Upgrading Car Stereo With Android 8.0.0 Multimedia Navigation Head Unit System

Long time ago, we wrote a post talking about upgrading the factory radio with an aftermarket one. With Android head units getting more affordable, it is now easier and cheaper to upgrade the factory car stereo with an aftermarket Android head unit than ever. The new Android head unit looks OEM and provides many features which the factory unit does not have, there are many benefits for upgrading a new Android head unit. In this post you can learn features and functions of latest Android 8.0.0 system car multimedia navigation head unit system.

mazda 3 android head unit

The powerful configuration makes the new Android 8.0 system head unit runs smoothly. Based on Octa-Core Rockchip PX5 Cortex A53 CPU processor, 4GB RAM and 32GB Flash memory, Android 8.0 head unit replaces the old radio or screen unit and upgrades with multi-functions including GPS navigation, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mirror-Link, Apple carplay function, USB and SD, rear view camera video input, steering wheel control, car DVR, and so on.

dvd gps navigation

Many new Android head units don’t come with DVD player as the basic function anymore, unlike the old wince car DVD players. Just because the DVD player is not necessary anymore for playing videos or a movie, with USB and SD function, you can play videos easily by USB or SD, or even with online video apps like YouTube if you connect WiFi with the unit. If you still need to play CD discs then you can choose the one with DVD player built-in.

As always the GPS navigation system is a basic function which is also built-in the Android car stereo. You can install GPS maps apps like IGO, Sygic, and Google maps. Usually Google maps are pre-installed in the unit from the factory, and they also install another Android GPS map for your country so you can use navigation function once you got the head unit upgraded. Some Android maps may not be compatible with Android 8.0 system, so if you try to install another map, make sure it’s compatible with the system. Besides, if you want to upgrade the maps in the future, firstly you need to check if the new maps are compatible or not.

Listening to online music or watching online movies is┬árealizable in your car now. You can connect WiFi directly or share your phone’s hotspot to connect internet with the Android unit. And that’s easy to copy the downloaded music or videos into the unit through USB or SD card. If you need better sound quality, you can adjust sound modes in settings > amplifier, if the unit comes with audio outputs you can also install an external amplifier.

The Android multimedia navigation head unit is available for nearly all car models including BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, Suzuki, Mazda, Hyundai, Honda, Skoda, Nissan, Ford, Porsche, and more.

If you are planning to upgrade the factory car stereo with a OEM looking multimedia navigation head unit, Android version is your best choice now. You can send car model, manufacture year and a dashboard photo to DVDGPSNAV, someone will check your car information and recommend you the best Android head unit for your car.

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