10.25″ Lexus NX 200t NX 300h Radio Upgrade Wide Screen Replacement Android Navigation Support Carplay

As we all know, the original screen display from Lexus NX is small and not modern looking, so here comes Lexus NX radio&screen upgrade with a 10.25 inch wide screen Android head unit which is a outstanding replacement for OEM screen. The new 10.25″ wide screen is a HD IPS screen which supports touch screen, but still, you can use original mouse to control the Android screen and OEM menus. It’s based on Android 7.1 operation system, so it’s capable to download and install Android apps online.

Lexus NX 200t 300h radio upgrade

There are 2 models available, one is for 2014-2017 year model Lexus NX 200, 200t, Lexus NX 300, NX300h, the other model is for 2018 year model Lexus NX 200, Lexus NX 300, NX 300h.

2014-2017 Lexus NX 10.25 Android screen

The above picture shows the 2014-2017 Lexus NX 10.25 Android screen.

Below picture shows the 2018 Lexus NX 10.25 Android screen.

2018 lexus nx 10.25 android screen

What can this aftermarket Lexus NX 10.25″ Android head unit do for you?

This is basically another Android screen monitor with touch screen functionally that allows all OEM functions and menus plus the added features on new menu plus updated looking GUI on the maps and navigation.

Firstly it’s just a OEM screen replacement, not change factory radio and CD system, so all your original functions keep working after installation including parking sensors, back up camera, steering wheel control buttons, radio, CD player, Bluetooth and so on. If your Lexus NX 200t or 300h does not come with OEM back up camera, it doesn’t matter, you can install a aftermarket back up camera which is also compatible and has RCA input for the camera.

Secondly it’s a 10.25″ wide screen upgrade, the screen is sharp and clear, it supports HD 1080P videos, so playing HD movies in the car for your passengers to watch while driving is easy now. You can play the videos through USB flash drive, or just copy into the internal memory of the unit to play through video app.

Thirdly it’s an Android head unit, so you can download and install any compatible Android apps online like Waze, Youtube, Facebook, Gmail, and so on.

What’s more, the built-in navigation system from this 10.25″ Lexus NX Android head unit supports Android GPS maps like Google maps, Sygic maps, IGO maps. If you purchased from DVDGPSNAV.com, the Sygic or IGO maps will be installed for free to use, and maps update is also free when available in the future.

The 10.25″ Android screen head unit for Lexus NX 200t and 300h can also support Apple Carplay(need to buy a USB Carplay device), without Carplay device you can also mirror your phone’s menu on the new 10.25″ HD screen through mirror-link function.

Installation 10.25 Android screen Lexus NX

You can check this 10.25″ Android head unit for Lexus NX 200t 300h after installed in the car via below video.

Features and Specifications

  • Android 7.1 OS
  • Octa-Core high speed CPU processor
  • 32GB internal memory hard disk
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2K IPS 10.25″ touch screen
  • Retain all factory features: Steering wheel control, parking sensors, dynamic parking guide lines, back up camera and more.
  • Support music, video, AV, DVR
  • Bluetooth 4.0, support hands free phone and stream music
  • Support 1080P HD videos playing
  • Voice control 4.0
  • USB port supports music and video playing
  • Built-in WiFi, support hotspot
  • Mirror-link, Airplay
  • Support factory 360 panorama cameras if your car has it.(optional)

How To Buy the 10.25″ Lexus NX 200t 300h Radio Upgrade Android Head unit?

  • Please send a clear dashboard picture from your Lexus NX 200t or  300h to sales@dvdgpsnav.com, including factory screen at top dashboard, and your Touchpad, knob, or Jog, the exact car model, manufacture year. So we can know which model is suitable for your car. So necessary car information we need to check including:1. car model, manufacture year
    2. dashboard picture with factory screen
    3. picture from the position of your touchpad, knob or jog.
  • We will reply and send you the compatible Android screen unit for your Lexus NX, including the price, if you tell us the shipping address we can also calculate the shipping cost for you. We ship worldwide. For group buy we offer special discount. If you take a video and send to us while installing, we will give you 20USD bonus.

Installation is easy, you don’t need to modify wires, firstly you need to detach the front panel and trims, then remove screws to remove the factory small screen, then detach the center console for the air conditioning system and control panel, then connect new cables and plugs, install new 10.25″ touch screen unit, you can check and download the whole installation manual as below.

Installation instructions of Lexus NX200t NX300h Radio Upgrade Android 10.25″ Touch Screen

Got a question? Contact us via email sales@dvdgpsnav.com, or leave a comment below.
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