Great Wall DVD Player

Car dvd player with gps navigation is sophisticated and widely used by millions of people from all over the world, it's sure to spread even further as time goes by, as more and more drivers generally prefer their cars to be fitted with the best car audio&video systems for in-car enjoyment.

The great wall car dvd player includes many options for connectivity compared to factory stereo, the great wall head unit consists of a CD/DVD player, USB/SD/iPod connectivity, radio receiver, Bluetooth, gps navigation system, a large LCD touchscreen for GPS navigation display and showing a view of the rear camera, you can also play DVD videos in the car to make long journeys enjoyable.

As long as your cell phone is equipped with a Bluetooth connection, you can pair your phone with our car dvd player for great wall easily no wires or cables required  for bluetooth streaming music, handle your phone calls in the car easily and safe.

The built-in gps navigation system not only shows you where you are on the map(our maps are free as a gift), but also provides real-time updates of your location, automatic route-planning, and turn-by-turn directions, making it virtually impossible to get lost.

All in all, easier and safer driving, easy phone handling, a good car multimedia playing system, are 3 good excuses to buy a car dvd player gps for your Great Wall cars.

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Great wall haval h6 dvd navigation             Great wall h3/h5 dvd player gps

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3 Item(s)