Toyota Alphard Head Unit Replacement Tesla Screen Android Radio

Looking for a tesla style screen upgrade for Toyota Alphard radio? You can buy and install a Tesla style android screen head unit for a Toyota Alphard radio replacement. The new Tesla screen is a super HD 12.1 or 13.6 inch large size. And it looks like a luxury radio that the OEM Alphard radio does not have. It also fits and works for a Toyota vellfire.

Toyota Alphard may be the best car for family and long distance driving for its stability, weight, and design which play an important role for this MPV. For both old version and new version of Toyota Alphard, you can upgrade car radio with an Android radio head unit replacement now. Though the factory Toyota Alphard radio is different in different years, here you can find 2 different Toyota Alphard radio upgrade.

So let’s firstly check the radio upgrade for a Toyota Alphard 20 series, how does it look like after installation?

Toyota Alphard head unit
Toyota Alphard head unit Tesla style

This Toyota Alphard radio upgrade for 20 series comes with a 12.1 inch Tesla style vertical android screen, screen is very clear because it’s the HD IPS screen, and touch screen is responsive, it also supports split screen which has been upgraded to the 3rd generation.

Toyota Alphard Radio Upgrade Features

  • Custom made for Toyota Alphard
  • Latest upgrade Android 11 system
  • CPU: Six-core ARM CortexTM-A7 Processor
  • RAM: 4G DDR 3
  • Internal Memory: 64GB
  • 128GB+8GB optional
  • 12.1 inch IPS and multi-touch screen
  • Resolution: 1280*800
  • Split screen or full screen
  • Built-in premium DSP sound system
  • GPS navigation, Bluetooth phone and music, USB, WIFI, FM/AM radio
  • Wireless Apple carplay and Android auto
  • Support air conditioning system display
  • Support factory JBL amplifier and speakers
  • Support 360 camera system, backup camera, parking system
  • Support AHD camera display
  • Support steering wheel control
Toyota Alphard Tesla screen
Toyota Alphard Tesla screen


If you have a Toyota Alphard 30 series, the dashboard is different, so it should install the new head unit as below.

If your Toyota Alphard is new model, the following model fits and works for your car.

Toyota Alphard stereo upgrade


It’s with the same specifications as the Toyota Alphard 20 series android head unit, just the screen size is 13.6 inch, and the screen resolution for the 13.6″ screen is 1920*1080.

Both head units are compatible with left hand and right hand driving car models.

We will install IGO maps for you when testing it before the shipment, GPS maps update is also free from us when it’s available.

For Toyota Alphard with JBL amplifier, our unit is compatible now, it’s the premium model.

How to check if my Toyota Alphard has factory amplifier?

You can ask a local Toyota Alphard dealer to confirm if your car has amplifier or not. If you are familiar with multi-meter and know how to remove the factory radio and CD, you can also measure the value of resistance using a multi-meter, if it’s only a few ohms, that means your Toyota Alphard does not have amplifier. If it’s infinite, that means your car has amplifier.

How to Install Toyota Alphard radio upgrade Tesla screen?

Installation of a Toyota Alphard Tesla screen radio is easy, you will not need to modify wires for installation, plug and play. As long as you are able to remove the factory stereo, you should be able to install our new radio as well. You can check this video on how to remove Toyota Alphard factory radio.

If you want to make sure our unit is compatible with your Toyota Alphard, just send us your car model, manufacture year and a clear dashboard picture, so we can check for you.

Installation video for 13.6″ Toyota Alphard Tesla screen radio

After installation, you can still use the steering wheel controls, and you can also connect a backup camera with RCA connector for camera video input. Since it’s based on Android system, you can download and install Android apps like YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and other apps from Google play store.

With a Tesla screen Toyota Alphard radio upgrade in your car, your central multimedia system is gorgeous to play high quality videos or MP3 songs, and it adds navigation system and Apple carplay to your car.

Tesla style android screen head unit is also available for other Toyota models. For example, this is a 16″ Tesla Style Head Unit Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 2008-2015 Android Radio Navigation System.


42 thoughts on “Toyota Alphard Head Unit Replacement Tesla Screen Android Radio

  1. Hi as you can see from the pic I have sent you, I have already fitted an after market head unit. I was looking at yours and it has been said that the unit also shows Hybrid Data screen. This is useful if it does but I am not bothered if it doesn’t. Do you do a system that will fit mine that also does the air conditioning as well. I am able to fit myself so it would only be supply price I require. Kind regards.

  2. I do not want to replace the cameras at the front, back and side, I would like them to be connected to this unit.
    I want to keep the automatic parking function.
    I have 18 speaker system (toyota amplifier).

    Do you have any videos showing the original cameras working, with the guidelines controlled by steering wheel? Any video of the auto parking working?

    These systems work using the digital video connector (Blue GVIF connector), not the low grade yellow phono connector I see on some of the vehicles that only had a reverse camera.

    1. Our Toyota Alphard tesla screen head unit supports your factory 360 camera system. And it supports all your speakers system. The cables are different for base and premium models of Toyota Alphard.

  3. Hi. I purchased My 2012 Alphard 2.4 Hybrid in Dublin. Imported from Japan. I was told the Android unit had to be replaced (English) so they could sell the car in Ireland. They put a cheap nasty replacement in it. They also told me they cut the electrical connection blocks from behind the unit so i don’t know what i will find. Any idea what i can do to put a quality head unit in to the car??

  4. Hi, I have a Vellfire GGH25 – year 2009 model which has all around cameras (360) and self parking system, these are all controlled on the vehicles touch screen, do you guys have an 12.1 android player that will control the above, plus all the other controls my vehicle has including steering wheel controls, it’s the top of the range model, importantly it must be in English and sat-nav for the British isles.

    1. Our 12.1″ Tesla style android head unit fits your car, it supports your factory 360 camera system and parking system and steering wheel controls. If you have any other questions, you can send us an email, thanks.

  5. Hi. I have toyota velfire 3.5 V6 350G . I need to convert audio Japanese to English. My question is do U have any parts for this car. And also I want to jest all functions like rear screen working. At this moment sat na dosen’t work at all, radio.

  6. I would like to replace my unit in Alphard 2011. Does your unit have DVD option like the original one? Does it support all car cameras?
    Thank you

    1. Our unit is TESLA style android unit, with large vertical screen, not have DVD player, but you can still play videos. How many cameras does your car have?

  7. Hi
    Does this work with the Autopark system (Parking Assist) ? this seems the only feature missing?
    I have a 20series 2010 model with 18 speaker JBL and front, rear, side camera with auto park.

    1. Please send a dashboard photo from your Toyota Alphard for us to check, so we can confirm if our Tesla style android head unit fits your car.

  8. hi i have toyota alphard anh20 2014 model
    which model suits mine & what is the cost?
    country is malaysia.

    thank Q

    1. In order to confirm which model fits your car, can you please send a dashboard photo from your 2014 toyota alphard for us to check?

  9. Do you have the Tesla style for the 2006 Alphard Hybrid (Japanese Spec)? Chassis code ATH10W. Will the hybrid status information still work? Cheers John

    I sent an inquiry and it is not here now… I currently have a 2010 Alphard with a Pioneer Head Unit and Alpine Rear TV. Will you clarify if your product is compatible and also can you give a price…

    1. Hi, i sent you an email, please send a dashboard picture from your 2010 Alphard for me to check, so i can confirm if this Android head unit fits your car.

  11. I would like to find out which would be the best unit to replace my original DVD player for Toyota alphard 2003 model.

    1. Yes, we have tesla style android screen for 2006 toyota alphard as well, in order to check if it fits your car, please send a dashboard picture for us to check for you.

    1. Please send a dash photo for us to check, so we can send you the best unit for your Toyota Alphard 2003.

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