How To Install Android Mercedes-Benz W205 Navigation Upgrade for C200 C250 C180 C300

Do you want to upgrade the factory multimedia system with a new touch screen Android navigation for your Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205? This Mercedes W205 Android navigation multimedia unit is your best choice.

mercedes benz w205 navigation

It fits pefectly for Mercedes Benz W205 C180, C200, C250, C300, not only upgrading with navigation system, but also with Bluetooth hands free phone calling, Bluetooth streaming music, USB, WiFi connection. Besides, you can keep factory function working like car radio, CD player, an external DVD player box is optional.

Note: If your car has fiber optic amplifier, this unit does not work, because it does not support fiber optic amplifier, so there will be no sound after installation if your car has fiber optic amplifier. The small amplifier we provided is used to transfer the sound from our unit to your car speakers through the 8 speaker wires from the factory wiring harness, so if there are 8 speaker wires from the factory wiring harness, your car doesn’t have fiber optic amp, you can see the below picture:
speaker wires
Overall, only if your W205 does not have fiber optic amp, you can install this Mercedes-benz C-class W205 navigation.

How to install this Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 Android navigation?

Installation is easy for a professional mechanic, and it’s similar to the installation of Mercedes Benz W204 navigation. The first part you should do is removing the factory screen and dismantling the factory radio system in the dash, then installing the new replacement screen and connect all cables and plugs. Just follow steps as following one by one.

  1. Pry out the armrest box panel
    pry armrest
  2. Remove two screws
    remove screws
  3. Pry out the original center console panel, then take it out, unplug the cables behind.
    take out frame
  4. Remove 2 screws which fixed the factory CD.
    2 screws
  5. Take out the CD, disconnect the plug behind.
    cd out
  6. Now it’s time to dismantle the factory screen, in order to do that, you need to pry out the top cover and remove 2 screws inside which fixed the screen.

    top coverThen take out the screen, unplug the cables behind.
  7. Now you can start to connect new cables for the new navigation head unit, connect 2 cables with the back of the screen and TO-TFT, LVDS plugs.
    screen cables
  8. connect red, green, purple, grey, blue plugs with the main unit, connect CAN plug, connect the factory LVDS plug from the back of the factory screen with CAR-LVDS plug of the main unit.

    PLUGSconnect all other cables, including gps antenna, wifi antenna, mic, small amplifier, usb cable:
    all cables connections
  9. connect the new plug with the factory plug, and connect the the other new plug with the back plug from the CD.

    wiring harnesscd plug
    IMPORTANT ATTENTION: If there are fiber optic cables from the factory plug, you need to move them to our new plug which connects to the back of your CD at the same position!
  10. So all cables are connected at this time, you can put the main unit inside of the dashboard, or in the glove box, or anywhere you can put it into. You can turn on the car and the unit now. Test it, if it works, then you can fix the new screen, re-install the CD, center console panel to complete the installation.