Mercedes Benz W204 Android Head unit Radio GPS Bluetooth Music System for Mercedes C300 C180 C200 C220 C230 C250 C280 C320 C350

Mercedes Benz W204 Android Head unit Radio GPS Bluetooth Music System for Mercedes C300 C180 C200 C220 C230 C250 C280 C320 C350

Item #:CG-8810A

Regular Price: $600.00

Special Price $399.00

Regular Price: $600.00

Special Price $399.00

Android 9.0 OS, Quad-Cores CPU, 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM, 8 inch 1024*600 resolution HD capacitive screen

This Android Mercedes W204 navigation can be upgraded with high speed Octa-core CPU, Android 9.0 system, 32GB+4GB now.

Keep factory radio and CD working, switch to display factory menus and new menus on one screen.

FREE Gift: 8GB TF card with our latest Android GPS maps, free maps update from DVDGPSNav.

Installation Instructions

Product Details

Mercedes Benz C W204 Android Head unit Radio GPS Bluetooth Music System for Mercedes C300 C180 C200 C220 C230 C250 C280 C320 C350

You can upgrade the small 5 inch screen and install this 8 inch Mercedes Benz W204 Android head unit for Mercedes-Benz C180, C200, C220, C250, C230, C280. C300, C320, C350 with factory small 5 inch screen and aux function.The main features include GPS navigation, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mirror-Link, USB, SD, steering wheel control, backup camera video input, Apple carplay optional, and so on.

It's a excellent replacement of W204 factory screen. If your W204 comes with a large 7 inch screen which can fold down, please send a dashboard picture for us to check further and tell us if your car has working Aux function, our email is

After installation, you can still use original w204 car radio and CD player function, if you need we can also provide a one din car DVD player which is optional.

Unlike our first navigation unit for Mercedes Benz W204, this new W204 head unit is with Android 9.0 Operation system, and with Bluetooth hands free phone calling and Bluetooth streaming music function. The new Mercedes-Benz W204 Android head unit comes with Quad-Cores 1.6GHz high speed processor, while the latest Android 9.0 system can be upgraded with Octa-Core CPU, 32GB+4GB RAM, and 1024x600 high resolution capacitive screen.

Besides, it's inbuilt WiFi and Phone Mirror-Link function, it also supports Apple Carplay(optional).

Mercedes w204 android

Mercedes W204 Android head unit

Main Features

  • Fit Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204 C 180, C 200, C 220, C 250, C 230, C 280, C 300, C320, C 350
  • Keep factory W204 radio and CD player working
  • Swtich between factory menus and new menus on new Android screen
  • External one din DVD player optional(+60USD)
  • Based on Android 9.0 system
  • Quad-Cores CPU, 1.6GHz Frequency
  • 600Mhz Mali-400 MP4 GPU, 600MHz Frequency
  • High speed 2GB RAM DDR3(4GB optional)
  • High speed 16GB eMMC Flash, ROM 16GB(32GB optional)
  • High definition 8 inch capacitive screen, 1024x600 resolution
  • Responsive touch screen
  • Inbuilt GPS navigation system
  • Support 3D digital GPS maps, with GPS maps for free
  • Bluetooth hands free phone calling function
  • Support Bluetooth music A2DP
  • USB function with USB cable
  • TF card slot
  • Inbuilt WiFi function
  • Phone Mirror-Link function
  • With CAN-BUS decoder
  • Support steering wheel control
  • Support rear view camera video input(camera optional)

 Thanks David from Asutralia providing below picture after installed this Mercedes-Benz C W204 Android navigation GPS in his 2008 Mercedes C220.

 W204 navigation Android installation

Android Mercedes W204 GPS

Package include:

all accessories

Our Mercedes W204 Android head unit comes with a separate main unit box, so the screen will not get so hot, and it lasts long for lifetime.

Note: For Mercedes Benz W204 without voice button from steering wheel controls, please don't buy this unit, as there will be no sound from our small car speaker, normally you will need to long press the voice button on steering wheel to enter into navigation mode, so that the navigation sound comes out from our small speaker.

Mercedes W204 voice button

Mercedes Benz W204 Android Navigation Detailed installation instructions

Warranty 2 Years

Customer Reviews

Review by Robert
Fits perfect in my 2011 C300 Benz, was actually a direct fit, i followed the installation instructions from dvdgpsnav and installed by by myself. This android screen unit for w204 is one of the best units I have purchased. (Posted on 7/15/2019)
Review by Neilson
Have this w204 Android radio installed over a year, so far it works well, i noticed that it has been upgraded with Android 9.0 system now, that's great. I just bought the Apple Carplay to work with my unit, thanks Sarah, you are very kind and helpful. (Posted on 6/16/2019)
Review by Yigal
Will it fit the c280 2008?
Do I need to remove the original cover that close on the original one?

>> Yes, it fits 2008 c280 as well, you will need to remove the original cover and original screen firstly in order to install our new screen. For any other questions you may have, you can send an email to, we will reply you very soon. (Posted on 5/18/2019)
Review by James
I have this w204 navigation installed for about a month, it looks good, functions work well, much better than oem screen unit, highly recommend to anyone wants a nice screen upgrade for Mercedes w204. (Posted on 3/7/2019)
Review by Kevin
Just installed w204 android screen today, everything works incredible on it, my radio and cd still working, also support steering wheel control. You can play music via Bluetooth, flash drive, sd card, etc, bluetooth phone and streaming music work perfectly with my iphone 7. Sygic maps was installed for United States, so i can use navigation function once got it installed in my car. This is the best Android unit i have ever purchased. (Posted on 3/2/2019)
Review by Steve
Great W204 Android unit, we installed it in Mercedes Benz C180, W204 2011 and it works great and perfect fit. (Posted on 2/27/2019)
Review by bruno
is this will fit my car please

>> Hi, this w204 navigation android head unit fits your 2009 Mercedes Benz C250 as well. (Posted on 10/28/2018)
Review by KOSTAS

>> Hi, this Android W204 navigation head unit fits your 2007 Mercedes Benz W204 C220. (Posted on 10/16/2018)
Review by MOJISOLA
Customer Service is very. They are ever ready to help solve any installation problem. Units is second to none. Very good performance (Posted on 9/24/2018)
Review by Catalin
The unit is outstanding. Everything works great and looks great. It's exactly as described. But most pleasing was the customer service support. It was a nice experience buying from this company.
A tip for future customers. As i installed the system myself, i noticed the main unit doesn't fit behind the screen or the factory cd player. After few unsuccessful attempts, i removed the glove box. Between the glove box and the center console there's some space just enough for the main unit to fit in.
Thanks to dvdgpsnav! (Posted on 8/23/2018)
Review by Iván Navarro Garcia
The equip it's great! work perfectly Thanks very much for the treatment received.

;) (Posted on 6/2/2018)
Review by Derek
excellent product. great screen loads of cool apps installed plus u can get more from Google play. Have already sync'd mine with my shazam account to create new playlist thats growing all the time. WiFi, DAB, engine performance analysis. The real question is what doesn't this thing do? (Posted on 5/14/2018)
Review by Sandy
I got the unit and I performed the upgrade myself. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! You can use both interfaces with the click of a button and the new screen size is just great!!! Really recommend it. I had a few questions regarding switching from factory radio to the upgraded radio interface and they emailed me back with the right settings and information. Thank you (Posted on 3/25/2018)
Review by Alejandro
hola se le podria agregar camara de reversa?

>> Yes, this w204 Android head unit supports a reverse camera. (Posted on 2/7/2018)
Review by EA
Great! (Posted on 1/19/2018)
Review by Dino
Perfectly fit in my W204. At first I was confused, where I put the main unit, but with the help of customer service, I know where to put it. In the glove box! This unit is easy to use and works well. Good company and best customer service! Fast response too! (Posted on 12/15/2017)
Review by Markku
Works great!! (Posted on 11/28/2017)
Review by David P
This Unit fits perfectly into the dashboard, looks almost factory. Works well and is easy to use. Good customer service. (Posted on 7/9/2017)
Review by David
The android w204 unit fits well in my 2009 Mercedes c300 and was fully installed by professional, you will need to move fiber optic cables to the new harness if your factory plug has them, my installer have done that for me, not difficult. You can use the GPS navigation system while listing to the Radio or CD or music. The android os allows a lot of customization on the unit and supports many apps. As advertised my radio and CD works the same as before. This company is amazing, best customer service I have ever had. (Posted on 3/14/2017)

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Questions and Answers

Q: I have installed this android w204 unit. Need to know why under Settings-Sound-Volume, the volume level that I have selected will not go into memory. Each time when car restarted the volume goes to default setting at half mark. Please advise, thanks.

Posted By: Lee TB

A: The default volume can be set in factory settings.
Q: I have a 2010 C300 MBenz. It have a not folding screen. First I want to know if your unit is a folding screen unit and it will fit in my car? Thanks

Posted By: Artan Manushi

A: Our W204 screen head unit is fixed, it can not fold down. It fits your 2010 Mercedes Benz C300.
Q: This can play music and run the GPS at the same time, right? Also, it can run Android Auto? Furthermore, where will I install that small speaker that comes with it? What applications use this speaker versus the car speakers?

Posted By: HB

A: Yes, this w204 Android head unit can play music and run GPS at the same time. The Apple Carplay option also supports Android Auto. There's a small plug from the main unit to connect the small speaker, you can put the small speaker inside of the dashboard. The Bluetooth phone's sound and navigation sound will come out from this small speaker.
Q: Would this support wifi or BT OBD II dongle, if I install an App such as Torque would work?

Posted By: HB

A: Yes, it supports OBDII.
Q: Will I be able to install any app from Google Play store? I would like to install Tomtom GO aand use my licence for that.

Posted By: Karl Johan Dittmer

A: This W204 Android head unit can download and install apps from Google playstore, but please note this head unit is based on Android 9.0 system, so the app you need to install should be compatible with this system. By the way, we can also install our latest iGO or Sygic maps for you for your country.
Q: I have a 2011 C300 Benz, will your unit work?

Posted By: Pierre

A: As long as there's a voice button from your steering wheel controls, and your car has aux function, our Mercedes Benz W204 Android head unit fits and works for your 2011 C300 Benz.
Q: Is this unit compatible with I phone 7 plus And is it has a good synchronization with contact and music with I phone 7

Posted By: Hossam

A: This w204 android head unit can pair with your iPhone 7 plus via bluetooth and support phone book and streaming music.
Q: I live in New Zealand. How can I get the GPS map for this unit

Posted By: Terry Lim

A: If you buy this Android unit, we will install our latest iGO or Sygic maps for New Zealand for you.
Q: I have a Mercedes 2011 C250. I want a system with at least WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS. Is it compatible with my car. Because in the description there is no C250.

Posted By: Sherley Desinor

A: It's also compatible with Mercedes C250 2011 model. This Android head unit system comes with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS functions built-in.
Q: Boa tarde. Qual unidade devo comprar para meu carro? Quero uma com GPS. "Mercedes Benz W204 Navigation DVD GPS Head unit 8" Touch Screen C 200 180 250 300 350" - OU - "Mercedes Benz C W204 Android GPS Head unit Bluetooth System for Mercedes C 180 C 200 C 220 C 230 C 280 C 300 C320 C 350" . Obrigado. São Paulo-Brazil

Posted By: Werner Dinigre

A: The new Android head unit for W204 performs better and has more features than the old model, so we only produce the new Android unit now. It has GPS navigation built-in, and we will install GPS maps for your country.
Q: Boa tarde. Tenho uma MB C180 W204 2011 - Qual unidade deve comprar? Tem dois anúncios. Quero uma com GPS. No aguardo. Grato. - São Paulo - Brazil

Posted By: Werner Dinigre

A: This W204 Android GPS head unit is the best for your MB C180 W204 2011.
Q: Will my factory microphone in the dash be compatible with the new unit, or will I have to use the included microphone in the kit?

Posted By: Daniel

A: The new Bluetooth phone should use the new microphone included in the package.
Q: Hi, I have this radio in my car. The bluetooth works, rear view camera works, but the touchscreen is not. I have read somewhere that I can somehow recalibrate the display? Or perhaps some cable is installed badly? Thanks, Ivan

Posted By: Ivan

A: Hi, i searched your email and name but did not found your order with us. If touch screen does not work, you may connect the power cable before connected the screen cables, please note you should firstly connect the screen cables well, then connect other plugs, if not, touch screen will not work, this information can be seen clearly from the label of our main unit.
Q: I have a 08 c300. Do you have any models that close into the dash?

Posted By: Ashley

A: Hi, this W204 Android head unit fits your 2008 Mercedes C300. The screen can not fold down, it is fixed at top dash.
Q: Hello, i´ve a W204 Built 2008 with a Audio50APS with Navi and not folded Monitor. You offer two different types as Addon, the CG-8810 and CG-8810A what is the difference between? And is it still possible to use the steeringwheel buttons after installations ? Thank you and best Regards Dominik

Posted By: Dominik

A: Hello Dominik, the other model is not available anymore, only this new Mercedes W204 Android head unit is available now, it supports steering wheel controls after installation.
Q: I have recently bought a C300 W204 from Auction and has no screen on it .... just a gap with wires. How can i know which screens was there (foldable one or small one) this would help me which screens i can choose. Thank you

Posted By: RIAD

A: You can take a clear picture from the current dashboard for us to check, including all cables behind the factory screen.
Q: I'm interested in a navigation/entertainment touch screen system for Mercedes Bench C180, W204 2011. Can you email me a couple of your products and also what the shipping cost would be to South Africa.

Posted By: Merv

A: This Mercedes W204 Android head unit fits your Mercedes Benz C180 W204 2011 year, and it's our latest version which can be upgraded to Android 8.0 system now. You can check the shipping cost for your country after you add it to the cart on the shopping cart page.
Q: I am interested on your model: Mercedes Benz C W204 Android GPS Head unit Bluetooth System for Mercedes C 180 C 200 C 220 C 230 C 280 C 300 C320 C 350 Is this a flip screen model, or does it stays always open?

Posted By: Jose

A: Thanks for your interest, this W204 screen replacement stays always open.
Q: I have the folding screen from MB on my dash - do you have any units compatible with this 2009 C63 AMG W204? I do have AUX.

Posted By: marco

A: Please send a dash photo from your 2009 C63 AMG W204 to, so that we can check for you.
Q: I have a 2008 Mercedes c300 and was wondering if it's compatible with it because you didn't mention the years this screen fits with.

Posted By: Osaid

A: Yes, this Mercedes W204 Android head unit is compatible with 2008 Mercedes C300.
Q: Hi, will the command button between the driver seat and passenger seat? I use this for scrolling and entering information now. What will happen to this button, will it work or become deactivated?

Posted By: Chris

A: Our unit does not impact factory functions, so your control button can still work after installation of this W204 Android screen unit.
Q: My car does not have music Bluetooth just phone Bluetooth. Will this be able to let me stream music through my phone via Bluetooth?

Posted By: Johnni

A: Hi, our unit has Bluetooth function which supports Bluetooth streaming music, so you can pair with our Bluetooth after installation, then you can stream music through A2DP app.
Q: does this fit 2009 Mercedes Benz c300 ?

Posted By: Jimmy Zachery

A: Hi, this Android w204 head unit fits 2009 Mercedes Benz C300.
Q: I’m looking for a new updated unit for my 2008 Mercedes screen burnt out.

Posted By: Tom

A: Hi, just the screen was defective or the radio and CD system as well? Please note our w204 head unit just replaces the factory screen, and keeps factory radio and cd working, so if the problem is from your factory radio or cd system, your problem remains after installation. If your problem is just from the screen, replacing with our new screen should work.
Q: im looking at buying the android unit for my mercedes c250 2009, does it retain all the steering wheel functions? does it retain the command wheel functions? does it have a option to display a factory menu look? thanks.

Posted By: William

A: Hi, you can switch between the factory menu and Android menu on this new 8" screen. Our unit does not change the factory functions, just replace the factory screen, your factory menu can be controlled the same as before, new Android menu can be touch screen.

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