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If you buy an aftermarket navigation head unit from, you can get igo maps update for free lifetime. This is only available for our customers, if you did not buy the navigation unit with us, but still want to update your igo maps, you will need to pay a 10 USD service fee.


The latest igo maps version

This post was updated on 2023.02.

North America: updated to 2022 Q2

Europe: 2022 Q2

Middle East: 2022 Q2

Australia/New Zealand: 2022 Q2

South America: 2022 Q2

Southern Africa: 2022 Q2

Sygic maps for android system are also available, if you need sygic maps, please contact us first.

How to update your igo maps?

Just send us an email with your order number or your email and name, so we can check your order information and see if a newer version of igo maps is available or not.

We will then send you a link to download new maps, together with installation instructions.

2 thoughts on “Maps Update”

  1. Hi,
    I am in UK (Wales) and would like to update my Igo maps. The system is an aftermarket 7″ Android, running Igo my way, installed 2016.

    I uderstand there is a charge, how is this paid and how do I order this please.

    Regards, Terry.

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