Mercedes Benz W204 Screen Upgrade – How to Switch Android Screen and Factory Menu

Most Mercedes Benz C-Class W204 comes with a 5.8″ small screen above the radio and air vents in the dashboard, some are with a large 7 inch screen. No matter which screen size your w204 has, you can upgrade the W204 screen with an aftermarket Android screen. The factory W204 radio keeps working after upgrade, just replaces the factory screen for installation.

mercedes w204 screen upgrade

The W204 screen upgrade with OEM looking, with both systems, old system and new Android system.

w204 radio upgrade

If you want to check the features, specifications and price of the 8″ w204 screen upgrade android unit, just check on this page:

It’s upgraded with latest Android system now. You don’t need to set switches anymore, the software can do that for you, for a factory small screen, we will set it to NTG4.0 400×240 for you in factory settings. For a w204 with factory 7″ large screen, we will set it to NTG4.0 800×480 resolution for you.

Due to the different resolution from factory screen, the switches settings from the main unit are different. Normally for Mercedes Benz W204 with factory small screen, the settings for switches of the main unit should be 2, 4 on, 1, 3, 5 are OFF.

About these switches:

  1. Only turn it on when you test it with external 12V power, if you install the W204 Android screen in car, please remember to turn 1 to OFF before you connect the plugs.
  2. If your car has small screen, you need to turn 2 to ON, so the Android screen can display factory menus normally. While if your W204 has 7 inch screen, 2 should be OFF.
  3. Always should be OFF for 3, it’s the setting for another model, not for W204 model.
  4. Regularly, if you turn 4 ON, you are able to switch from factory menu to Android menu after you activate and enter into factory aux mode. After you enter into aux mode, but the screen does not switch to Android menu, you can turn 4 to OFF, when the screen displays aux mode, then you can try to long press the BACK button or C button, so the screen will switch to Android menu.
  5. If your car comes with factory reverse camera, then you can turn 5 to ON, so the screen will display factory camera image while reversing. If you need to install an aftermarket back up camera, then you need to keep the 5 to OFF.

If you order the Mercedes W204 Android head unit from us, we will confirm your car information with you and set the correct switches for your car before the shipment, so that you don’t need to set it again.

Overall, after installed the W204 screen upgrade, you can switch between the factory menu and new Android menu.

Mercedes W204 with factory small screen:

  • Correct settings: 2 ON, 4 ON
  • Factory menu switches to Android menu: just activate and enter into factory aux mode, the screen will switch automatically, if not, then turn OFF 4, then long press BACK button or C button to switch.

Mercedes W204 with factory 7 inch large screen:

  • Correct settings: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ALL OFF
  • Switch to Android menu: long press BACK or C button(Regularly just long press BACK should be ok, but we also met a w204 should long press the C button which is a little different.)

Latest Update: the latest version does not need to set switches anymore, it’s compatible with both factory small 5.8″ screen and large 7 inch screen, the screen resolution can be set in settings now, not need to set the switches anymore.

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