Top Quality Aftermarket BMW E90 E92 Android Navigation DVD GPS Radio

If you have a BMW 3 series E90, what’s the favorite device you are looking for your car? We have good news for those who have a BMW 3 series E90 or E92, you can upgrade and replace the factory boring BMW E90 E92 car stereo with the new modern looking BMW E90 E92 Android head unit now. As we all know, the original BMW menus are old and slow for a long time, it’s time to upgrade BMW e90 radio with new looking and more modern features now.

So how does the e90 radio upgrade look like?

You can check this photo.

Android BMW E90 E92 navigation DVD GPS radio

The new BMW E90 aftermarket navigation Android head unit comes with top quality and powerful specifications including:

  • 8-cores 1.5GHz high speed CPU processor
  • 32GB ROM and 2GB RAM
  • 1024*600 high definition responsive capacitive screen
  • optimized Android 10 operation system.
  • It supports an aftermarket reverse camera
  • It supports steering wheel controls, touch screen
  • WiFi connection, phone Mirror-Link function
  • Bluetooth hands free phone calling
  • Bluetooth streaming music
  • GPS navigation system, we will install igo or sygic maps for your country
  • HD 1080P video playing, DVB-T for digital TV, FM/AM radio and DVD player as well.
  • It supports Apple carplay and Android auto.

Unlike other cheap Android head units in the market, it’s with best quality components, CPU comes from U.S.A, Audio IC comes from Japan, amplifier IC comes from Europe, memory IC comes from Korean, we only choose the top quality component to make it the best performance.

As long as your car is BMW 3 series E90 or E92, this head unit can fit your car perfectly, no matter your car comes with automatic air conditioning system or manual air conditioning system. Because we have 2 different relocation kits for the different air conditioning panels. So if your car comes with automatic a/c, we will send you the one with automatic a/c relocation kit, while if your car comes with manual a/c, we will send you the one with manual a/c relocation kit for installation.

bmw e90 best aftermarket navigation

Where to buy the best BMW E90 aftermarket navigation?

You can buy it directly from our official website:

Installation is plug and play for most BMW E90 or E92 models, unless your car comes with fiber optic amplifier, how can i check if my car comes with fiber optic amplifier?

Don’t worry, only few BMW E90 comes with fiber optic amp, and if your car has it, we have 2 solution for installation.

First solution:

You can splice our 8 speaker wires to connect your 8 speaker wires directly and by pass the fiber optic amp to get sound.

Second solution:

You can also replace the fiber optic amp with another non fiber optic aftermarket amplifier, because this unit comes with 4 ways audio RCA outputs, and it’s with an inbuilt 4x45w amplifier, you are able to set sound effect in settings to POP, ROCK, Classic, etc.

If there are seat heated buttons below the climate control, as there’s not enough room to relocate them so these buttons will not work anymore(some installers relocate the seat heating buttons in the ashtray area), however, you can control left/right seat heating function in settings of this unit. This unit can also display car information like mileage, average speed, average fuel consumption.

For Android system BMW E90 navigation system, it can support different kinds of maps like IGO, Sygic, Google maps, etc. DVDGPSNav have IGO and Sygic maps available nearly all countries in the world, we provide maps to you for free, also with free lifetime maps update.

Should you have any other questions regarding this Android BMW 3 series E90 E92 navigation radio, just feel free to contact us, we are ready to assist you.


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