Suzuki SX4 Radio Replacement Stereo Upgrade

Are you thinking about upgrading your Suzuki SX4 car stereo with an modern-looking Android head unit? For those who have a Suzuki SX4, you are able to replace the factory SX4 radio with an aftermarket Android Suzuki SX4 radio now. The aftermarket Suzuki SX4 radio replacement is much better than the factory radio. No matter your SX4 is a Hatchback model or a Sedan, left hand drive or RHD model, you can always install a new stereo upgrade for Suzuki SX4.

Disadvantages of factory Suzuki SX4 radio

Firstly, from year 2006 to 2013, there’s hardly no change for the in-dash radio and CD system, so it looks dull and old compared to other car models. Secondly, there are limited features from factory car stereo, just car radio, CD player, even not with USB function, needless to say navigation system, because there’ not a large screen to display maps or play videos in the car, and not able to connect a rear view camera either because there’s no video input from the back of the factory SX4 radio and no screen to display rear view images.

Since most factory head units are limited on the features, installing an aftermarket head unit can really improve your overall driving experience.

Advantages of Suzuki SX4 radio replacement

So an aftermarket Android Suzuki SX4 radio replacement with navigation system comes out. It fits perfectly in the dash which looks like factory OEM looking because it’s customized to fit the dash, you can see the below picture how does it look like:

Suzuki sx4 radio replacement
Suzuki sx4 radio replacement
Suzuki SX4 stereo upgrade
Suzuki SX4 stereo upgrade

This Suzuki SX4 Android radio has been upgraded with Android 13 OS, Octa-Cores high speed CPU processor, 64GB storage, 4GB RAM, DSP amplifier with good sound quality.

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Suzuki SX4 Android radio


Suzuki SX4 Stereo Upgrade Features

HD 9 inch large touch screen, GPS navigation system, Bluetooth hands free phone calling, Bluetooth streaming music, USB, FM/AM radio, WIFI, Apple carplay, Android auto, support steering wheel controls, etc.

  • Large HD touch screen
    Unlike the factory CD player, the new Android SX4 stereo comes with a large HD touch screen, you can watch videos while driving so that your passengers can watch a movie on a long journey, this function can also be turned off in settings.
  • GPS Navigation System
    This is a add-on function which the factory unit does not have. GPS navigation system is built-in, it can support 2D and 3D maps like IGO, Sygic, Tomtom, etc, as it’s based on Android OS, you are also able to use Google maps after connecting network. The GPS maps are copied into a SD card or the internal storage, then insert the SD card into the GPS card slot, set GPS path in settings, then you can use GPS function.
  • Bluetooth Hands Free Phone & Streaming Music
    After pairing with your phone, you are able to answer a phone call and talk with the caller hands free without taking your phone near your ear. This is a useful function which enables you concentrate on driving. Nowadays we use our phones a lot, most are iPhones or Android phones to listen to music, and it’s easy to download or delete songs with your phone, so you can listen to your favorite music while driving through Bluetooth streaming music function, without a cord connected.
  • Wi-Fi
    With this function you are able to connect network easily, so that you can download and install Android apps, receive and send emails in the car, browsing web-pages, playing online music or movies.
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto
    If you have an iPhone, you can connect Apple Carplay with this unit, Apple Carplay is optional. If you have an Android phone, you can also connect Android phone via Android Auto.
  • Reverse camera
    This Suzuki SX4 radio supports an aftermarket AHD reverse camera. The Suzuki SX4 Android head unit can automatically displays rear view video after you put in reverse gear.

There are many other great features like USB to play music or videos, with RCA back video input to connect an aftermarket rear view camera, supporting steering wheel controls, you can also set your own wallpaper on the screen and boot logo to Suzuki.

How to install Suzuki SX4 radio?

Installing a new Android Suzuki SX4 radio upgrade is very easy, just plug and play. If you are able to remove the factory radio, then you should also be able to install the new radio. According to our experience, a professional mechanic can install it successfully within one hour, you can even do it by yourself for installation.

To put it simply, there are only two steps you need to do:

  • Remove factory Suzuki SX4 radio
  • Connect new cables, install the new Suzuki SX4 radio into the dash, just plug and play

You can follow this video to do Suzuki SX4 radio removal.

After you take out the factory radio, you can then connect new cables with the new stereo, then push it into the dashboard and fix it by screws.

Got a question? Feel free to contact us, we will do the best to help you, not only pre-sales service but also excellent after-sales support.

24 thoughts on “Suzuki SX4 Radio Replacement Stereo Upgrade

  1. Hi ,I have a 2012 Suzuki SX4 . Just a couple of questions ,is this unit compatible with my car, does the kit come with full instructions and all the necessary leads/connections for home installation .

  2. Where is the USB port in this? How does the apply CarPlay work? Is it wireless? I have a 2009 SX4 with the Nuvi 760 will it fit that?
    What type of a reverse camera is compatible with it?

    1. There’s a long USB cable included, you can put the USB cable in the glove box.
      The built-in apple carplay also supports wireless apple carplay with your iphone, but it’s not as stable as the wired one via USB, so we suggest you using USB carplay instead.

      The backup camera should be with RCA connector.

      You can send a dashboard picture from your 2009 Suzuki SX4 for me to check, so i can confirm if our unit fits your car.

  3. Interested in the Android head unit for a Suzuki SX4 2010 year. Would you be able to ship to Germany?

  4. Hello. Suzuki SX4’s radio antenna is active, i.e., it needs power from one pin in the connector. Does this ISO adapter provides it?

    1. Yes, our Suzuki SX4 Android head unit fits your 2008 Suzuki SX4. You can click the link on this page to learn more information about this unit.

  5. I have a 2013 Suzuki SX4 hatchback, can I upgrade my SX4 stereo with this Suzuki SX4 Android radio DVD/GPS. And where is an approved installer in Randburg, South Africa.

    1. We can ship to worldwide. You can check the unit price and the shipping cost for your country after you add this unit in the cart, just click the link in this post to learn more.

    1. This Android Suzuki SX4 radio fits your 2009 Suzuki SX4, if you need you can order it on our site via the link on this post.

      1. This Suzuki SX4 radio replacement is with 8 inch HD touch screen. If you need 9 inch screen, we also have a stereo upgrade for Suzuki SX4, but it’s not with DVD player.

  6. I have a 2013 Suzuki SX4 hatchback, can i upgrade my SX4 stereo with this Suzuki SX4 Android radio DVD/GPS?

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