Car Android Headrest Monitor Player with WiFi HD Screen Support 4K Video

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A car Android headrest monitor with WiFi is a HD screen device that is designed to provide entertainment to the rear passengers in the car. From watching movies to playing games and browsing the internet, these monitors offer endless entertainment options to make your road trips more enjoyable. It consists of a screen that is mounted on the headrest of a car seat and is connected to an Android operating system that allows it to function as a standalone media player.

With the car Android headrest monitor, the future of in-car entertainment has never been more exciting.

The headrest monitor android device comes with built-in Wi-Fi, which allows passengers to connect to the internet and stream movies, TV shows, and music directly from the internet. The device also has USB and HDMI ports that allow passengers to connect external devices such as smartphones, laptops, or USB drive to the screen.

car android headrest monitor

Benefits of Headrest Monitor Android Screen

  • Keep Passengers Entertained: Long car journeys can be boring, especially for children. Car headrest monitor Android player provides a way to keep passengers entertained by allowing them to watch movies, and browse the internet.
  • Convenience: It provides a convenient way to access a wide range of media without the need for external devices such as DVD players.
  • Customization: The Android operating system on the device allows passengers to customize the screen with different themes, wallpapers, and apps. This can provide a more personalized experience for each passenger.
  • Easy Installation: The device is easy to install and can be mounted on the headrest of nearly any car seat. This means that passengers can easily move the device from one car to another.
  • Multiple Functions: Car headrest Android monitor with Wi-Fi can perform multiple functions such as playing music, watching movies, and browsing the internet. This makes them a versatile device that can provide entertainment for passengers of all ages.

With the increasing demand for in-car entertainment, car headrest Android screen player monitor is a revolution in in-car entertainment. It offers a convenient and personalized way to access a wide range of media without the need for external devices.


While car headrest Android screen player monitors with Wi-Fi can keep passengers entertained, they can also be a distraction for drivers. It’s important to ensure that the driver’s attention is not diverted from the road. Car headrest Android screen player monitor with Wi-Fi can be expensive, and the cost can vary depending on the brand and features of the device. This can make them unaffordable for some car owners.

How to install android headrest monitor?

Installing a car headrest Android monitor is relatively easy, and it can be done in a few simple steps. Here’s a general guide to installing a car headrest Android monitor:

  1. Choose the Right Headrest Monitor: First, you need to choose the right headrest monitor for your car. Make sure that the monitor is compatible with your car’s headrest size and that it has the features you need.
  2. Remove the Headrest: Once you have the right headrest monitor, you need to remove the original headrest from your car. To do this, you need to press the release button on the side of the headrest and pull it out of the seat.
  3. Install the Mounting Bracket: Most headrest monitors come with a mounting bracket that needs to be installed before the monitor can be attached. The mounting bracket should fit the size of the headrest posts and can be tightened using screws or a clamp.
  4. Attach the Monitor: Once the mounting bracket is installed, you can attach the headrest monitor to it. Depending on the model, the monitor can be attached using screws or by sliding it into the bracket and locking it in place.
  5. Connect the Wires: Once the monitor is attached, you need to connect the wires. The monitor should come with a power cable that needs to be connected to a power source. You may also need to connect an AV cable to the monitor to get video and audio signals from external devices. You can also connect the power to the monitor with a cigarette lighter.
  6. Test the Monitor: Once everything is connected, you should test the monitor to make sure that it is working correctly. Turn on your car’s ignition and check that the monitor turns on and displays content correctly.
  7. Adjust the Monitor: Finally, adjust the monitor to the desired viewing angle and ensure that it is securely attached to the headrest.

Installing a car headrest Android monitor is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. By following the steps outlined above, you can have a new headrest monitor up and running in no time, providing you and your passengers with an immersive in-car entertainment experience. However, if you’re not confident in your ability to install the monitor yourself, it’s always best to seek professional help to ensure that the installation is done correctly and safely.

Features and Specifications

  • 10.1″ inch Android Headrest monitor with USB, HDMI IN, 13.3 inch optional
  • Operating system version:Andriod 9.0
  • Screen Resolution: 1024×600 RGB
  • CPU: 8 cores,up to 1.3GHz
  • RAM:DDR3 1GB (2GB optional)
  • ROM Flash: INAND 16GB ( 32GB optional)
  • Format:1080P, MP4, rmvb, rm, flv, Avi, mpg, mpeg, mkv, asf, wmv, Mpe, 3gp, dat, vob, ts,t p, m4v
  • support Audio Format:MP3, amr, wma(wma1/2/pro), real audio (cook,ac3), mp1/2, amrnb/amrwbac3, pcm/adpcm, vorbis
  • support image Format:JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, JIF
  • Video decode performance:1080p, 30fps.30M code stream
  • Speaker: 1*8OHM 1.5W
  • support Bluetooth, IR, FM Transmitter
  • Support WIFI (BCM 943438), Mirror link
  • Headphone jack : ∮ 3.5mm standard headphone jack
  • DC connector: ∮ 2.5MM power connector
  • Multi-Languages: English, Spanish, Germany, Chinese, etc

What’s the perfect screen size for car headrest monitor?

The perfect screen size for a car headrest monitor can vary depending on personal preferences and the size of your car’s headrest. However, there are a few factors to consider when choosing the screen size for your car headrest monitor.

  • Headrest Size: The size of your car’s headrest is an important factor to consider when choosing a screen size. You want to make sure that the monitor fits comfortably on the headrest without obstructing the driver’s view.
  • Viewing Distance: The viewing distance between the headrest monitor and the viewer is also important to consider. A larger screen size may be preferable if the monitor is intended for use by passengers in the backseat who are sitting farther away.
  • Screen Resolution: Higher screen resolutions may require a larger screen size to ensure that the content is displayed clearly and accurately.
  • Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio of the screen is also a factor to consider. If the monitor is intended for watching movies or videos, a wider aspect ratio may be preferable for a more immersive viewing experience.

In general, car headrest monitors typically range in screen size from 7 inches to 13.3 inches. A 10.1 inch screen size is a popular choice for many car headrest monitors as it strikes a good balance between screen size and headrest compatibility. However, if you have a larger car or you are looking for a more immersive viewing experience, a larger screen size may be preferable. Ultimately, the perfect screen size for your car headrest monitor depends on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your vehicle.

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android headrest monitorCar Android Headrest Monitor Player with WiFi HD Screen Support 4K Video
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