Lexus CT200h Navigation Install With Aftermarket Android Head Unit

In this article, i will show you how to remove Lexus ct200h radio and install new Lexus ct200h navigation with aftermarket 7 inch Android head unit. It’s not difficult for a professional mechanic to install such a unit, especially for the mechanic who is familiar with Lexus ct200h.

Lexus ct200h comes with different editions in the dashboard, some just come with factory radio and CD player, without a top screen, even with a small screen at top dashboard, it’s not so good. So more and more ct200h car owners prefer to upgrade the factory radio with a aftermarket head unit instead. Previously, we have launched 2 different head units for Lexus ct200h, you can review them as below.

For Lexus ct200h without factory top screen/mouse control, it’s the first basic 7″ model:

Lexus CT 200h Radio Replacement Upgrade with Aftermaket Navigation

ct200h installation


Another 10.25″ Android model for ct200h with top screen and mouse control:

10.25″ Touch Screen Lexus Ct200h Android Head Unit GPS Stereo Upgrade

10.25 lexus ct200h head unit upgrade

This article is written about installing 7″ Android 8.1 Lexus ct200h radio replacement with navigation.

It’s simple, just remove the factory ct200h CD player, then install the new 7 inch Android unit.

So let’s begin, you need to prepare some pry tools and screwdriver. Here’s a video showing you how to remove Lexus CT200h factory radio/stereo.

  1. use a plastic pry tool to pry the top climate control panel as belowremove climate control
  2. Use your hand to pull out the leather trim strip, there are plastic buckles inside as below.

    trim strip

    trim removed

  3. Then you can take out the entire panel with cup holder.

    cup holder

  4. Unplug the cables behind, including plugs for USB and cigarette lighter
    unplug cables
  5. Take out this panel as below.

    another panel

  6. Use screwdriver to remove 4 screws which fixed the factory radio and CD player.4 screws
  7. Unplug the cables behind the radio and CD, installation is plug and play, you don’t need to modify wires.

    plugs behind radioall plugs

  8. The removed ct200h radio and accessories.
    lexus ct200h radioall accessoriesNew accessories, including metal brackets with screws, power cable, GPS antenna, USB cable


  9. You need to install the new brackets to the new 7″ Android radio on both sides, screws are included.

    install brackets

  10. Where to put GPS antenna:

    gps antenna

  11. Now you can connect cables to the back of the new Android head unit, push the new unit into the dash.

    ct200h radio upgrade plugs

    Important step:

    If the back of your factory radio has this part as below:

    ct200h radio back

    You need to remove the top part from your factory unit, and put it inside of the dashboard and connect the plugs to it the same as before. If not, some speakers may not be able to get sound. Here’s the feedback from one of our customers:

    “Solution was to keep the stock amp connected that comes out with the stock stereo. You must detach from original radio and plug back in. All speakers are now functional.”

    Another Important Note:

    If your factory wiring harness is not compatible with the power cable(this rarely happens), please contact us and take some photos to show us all your plugs behind the factory radio, so that we can check and see if you need to use our another cable for ct200h. If yes, we will send the other cable to you.

  12. Then install back the factory accessories, make sure you connect all factory plugs, if not, some function may not work properly. So check carefully for all plugs before you install back the trim strip.
  13. Steering wheel controls:

    After installation if steering wheel control does not work, don’t worry, you can learn steering wheel controls in settings. We have a video for your reference on how to learn steering wheel control if you need.

    After installation:

    ct200h installation

As long as you are able to remove the factory radio, you should be able to install the new head unit.

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