BMW X3 E83 Android Head Unit 10.25" Touch Screen Multimedia Navigation System Aftermarket

BMW X3 E83 Android Head Unit 10.25" Touch Screen Multimedia Navigation System Aftermarket

Item #:CG-8813

Regular Price: $645.00

Special Price $525.00

Regular Price: $645.00

Special Price $525.00

Android head unit special for BMW X3 E83 2003-2010
10.25" HD touch screen unit replaces the top storage box
Aftermarket navigation system for BMW X3 E83
With similar iDrive controller included
Support Apple Carplay(optional)
Keep factory radio and CD system working
Support steering wheel controls
Support back up camera display
With separate main unit box from the 10.25" Android screen, so the screen will not get so hot
We will install Sygic or iGo Android GPS maps for you

Upgrade with latest Android 10 system, BMW ID7 interface, 8-Core CPU, 64+8GB RAM now.

If your BMW X3 has factory screen, we have another new 10.25" Android head unit to fit, you can send a dashboard picture for us to check for you.

Product Details

This 10.25 inch touch screen Android head unit is compatible with BMW X3 E83 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 year without factory screen at top dash. You can upgrade the factory top storage box with a new 10.25" screen head unit. After installation, you'll get a awesome Android system screen unit in your car.

The 10.25" BMW X3 Android head unit supports Android navigation system, Bluetooth hands free phone calling, Bluetooth streaming music with your iPhone or Android phone. There's also a similar iDrive controller included which can be installed in the middle near the shift gear.

BMW X3 Aftermarket navigation system supports original car radio and CD player working. So you don't need to worry about factory functions. Please make sure your BMW X3 E83 comes with working Aux function, because the sound transfers to car speakers through your car's Aux mode.

BMW X3 E83 Android head unit

BMW X3 aftermarket navigation

If you want to upgrade the original BMW X3 stereo with a large screen and navigation in the dash, this BMW X3 Android navigation should be your best choice. Why? It has tons of excellent features and top quality, 2 years warranty.

A video show for this unit.

BMW X3 E83 Android Head Unit - Main Features

  • Special for BMW X3 E83, 2003-2010 year model
  • 10.25 inch high definition wide Android screen display, 1280*480 resolution
  • Can also be upgraded to 10.25" 1920*720 resolution(+15USD)
  • Android 10 system
  • Octa-Cores high speed CPU processor 2.0GHz
  • 64GB internal storage, 8GB RAM
  • Android navigation system
  • With Sygic or iGo Android GPS maps installed
  • When maps update is available, we can send you a link to download
  • Also support Google maps
  • Built-in WiFi, can also connect your phone's hotspot
  • Bluetooth hands free phone calls function
  • Support Bluetooth streaming music
  • Keep original radio and CD player working after installation
  • Support Apple Carplay and Android Auto(optional), connect via USB
  • With GPS card slot
  • With USB cables
  • Support mirror-link, easyconnect app
  • Multimedia system with music and video playing
  • Support HD 1080P videos play
  • Support back up camera display, BMW back up camera optional.
  • Support steering wheel control
  • You can close the display while driving at night
  • Apple Carplay/Android Auto optional

BMW X3 E83 Aftermarket Navigation System

This aftermarket navigation for BMW X3 can install Android GPS maps like Sygic and iGo, which are popular maps around the world. Since this unit is based on Android system, so it should be installed with Android version of maps. We have both Android iGo and Sygic maps available for all countries in the world, so when you purchase the BMW X3 E83 Android navigation from us, we will install our latest iGo or Sygic maps for your country and maybe other countries nearby. 

All maps are free to use, and we provide lifetime maps update, when update is available, we can send you a link to download it. Besides, we will teach you step by step on how to update the maps.

How to check if this BMW X3 E83 Android head unit fits my car?

Firstly, this Android screen unit is special for BMW X3 E83 without factory screen at top, if your X3 has a top screen, please contact us we will send you another model.

You can check the below picture showing the original dashboard from BMW X3 E83.

BMW X3 E83 dashboard without screen

If your dashboard is the same as above, that means this 10.25 screen Android head unit fits your car.

Secondly, your BMW X3 E83 should come with Aux function, and your Aux should work, original Aux is used to transfer the sound from this Android head unit to car speakers.

Thirdly, you can send us the exact car model, manufacture year and a dashboard photo from your car for us to check for you, our email:, or you can contact via Facebook messanger, you can see the link of our facebook at the bottom right of this page.

How to install BMW X3 E83 Android head unit?

Overall, installation is not difficult for a professional mechanic, we also have some customers installed this Android navigation system by themselves.

The first part, you need to remove the air vents in the middle below the storage box, then you can remove screws to take out the top box. Next step is to remove the below climate control panel and the CD player. Unplug the cables behind the CD.

The next part, you can install the new Android head unit. There's a main unit separate box, firstly connect the main unit with the new 10.25 screen unit with 2 screen cables, then connect the plugs with the power adapter cables. You can put the main unit box in the glove box or inside of the dashboard. Connect the GPS and WiFi antenna, USB cable, microphone. Finally, you can connect the female plug from the Android unit with the male CD plug, connect the male plug from the new power adapter cable with the female plug which was disconnected from the CD.

At this step, you should pay attention to if there are fiber optic cables from the factory plug disconnected from the CD, if yes, just move them to the new plug at the same position.

Lastly, when all cables and plugs are all well connected, you can install back the CD, climate control, new BMW X3 Android 10.25 screen, and air vents. That's all.

Note:  The instrument app and original car picture will not display for this model because your BMW X3 does not have factory screen menus.

How does it look like after installation?

BMW X3 E83 Android head unit installation

BMW X3 E83 Android 10.25

Got a question? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warranty Top Quality With 2 Years Warranty

Customer Reviews

Review by Ryan Gantz
I have 08 X3 E83 with the navigation system in it will this work on my vehicle

>> For BMW X3 with factory navigation screen, you need to install our new model, you can contact us to learn more. (Posted on 3/27/2020)

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Questions and Answers

Q: Have you got the Bmw X3 e83 aftermarket unit available with Android 10?

Posted By: Tatzka

A: This Android head unit has been upgraded with the latest Android 10 system, 8GB RAM, 64GB ROM now.
Q: I have a 2009 E83 X3 (no screen, no idrive, aux port behind the center console), will this work on my vehicle? Do I still need to buy something in order for the wheel functions to still work? Thank you.

Posted By: Ray Bañez

A: Yes, this unit works for your car. It supports steering wheel controls.
Q: I am looking for an updated system for my BMW, I can send you a photo. I have a Japanese Map and need a NZ map

Posted By: Ian

A: You can send a dashboard photo from your car for us to check further:
Q: Hi guys, My E83 x3 2006 has a factory screen and no installed AUX function. Do you have the fitting screen unti for that? And how long is your shipping time to Germany? Best, Moritz

Posted By: Moritz

A: We have a new 10.25" Android head unit which fits your BMW X3 2006 with factory screen, we sent you an email with more information, please check.
Q: Hi ,I have a 2005 x3 bmw and I’m just wondering if this can fit in my ride ?

Posted By: Arlean

A: Please send a dash photo from your 2005 BMW X3 for us to check further.
Q: Is there an option that doesn’t take up the cup holder?

Posted By: Jennifer Bradley

A: If you don't need the controller box to take up the cup holder, you can just remove it and not install it.
Q: I have a 2012 made BMW X3 F25, doe you got any model that fits and how much is it with the shipping cost to Hong Kong? Thanks.

Posted By: Daniel Cheung

A: Please send a dash photo from your 2012 BMW X3 F25 for us to check, so we can confirm if this unit fits and works for your car. The shipping cost is US$15 by SF-Express to Hong Kong.
Q: BMW X3 E83 2009, if I choose with Apple Carplay, can I still use the android function on it? Switch between those on screen? Is the Android 7 version upgradable to newer versions? Also, the same with CarPlay, is it iOS 13? Dan

Posted By: Dan Kanihelpyuu

A: Apple Carplay is just optional, it supports latest iphone as well. If you choose Apple Carplay, you can still use android function on it. The latest version is Android 9 OS now.
Q: I have a 2007 X3 e83 Msport (no monitor, just storage, no rearview camera), with a 6-speed manual transmission. I plan to install a rearview camera (bought separately). Will this camera be activated automatically (so rear view will be available on screen) when I shift into reverse?

Posted By: Konstantinos Giannoutsos

A: The rear view camera should be the aftermarket one with RCA connector. If you connect the camera correct, this BMW X3 Android screen will automatically display rear view image when you shift into reverse.
Q: Hello. Currently I have the factory installed navigation system. In order for this to work, do I need to buy a factory non-navigation radio system with aux cord to work?

Posted By: Brandon

A: Hi, your car is BMW X3 E83 or F25? Please send a dashboard picture for us( to check further.
Q: RE: BMW X3 E83 Android Head Unit Please explain where the iDrive Control Knob is installed - where the cup holder is located? Is this knob install difficult? The given instructions do not include installing the iDrive Knob. Regards

Posted By: David Cayll

A: It's easy to install the control knob, just replace the cup holder with the new control box.
Q: I would like to make sure this will work with our system, and phones. Our car does not currently have an idrive control. Can we still install this screen? We have both apple iphone and samsung android - will the built in microphone work for both? Can we make calls from either the android or the iphone? Thank you for your help!

Posted By: Lara

A: Our unit comes with a control box included. The unit can pair with both iPhone and Android phone for hands free phone calling and Bluetooth music. In order to make sure our unit fits your car, please send a dashboard picture for us to check further, thanks.

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