Troubleshooting of aftermarket car DVD GPS headunit

The troubleshooting should be in our user manual which is included in the package, but sometimes buyers may lose it, we write this post to list them on this blog. You can check troubleshooting for the aftermarket car dvd player gps headunit as below:

No power:
1. Make sure the power cord is connected well and earthing is good
2. Check whether the fuse is burned, if it’s burned, please replace it with the fuse of the same specifications.

No loading:
1. Check whether the disc is placed upside down.
2. Region code of the disc is different from that of the device.
3. Wrong format of disc
4. The disc is damaged or dirty. Replace the disc or clean it
5. As to too much moist, remove the disc and connect the device with power for 1-2 hour.

No image:
1. Check whether the disc played is supported by the device
2. If screen displays messy code, press RESET once to restart the machine.
3. When there’s no video, check the antenna is connected well.
4. There is no videoo of external TV, check whether the video cable is connected well or loose.

Vague image:
1. If the image of TV program is vague, adjust the antenna to right position
2. Reset output format of TV or DVD
3. Remove the external TV connected to output interface, avoiding the disturbance to the clarity of the device from other systems.

Maufunction in full screen:
1. Reset the format of TV or DVD
2. Select the format of screen from the menu of disc.

Mark of unrecognized disc:
The disc is damaged or broken, please replace it or clean it.

Malfunction in selecting song:
Some tracks of disc prevents user to operate its preset play order.