Suzuki SX4 S Cross Crossover Radio Removal Stereo Upgrade – Install Aftermarket Android Navigation

About 2 years ago, we have written a post talking about how to remove the radio and install navigation DVD for 2006-2013 year Suzuki SX4, it’s plug and play for the entire installation process. If you are interested checking it, you can see it here:

Suzuki SX4 Radio Removal, Install Suzuki SX4 Navigation DVD

In this post, we are going to share with you Suzuki SX4 S-Cross Crossover Radio Removal and how to install a new aftermarket navigation head unit with Android 7.1 or 8.0 operation system.

Firstly, you can see how the original Suzuki SX4 S Cross dashboard look like, this photo was taken from a Suzuki crossover 2014.

Suzuki crossover 2014 dash radio

If your original radio is the same as above, you can upgrade it with a new aftermarket Android navigation head unit.

The aftermarket Android navigation can be made with Android 7.1 or 8.0 system now, different systems come with different configurations, and the prices are different either, if you are interested you can check the new Suzuki SX4 S Cross Crossover Android navigation head unit here:

Suzuki SX4 S Cross Navigation

Suzuki SX4 S Cross Crossover Radio Removal

Just follow the following simple steps so you can easily remove and take out the factory radio.

  1. Use installation tool to pry the middle warning light, you can take it out easily.remove warning light
  2. There’s a small white plug behind the warning light, so you can unplug it now.unplug the warning light
  3. The next step is to take out the air vents, use the plastic pry tool.pry air vents
  4. The next step is to remove the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross radio, if you take a look at the inside of the dashboard behind the air vents, you can see 2 golden screws fixed the car radio, so just remove 2 screws on both side then you can take out the radio unit.remove 2 golden screws on both side

    take out the radio

  5. Now you can pull out the plugs behind the car radio unit.all plugs behind the radio/cd

    3 plugs disconnected

    If you want to check installation video on how to remove the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross radio, you can contact us, we will send to you.

Install Aftermarket Android Navigation Head Unit

As long as you can remove the original radio and CD unit, you should be able to install the new Android navigation unit, because it’s plug and play, you can check the new cables and the plugs behind the new Android navigation, all new plugs are with different shape, so you should not make a mistake for the plugs.

Back plugs from Android navigation

power plug

As for the new GPS antenna for navigation system, you can put it at top right corner of the dashboard, this is the best place for good GPS signals.

How to check which aftermarket navigation head unit fits my Suzuki SX4?

The factory car radios for Suzuki SX4 2006-2013 and Suzuki SX4 2014+ year are totally different, the best way to confirm which head unit fits your car is sending a dashboard photo from your car to the supplier, so that they can tell you which unit is compatible with your car.