What’s Making Auto Head Unit And Multimedia Navigation System So Important?

Are you really going for a car from the 90’s, with the regular CD player or a some useless screen that has nothing to add to your driving experience? We assume you’re not, no one is! According to a recent survey among car drivers, multimedia navigation systems and auto head units are an essential part of their requirements when browsing for a new vehicle to purchase. A majority of 56% respondents said that they are interested in a car that is technologically advanced.

auto head unit

Why are multimedia navigation systems essential?

You want to enjoy a ride without resorting to your phone much? Multimedia navigation systems are essential to keep your ride safe. Although there aren’t any solid numbers relating accidents to the presence or absence of a multimedia navigation system, research resorted to two rationales to prove that navigation systems and auto head units promote safety.

Decreased driving time

While navigation systems are designed to use the latest technology to guide you to the shorter route to your destinations. Of course, among a variation of features, this one saves the drivers time and leads them to spend less of it on the road, and consequently decreasing the chances of accidents.

Less time spent on the phone

when drivers set, adjust and connect their phones to their android head units ahead of their ride, they are guaranteed to spend less time texting or talking on their phones. Nowadays, with the voice commands, one barely needs to hold their phone at all.

Why would you go for an aftermarket auto head unit?

Not all car manufacturers are investing in their car-play technology. Some are just known to focus on the power of their engines as this is their selling point. While auto head units are gaining more popularity, one can certainly still enjoy driving a powerful car that represents them without having to compromise the in-car technology.

On the other hand, some vehicles come with their own navigation systems that aren’t necessarily as good and efficient as aftermarket head units. In other words, you may want to replace the system of the car manufacturer’s with one that has better quality. It is possible, it happens!

How to select the right auto head unit?

First of all, you need to know your priorities. If you are looking for high quality, you might need to pay more. Meanwhile, if your sense of direction needs some assistance, you may want to emphasize on the accuracy of the navigation system. You can also think about the main features you are looking for.

Second of all, android head unit are much more popular nowadays compared with the old wince head unit. Android has a wider range of products, the old wince model may not be of the features you are seeking.

Lastly, make sure that your car and the head unit are compatible. Unlike the universal head unit, special auto head unit can fit your car perfectly. It also makes your dashboard with factory looking. Trying it out and checking with a specialist will save you the hassle of refunding the price of the head unit.

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