Mercedes Benz W211 Radio Removal and Install Android W211 Navigation Head Unit

If you don’t like the factory UI because it’s old, slow and not modern looking, and would like to add navigation system, then you can upgrade the factory Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 radio with a new modern Android navigation multimedia aftermarket head unit now.

How does the new Android Mercedes Benz W211 Android navigation head unit look like?


It has been upgraded with latest Android 10 system, 8-Cores high speed CPU processor, 32GB ROM and 4GB RAM.

The W211 aftermarket head unit supports steering wheel controls, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, WiFi, Mirror-Link, navigation, USB, DVD player and more.

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This post will teach you how to remove the factory w211 radio and install the new Android w211 head unit.

Firstly you should prepare a plastic installation pry tool, if you don’t have you can use a flat screw driver instead.

In order to remove the factory radio you can try the following steps:

installation step 8

shift gear removal

ac panel



remove cd

installation step 15

After the factory Mercedes W211 radio removed, you can start to install the new Android head unit.

Most Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 comes with fiber optic amplifier in the trunk, please note the new Android head unit does not support fiber optic amp, so you need to use a long cable B5 connect speakers directly in the trunk. You can check the plug behind the factory radio so that you can know if there are fiber optic cables there, the above picture shows the fiber optic cables so this car has fiber optic amplifier.

If your car does not have fiber optic amp, you just need to use one of the short power cables as below:

short power cables

There’s a wiring diagram at the bottom of the unit, so you can see how to connect all plugs behind.

wiring diagram


plug connections
Note: another long radio antenna cable is also included, for the car with fiber optic amplifier, you should use the long radio antenna cable.

The next step is to run the long cable to the trunk for w211 with fiber optic amp, a professional mechanic can do it for you easily. You can run the long wires under the carpet along the door frames, removed the back seat to get access to the trunk, and hid the wires behind the cover panel in the trunk.

How to connect plugs in the trunk?

Firstly you need to find out the exact location of your fiber optic amplifier in the trunk.

trunk plugs

The fiber optic amp is located behind a metal bracket as below, so you need to remove a screw in order to see the amp:

benz w211 trunk amp location

w211 amp plug and power plug

can plug

our new plugs


other plug

all plugs

CANBUS decoder should connect to the power cable with a small white plug, the CAN-BUS decoder is used to support steering wheel controls.


Important note if there’s no power on the unit after installation

If there’s no power on the radio after installation, please check the CAN plug, you may plug the wrong CAN plug in the trunk, the right plug goes in with a click and a solid connection. The wrong plug is loose and wants to fall out.

can plug w211

Regularly the right CAN plug is shown as above at right, 99.9% possibilities. If the unit still can not turn on, you can try the other CAN plug. And check if your car’s fuse was burned, you can measure the voltage from the yellow wire and see if it’s 12V.

You can also take some photos for us to check for you, our email is

How to connect rear view camera with this Mercedes-benz W211 Android navigation?

  1. Firstly you should connect the power to the camera with 12V reverse light.
  2. There’s a black RCA cable included to connect the video cable from the camera:
  3. There’s another loose BACK wire from the long cable, you should connect it with 12V+ reverse light, this is the trigger line.
    trigger line for camera
    Note: You don’t need to connect the other BRAKE wire.
  4. After installation of the camera, if the camera does not work well after you put in reverse gear, firstly please check all wires/cables connections, you can take some pictures for us to check for you. If the screen shows no signal or the backup display not stable when reversing, the problem is from the voltage from your reverse light, we have a solution, you can connect a relay with the camera, for more information about the relay, you can also contact us, we can send you more pictures about the relay and the connection.