been updated for several years. It offers more features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which allow you to use your phone’s apps and functions through your car’s infotainment system.
  • Improved navigation: If your Toyota’s original navigation system is outdated or doesn’t provide the level of detail or accuracy you need, an aftermarket Toyota head unit can offer better and more up-to-date navigation features, including real-time traffic and weather updates, as well as more detailed maps like igo, sygic, waze and google maps.
  • Better aesthetics: It also improves the look and feel of your Toyota’s interior, as many units come with customizable options for screen backgrounds, button colors, and other design elements. This can give your Toyota car a more personalized and modern look.
  • Greater ease of use: Toyota Android head unit offers a more user-friendly interface than the factory-installed unit, making it easier to navigate and control your car’s audio and infotainment system.
  • Expandable: Aftermarket Toyota head units can be expanded with additional components like amplifiers, subwoofers, and other audio equipment, allowing you to create a custom sound system that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Overall, an aftermarket Toyota Android head unit provides a wide range of advantages, depending on the specific model and features you choose. It’s important to do your research and choose a unit that is compatible with your Toyota model and year, and that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Important Note Before Buying

When choosing an aftermarket Toyota head unit, it’s important to ensure that it is compatible with your specific Toyota model and year, and that it is installed by a qualified technician to ensure proper functionality and compatibility with your vehicle’s other systems.

You can contact us to get a compatible Android head unit for your Toyota model, and we can help you to install it. Contact now

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  • Aftermarket Lexus IS 250 300h 350 Large Touch Screen Android Display Apple Carplay

    Original price was: US$799.00.Current price is: US$660.00.
    • Special for Lexus IS 2013-2020, also fits some Lexus RC F, as the dashboard is the same
    • Works for Lexus IS with a knob or mouse control, and Lexus RC F with touch pad control
    • Latest Android 12 system
    • 8GB RAM, 64GB storage, 128GB optional
    • Support wireless Apple carplay and Android Auto
    • Reverse camera optional
  • Lexus RX Infotainment System Upgrade Android Head Unit

    Original price was: US$799.00.Current price is: US$660.00.
  • Lexus NX Screen Upgrade Apple Carplay Navigation System

    Original price was: US$799.00.Current price is: US$660.00.

    New 10.25 inch Lexus NX 200t, NX 300h Android touch screen upgrade with wireless Apple carplay, android auto, top quality Qualcomm 8-core CPU, 64GB+8GB RAM, 1920*720 resolution, support 4K video, steering wheel control, factory backup camera, mouse control.

    NOTE: If your Lexus NX has factory OEM 360 camera system, you will need to add a 360 control box to support it, the 360 box is optional.

  • 10.1 Inch Toyota RAV4 Head Unit Replacement Android Touch Screen Radio

    Original price was: US$500.00.Current price is: US$316.90.

    This aftermarket touch screen Android RAV4 head unit replacement is special for Toyota RAV4 2013-2018 year models, with CAN-BUS decoder included to support steering wheel control and factory backup camera.

    RAV4 head unit upgrade perfectly fits your Toyota RAV4 left hand dirve, for a RHD model there’s a little difference. It also adds more features like Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth music, GPS, Wi-Fi, USB. It also supports Apple Carplay/Android Auto(optional).

    Buy Toyota RAV4 Android head unit now get our latest igo or sygic maps for your country, maps update is also free.

    Installation instructions

  • New Lexus CT200H Android Radio Multimedia Aftermarket Navigation

    Original price was: US$520.00.Current price is: US$369.90.

    This is latest version of 7″ android radio replacement for Lexus ct200h, with GPS navigation system built-in, usb apple carplay and android auto optional. It supports steering wheel control and back up camera video input, camera is optional. You can play music via music app, USB, Bluetooth music with your phone. You can play videos via video app, USB.

    Note: This android radio only fits Lexus ct200h without factory screen or mouse control, and should be left hand drive ct200h.

  • Toyota Corolla Radio Upgrade Android Car Stereo Head Unit

    Original price was: US$500.00.Current price is: US$399.90.
  • Toyota Hilux Stereo Upgrade Android Head Unit Replacement

    Original price was: US$500.00.Current price is: US$399.90.
  • Toyota 4runner Radio Upgrade Android Head Unit

    Original price was: US$600.00.Current price is: US$435.90.
    Rated 0 out of 5

    This 9″ HD android head unit is made for Toyota 4runner 2015-2019 year model. It’s a factory radio upgrade with Apple carplay and Android auto optional. It replaces the oem Toyota 4runner infotainment system including radio and CD player.

    After installation, the new Toyota 4runner stereo head unit supports steering wheel control, backup camera video display, navigation system, touch screen, HD video play, and more.

  • Toyota Camry Stereo Upgrade Aftermarket Radio

    Original price was: US$500.00.Current price is: US$398.90.

    Best quality Android radio upgrade for Toyota Camry 2007-2011, it replaces factory Toyota Camry radio for installation, upgrading with 9 inch HD capacitive screen, support touch screen, Octa-Core CPU processor, 64+4GB RAM. This Toyota camry android head unit has Apple carplay and android auto optional.

  • Toyota Tundra Radio Upgrade Android Head Unit Apple Carplay

    Original price was: US$599.00.Current price is: US$399.90.
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Latest Android 10 aftermarket radio replacement for Toyota Tundra 2007-2013 year model. If you want to upgrade the OEM Toyota Tundra stereo, this is the best head unit upgrade for your car. As it’s not just a radio replacement, but also provides you many awesome features which the factory radio does not have.

    Buy Toyota Tundra aftermarket radio with igo maps installed, free navigation maps update.

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