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Looking for an aftermarket BMW head unit upgrade for your BMW car? If yes, you can replace the factory BMW head unit with a new Android head unit directly from manufacturer on Finding a quality BMW head unit with affordable price for your car would be tough if you does not have such an experience before.

What’s the Best BMW Head Unit?

The best BMW head unit should be quality first. As you drive your BMW car every day, it’s necessary to install a quality Android head unit for you car. It not only provides you update-to-date navigation for free, but also an multi-functional infotainment system.

The main benefits of a BMW Android head unit is improved connectivity. With built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data connectivity options, you can stream music, make hands-free calls, and use navigation and other apps without relying on your smartphone. This not only enhances the overall driving experience but also reduces the distractions and increases the safety on the road.

Besides, installation is plug and play, so you don’t need to modify wires or change the dashboard, just remove the factory head unit, then install the new wiring harness which is compatible with the original harness, and put the new BMW head unit into the dash.

In conclusion, a BMW Android head unit is a great investment for any BMW owner who wants to upgrade the technology in their car. With improved connectivity, better sound quality, advanced navigation features, and customizable settings, you’ll enjoy a more enjoyable and safer driving experience. Additionally, the compatibility with third-party accessories such as backup cameras, dash cameras, and OBD-II adapters, can further enhance your car’s audio and navigation capabilities.

BMW Head Units Available

DVDGPSNav produces BMW head units for different BMW vehicles available, including BMW 3 series like E46, E90, F30, F03, and BMW 5 series like BMW X5 E53, E39, BMW E60, E70, BMW F10, etc. We also have BMW 7 series E65, E65 head units. As a manufacturer, we produce different models for different cars available. If you can not find the model, you can also send us an email, we will reply very soon.

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  • Aftermarket BMW E60 Android Head Unit GPS Navigation BMW E60 Radio Upgrade DVD optional

    Rated 0 out of 5

    This Android head unit is special for 2003-2010 BMW E60 M5 with factory OEM 6.5 inch small screen and aux function.

    E60 screen upgrade with Android head unit works with BMW E60 M-ASK, CIC and CCC system, the LVDS plug is different for different system, that’s why we need to check and confim the car information with our customers.

    Update: If your BMW E60 M5 comes with 8.8 inch large screen, this BMW E60 Android head unit can also work, and if your car does not have aux function, you will need to add the small amplifier option to get sound.

    Installation Instructions of BMW E60 Android navigation head unit

    We will install latest igo or sygic maps for you, besides, maps update is also free from us in the future.

  • BMW E90 E92 Android Head Unit Radio Touch Screen GPS Navigation DVD Player Maps Free


    The BMW e90 android head unit has been upgraded with latest Android 12 system, 8-Core CPU, 64GB ROM, 4GB RAM now. It replaces factory radio with a new touch screen android radio, fits BMW 3 series e90, e91 and e92. It supports steering wheel controls, backup camera video input, built-in car dvd player, navigation system, bluetooth, wifi, and apple carplay/android auto optional.

  • BMW E46 Radio Upgrade Apple Carplay


    The best BMW E46 radio upgrade with Apple carplay & Android auto. Perfect fit, easy to install, oem looking, factory-direct price.

  • BMW X5 E53 Android Head Unit Aftermarket Navigation System


    This aftermarket navigation Android head unit fits perfectly BMW X5 E53 1999-2006 year model. It supports steering wheel controls, back up camera video displaying, infotainment system, and Apple carplay/Android auto optional.

  • 10.25″ BMW F30 Screen Upgrade Android Head Unit


    This aftermarket Android head unit screen upgrade is special for BMW 3 series F30, F31, F34, F35, F80. It replaces the factory BMW F30 screen with a new 10.25″ HD Android screen.

    It works for BMW F30 with NBT and EVO system, but the hardware and software are different, please choose your BMW system before you add it to cart. Regularly, after year 2017, BMW F30 is with EVO system, before year 2017, it’s with NBT system. If you can send a pic to show your screen main menu, we can check for you.

    Latest upgrade with Android 13 system, Octa-core CPU, 64+8GB RAM, built-in Apple carplay and Android auto. 128GB storage optional.

    BMW F30 Android Screen Installation Instructions

  • 10.25″ BMW F10 F11 Android Screen Upgrade Head Unit Replacement Apple Carplay Android Auto


    The best Android screen upgrade for BMW 5 series F10 F11, 10.25″ HD infotainment system support wireless Apple Carplay and Android auto. It retains all factory functions and controls, just replaces the OEM screen head unit. It fits both left and right hand drive models BMW F10 and F11.

    How to install BMW F10 F11 Android Screen Head Unit?

  • BMW X1 E84 Screen Upgrade Apple Carplay Android Head Unit


    Android head unit sat nav system for BMW X1 E84 screen upgrade 2009-2015 year with or without factory screen. Latest upgrade with a 10.25″ HD touch screen, support apple carplay and android auto.

    It also supports backup camera video display, navigation, bluetooth, usb, wi-fi, google maps, youtube, and other android apps.

  • Android BMW F20 Screen Upgrade Head Unit


    This aftermarket head unit is special for BMW 1 series F20, F21 and BMW 2 series F22 with Android screen to replace the factory screen. All factory functions are compatible with this BMW F20 Android head unit. Support wireless Apple carplay and Android auto.

  • BMW X5 E70 X6 E71 Android Head Unit with Aftermarket Navigation


    This aftermarket navigation android head unit is special for BMW X5 E70, F15, F85, BMW X6 E71, F86.

    Latest upgrade with Android 13 OS, 8-Cores CPU processor, 64GB ROM and 8GB RAM.

    BMW X6 E71 X5 E70 Android head unit comes with large 8.8 inch HD capacitive touch screen, which performs much better than old resistive touchscreen, powerful configuration makes it run smoothly.

    Two models available:

    • For CCC system of BMW X5 E70 F15 F85(–2010), BMW X6 E71 F16 F86(–2010), LVDS Square plug with 10pins
    • For CIC system of BMW X5 E70 F15 F85(2011-2012), BMW X6 E71 F16 F86(2011-2012), LVDS Round plug with 4 pins

    If you need 10.25″ larger Android screen, we can also provide.

    For this BMW X5 E70 aftermarket navigation, we will install latest igo or sygic maps for your country for free, besides, maps update is also free from DVDGPSNav.

  • BMW X3 E83 Android Head Unit 10.25″ Touch Screen Multimedia Navigation System Aftermarket


    Android screen head unit special for BMW X3 E83 2003-2010
    10.25″ HD touch screen unit replaces the top storage box
    Aftermarket navigation system for BMW X3 E83
    With similar iDrive controller included
    Support Apple Carplay, Android auto
    Keep factory OEM radio system working
    Support steering wheel controls
    Support back up camera display
    Separate main unit from the 10.25 screen unit, so the screen will not get very hot
    FREE iGO maps and update

    Upgrade with latest Android 11 system, Qualcomm 8-Core CPU, 64+8GB RAM now.

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