Lexus CT200h DVD Player - Lexus CT200h Navigation GPS DVD Radio Head unit

Lexus CT200h DVD Player - Lexus CT200h Navigation GPS DVD Radio Head unit

Item #:CG-3072

Regular Price: $560.00

Special Price $299.90

Regular Price: $560.00

Special Price $299.90

This new car DVD player head unit special for Lexus CT200h which is a good replacement for the factory car radio and cd player. Not only this Lexus CT200h head unit has car DVD player built-in, but also GPS navigation system, Bluetooth handsfree phone call, Bluetooth stream music, rear view camera video input, USB connection, all in one!

Support steering wheel control, easy for installation, installation instructions here.

This unit just fits Lexus ct200h without a screen at top dashboard, if there's a screen at top dash from your ct200h, please send a dash photo for us to check, we will send you more info with another model.

Want a larger 10.25" Android screen unit? You can check it here.

Product Details

Lexus CT200h DVD Player - Lexus CT200h Navigation GPS DVD Radio Head unit

lexus ct200h dvd gps

The Lexus CT200h navigation system is with external GPS antenna which receives better GPS signals, support multi GPS maps. The built-in Lexus CT200h DVD player can play videos while driving, and the DVD function can support most formats of videos.

Note: This 7 inch car DVD player only fits for Lexus CT200h base model without top screen or mouse control. If there's a factory screen and mouse control from your dashboard, only this 10.25" Android head unit screen replacement fits and works for your Lexus CT 200h.

Main Features

7 inch HD capacitive screen
16:9 display mode
1024*600 resolution
Support touch screen
T3 Quad Core CPU processor
Android 10 system
16GB internal memory, 2GB RAM
Built-in car dvd player
Built-in GPS navigation system
Bluetooth handsfree phone call
Bluetooth streaming music
Built-in FM/AM car radio tuner
AM:522-1720KH FM:87.5-108MH
USB port, with USB cable
Support mirror-link
Built-in WiFi
Amplifier max output power / channel qty 45 Watts x 4
A/V Input: 2*channel audio in, 1*channel video in, 1 channel rear view camera input
A/V Output: 4*channel audio out , 2*channel video out, 1 channal Subwoofer out
OSD language: Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai language, Spanish, Italian, and more.

lexus ct200h radio

What's in the package:

Lexus CT200h DVD player GPS head unit
GPS antenna
USB cable
RCA cables
2 brackets with screws
Power cables

A photo showing the aftermarket Lexus ct200h stereo installed in a ct200h:

ct200h android stereo install

Warranty 2 Years

Customer Reviews

Review by Richard
It's been a year since I installed my HU and I'm very happy with it ! The installation was easy and I got a great costumer service. The head unit resit well at very cold temperature (-30°C) it was something that scare me before I buy it ! Thanks from Canada (Posted on 2/8/2022)
Review by Ian
Fits perfectly, install was easy. Love it, thank you! (Posted on 7/19/2019)
Review by Ian
Fits perfectly in the Ct200h. Installation was easy as anticipated, just followed the directions and also watched a video online. Still adjusting all the settings and EQ, but so far loving it. Thank you! (Posted on 7/19/2019)
Review by Edcy
This head unit is awesome, I added a subwoofer it super cool sounds. I really recommend this HU. (Posted on 6/18/2019)
Review by Kev
I received the unit in good order, installing was really easy. It works very nice. (Posted on 6/17/2019)
Review by Jacky
I have a 2013 Lexus Ct200h, and i hate the original stereo, that's why i replaced it with this Android unit. I'm happy with this unit, so far so good. (Posted on 6/12/2019)
Review by Steve
This perfectly fits 2012 ct200h, android 8.0 system with 2gb ram, touch screen is good. If you want to upgrade the factory radio, this is your best replacement. (Posted on 4/24/2019)

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Questions and Answers

Q: I am interested with the Lexus ct200h Android navigation DVD player. I believe the unit displayed is for US car which is Left Hand Drive. In Singapore, our cars are Right Hand Drive, do you have a unit with the proper bracket to fit the player on the opposite side of the center console? Kim Hong.

Posted By: Kim Hong Lee

A: Sorry, this 7" android unit does not fit RHD model. We have another 10.25" android head unit for ct200h, it keeps factory radio working.
Q: With this unit, can I still have the backup camera image on my RearView mirror?

Posted By: Raul Tirado

A: This car DVD player replaces your factory ct200h radio and cd system, it does not affect your rear view mirror. Is it an aftermarket rear view mirror with backup camera?
Q: What do I need to install and run Android Auto on this unit? Do I just run a USB cable from the back, or is there something else needed? Can files, images, music, etc. Be added via USB cable from my phone?

Posted By: Carter

A: Android auto connects via USB cable. If you want to transfer files to the unit, you can use a USB flash drive to connect via USB cable.
Q: hi i have a uk lexus ct200h right hand will that fit

Posted By: anatol

A: For a right hand drive ct200h, only our 10.25" Lexus ct200h android screen fits:
Q: Hi, I have a UK right hand drive car with the TomTom sat nav but not the big screen. Will this unit fit and do I need anything else like canbus box etc

Posted By: Steve

A: Hi, this 7" radio replacement does not fit your UK RHD model ct200h. We have another 10.25" Android screen unit fits your car, you can check it via this link:
Q: You said it supports Apple Carplay with USB. Where do you connect the USB cable to your phone?

Posted By: Elliot Kim

A: There's a long USB cable included in the package to connect the apple carplay usb device, the other end of apple carplay connects to your phone's USB cable, your USB cable connects to your phone.
Q: Where’s the option to buy the USB for Apple CarPlay?

Posted By: Luis Lujan

A: Hi, you can check the apple carplay option near the price at top of this page.
Q: will your kit works with 2012 CT200h?

Posted By: Charlie

A: Hello Charlie, This 7" CT200h DVD GPS head unit fits and works for Lexus CT200h without factory screen or mouse control. You can send a dashboard picture for us to check further. If there's a screen and mouse control from your dashboard, we have another 10.25" model to fit.
Q: Does this stereo support Sirius/XM Satellite Radio (without a phone connected)?

Posted By: Ryan Wood

A: This stereo does not support satellite radio, it's with FM/AM radio built-in. By the way, if your ct200 has satellite radio function, our another 10.25" ct200h Android unit supports your satellite radio, as it keeps all factory functions working.
Q: Does this support android auto?

Posted By: Vinh Yang

A: Yes, it supports Android Auto as well.
Q: Does it connect to the car's microphone? Why does the head unit have a microphone on the front of it?

Posted By: Nate

A: It does not use the car's microphone, it should use its own mic for Bluetooth phone.
Q: I was looking at the aftermarket radio options that you were selling. I was initially looking at one on your site but found that if I had factory navigation that I needed to contact you with a picture of my dash for you to send me information on a different model. Here is the one I was looking at: Attached is a picture of my dash. I wanted to make sure that if I upgrade the factory radio to the model you send me that I will still be able to use my factory navigation and factory fuel/battery information pages on the screen at top of my dash. I also want to still be able to use my factory mouse and not loose any functionality with the screen on the top of my dash.

Posted By: Ron

A: There's a top screen and mouse from your car, so our 7" radio replacement does not work, only this 10.25" Android screen works with your car: It replaces the factory small screen, but keeps all factory functions working, including mouse control, radio/CD system, car information display, and all other factory functions. If you have any other questions, just feel free to contact us.
Q: Can you do it for right hand drive car?

Posted By: Samuel

A: We have another 10.25" model fits right hand drive Lexus ct200h, you can send an email to, so we will send more information to you.
Q: Do you have photos of stereo installed in the ct200. All the pictures you show have the bracelets shown

Posted By: Frank Gutierrez

A: Hi Frank, we just upgraded this page with images of stereo installed in the ct200h. You can check the last 2 images from more views section on this page.
Q: Does this unit support apple carplay with dongles?

Posted By: Bill

A: Yes, it supports Apple Carplay with USB.
Q: Hello- Does it have any connection or work with the factory steering wheel controls? Thanks!

Posted By: Tommy

A: It supports steering wheel controls.
Q: Ммне нужен андроид навигация на лексус нх200.2016год выпуска

Posted By: Олег Ефремов

A: If your ct200h does not have factory screen and mouse control, this ct200h Android navigation DVD player fits and works for your car.

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