Upgrading Factory Car Stereo with Car DVD Navigation Systems

Do you know how to make your car look like new after you enter into the car? What’s the first thing to do after you start up the engine? Upgrading your factory car stereo with an aftermarket car dvd navigation makes your car look like new and can increase personal satisfaction with your car. You can also give your family a big surprise after installing the dvd navigation systems.

Everyone wants to attract attention and be in the spotlight for their car, and one of the best ways to do so is to install some cool new electronic gadgets like aftermarket car dvd navigation, the bmw navigation dvd(http://www.dvdgpsnav.com/bmw-nav-dvd) system is one of the best sellers nowadays, mainly because BMW has been one of the most popular cars all around the world. Maybe you are the BMW car owner who doesn’t feel good and excited with the interior electronics gadgets, why not upgrade your in-dash BMW stereo system with the head unit which can bring you much more features and let you feel new and excited with it.

The dvd navigation head unit in your car is truly helpful in your driving life, you will fee good about yourself. The functions for these units include Bluetooth integration, navigation systems, video monitors, DVD players, USB connectivity, iPod connection, SD card slots, and so on. If you want the best performance for your car’s video system, you can also connect a backup camera or headrest monitors. Most of the navigation dvd players has a large TFT LCD touch screen for GPS navigation display and showing a view of the back up camera.

The most common use for the head units may be the bluetooth connection, which enables you pair it with your smart phone for handsfree phone calling, after pairing you can also listen to music through A2DP technology of playing bluetooth streaming music. Unlike the USB and ipod playing, this technology requires no cables and wires and made it so popular. Anyone can use it because it’s very easy to use it.

Car audio video systems are valued for those take a long road trip and enjoy listening to music while driving, the price is not so expensive than a couple years ago, you can buy a unit directly from factory through the online professional shop dvdgpsnav.com, of course it costs less to buy directly from factory compared to a distributor or retailer, so it’s better to buy from the source of the factory, except for the price, quality is also an important factor to consider. If you buy from the factory, you can get warranty and the best service. As a professional car dvd gps head units supplier since 2008, dvdgpsnav.com has built up a reputation for trust and quality.