Buying Guide for Mercedes Benz W204 GPS navigation system

That’s nothing new to purchase and install an aftermarket head unit to replace the factory screen unit nowadays. More and more car owners prefer to do that because of the features of the new unit has. The basic function is DVD player while the factory unit just comes with a CD player. Secondly, as we all know, the original GPS system is too expensive, so if you want to add GPS system to your Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204, an aftermarket W204 GPS navigation unit is your best choice.

How it works:

A new pure Android Mercedes Benz W204 head unit is also available now:

You can follow the below buying guide to make sure you purchase the right navigation unit for your car.

  • Firstly you should confirm with the seller and make sure the GPS navigation system you are interested can fit and work for your car. Just send your exact car model, manufacture year and a dashboard photo to them, then they will check and tell you if it fits your Mercedes W204.
  • Normally if your W204 comes with a small screen in the dashboard, and the factory screen does not fold down or close, this W204 navigation can fit and work. Check out the dash as below:
    If your dashboard is the same as above, this gps unit can fit your car.
  • While if there’s a large factory screen in the dashboard from your Mercedes C W204, the software is different, so it does not fit your car. Check out the dash pic as below:
    This is the dashboard which can not be installed the Mercedes Benz C-W204 GPS headunit.
  • Make sure your car has AUX function, and AUX works well now. The aux may be in the glove compartment.This is very important, because the sound will be transferred from the unit to your car speakers through your car’s AUX function. If your car does not have AUX function, there will be no sound after installation. Check the feedback from one of the customers regarding no sound issue – “Ok thank you I found the issue I did not have it in aux mode and the volume selection was muted , everything works great now thank you “.
    For more information about sound questions, you can contact us.
  • If you want to use GPS function, make sure there are GPS maps in the unit, DVDGPSNAV can send you IGO GPS maps for free as a gift, you can also buy your maps online, as long as the maps are compatible with Wince 6.0 system and 800*480 resolution. By the way, the GPS maps are in a SD card which can be inserted into the W204 navigation.
  • If you want to play DVD through this touch screen Mercedes W204 GPS, you can buy external DVD player which can be put in the glove box and it costs extra US$60.
  • The installation manual is included in the package, that’s not difficult for a professional technician to install it, you can also check how to install Mercedes-Benz C W204 GPS navigation online.

Overall, if you follow the above guides before you place an order, you will be satisfied after installing it in your car.