BMW E46 Radio Removal+Install BMW E46 Navigation

BMW E46 is the classic BMW 3 series which produced by BMW from year 1998 to 2006. For the base model BMW E46 radio in the dashboard it does not have navigation system, just FM/AM car radio and a CD player. So you can install a BMW E46 radio upgrade with more features.

Latest BMW e46 head unit upgrade with Android 10 system, you can check it here:

The old BMW E46 radio may be defective after a few years, or not so good compared with new modern technology head unit upgrade. Now you are able to replace it with an aftermarket quality double din 7 inch touch screen BMW E46 navigation head unit in good price, we provide some pictures showing the old BMW E46 radio removal and installing new BMW E46 navigation unit.

The first thing you will need to do is prying up the decorative bars near the BMW E46 radio, you can use special installation tools to pry up the trims carefully, these installation tools kit is cheap and should be available in a car stereo shop. You can also check this video on how to remove the BMW e46 radio.

bmw e46 radio trims

After removed the trims you can see the screws which fixed the E46 radio, use a cross screwdriver to take out screws on both side.

bmw e46 radio removal

Remove CD player:

e46 cd remove

Remove climate control:

climate control remove

Install new BMW E46 navigation:

install bmw e46 navigation

Relocate the climate control/air conditioning system in the storage compartment below the new e46 navigation.

relocate air conditioning
Note: Some customers may buy another relocation kit to relocate the climate control panel, but that’s not a necessary part, and we have never provided such a kit before, just relocate the A/C panel under the new unit where the storage compartment is. You can just pull out the storage compartment below and then push the climate control panel to fit in the hole. It’s not a perfect fit but it works just fine.

All wires/ cables connection from rear of the new BMW E46 navigation:

wires connection
Note: The above picture shows the old wiring, new wiring from Android model can be seen below.

You can download a full installation instruction manual via this link, including more pics showing how to remove the factory BMW E46 radio and how to install new BMW E46 navigation system.

Note For BMW E46 With Factory Screen:

If your BMW E46 has a 16:9 or 4:3 screen in the dashboard(or your 17 pins or 40 pins plug is in the trunk), you will need to use a 6m long cable with 17 pins or 40 pins plug to connect your 17 pins or 40 pins plug in the trunk, see pic below:

17pins in trunk

There’s also a long radio antenna included in the package to connect your radio antenna in the trunk.

Frequently asked questions about this touch screen 7″ BMW E46 navigation.

Q: How can I know if it fits my car?
A: As long as your car is BMW E46, this BMW E46 radio fits your car, it has been upgraded with latest Android system now.

Q: Can this unit support my steering wheel controls?
A: Yes, this BMW E46 radio supports steering wheel controls through a CAN-BUS decoder.

Q: Do you offer GPS maps for my country?
A: We offer free navigation maps for nearly all over the world, including USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, UAE, Middle East, Asia, South Africa, etc.

Q: Can I connect a rear view camera with it?
A: Yes, it can connect a rear view camera, automatically work, you can check this post on how to install a rear view camera.

We also offer technical support for installation, if you have any questions during installing, you can contact us freely, we are more than happy to assist you.

2020 Newest Upgrade:

A new top quality BMW 3 series E46 Android GPS navi head unit available now:

Android BMW E46 head unit

e46 navigation upgrade

Android 10 OS
1024*600 high definition capacitive touch screen
Octa-Cores high speed 1.5GHz CPU
32GB high speed flash, 4GB RAM
Inbuilt GPS navi system, Bluetooth, DVD, WiFi, Mirror-Link, USB, Apple carplay and Android auto optional.

Learn more about this Android unit via the below link:

Worldwide shipping, 2 years warranty! FREE igo or Sygic GPS maps!

More Installation Details for Android  BMW E46 Navigation

Installation of this new Android BMW E46 navigation head unit is more or less the same as above, here are some pictures showing you how to connect all cables correctly. Make sure you remove the top 2 screws at the top of the unit before installation, these screws are used to protect DVD loader during shipment, if 2 screws are not removed, you can not put a CD disk into the DVD slot fully and DVD player will not work.

wiring diagram

1. Round 17 pins power cable, normally for BMW E46 before year 2002
2. Flat 40 pins power cable, normally for BMW E46 M3 after year 2002
3. CAN-BUS decoder: support steering wheel control
4. USB cables
5. Radio antenna adapter: connect factory radio antenna
6. GPS antenna: you can put it at top right corner of dashboard
7. WiFi antenna.(WiFi antenna is not included anymore, as it’s already built-in the unit. )

RCA cables

Note: If there’s a screen from factory radio(or your 17 pins or 40 pins plug is in the trunk not from the back of factory radio/cd), we will send you a 6m long cable with both 17 pins and 40 pins plugs to connect your 17 pins or 40 pins plug in the trunk.

For BMW E46 before year 2002, your car should come with 17 pins plug in the trunk, if your e46 is after year 2002, it should be with 40 pins plug in the trunk. The below picture shows 17 pins plug in the trunk:

17pins in trunk

e46 long cable

The below picture shows you which cable connects to the rear view camera.
rear view video input

Note: If you connect a rear view camera, there’s another loose wire named “BACK 倒车控制” which should also connect your 12V+ reverse light, if you don’t connect the camera, then you don’t need to to connect this BACK wire.

If you still have a question while installing, you can take some pictures for us to check, we will do the best to help you.