How to install a back up camera?

Have got a back up camera but don’t know how to install it? Don’t worry, with this post there are step-by-step instructions to install a reverse camera. Though installation is very easy for a professional mechanic, it do require some professional knowledge for installation, so if you still don’t know how to install the camera, we highly suggest you find a shop to install it for you.

If you need to connect the back up camera with a car dvd/gps unit, firstly you need to check the wiring diagram for the unit, the wiring diagram can be seen at the bottom of the unit if you got our dvd gps units. There’s a wire labelled with BACK, this wire is used to control reverse control, it should be connected with 12v reverse light power, if you did not connect this wire, the camera display can not switch automatically after you put in reverse gear. There’s also a cable to connect the backup camera from our RCA cables.

This wire labelled with BACK need to be connected with 12V+ reverse light power.


And this is the video cable to connect the camera, usually label with “BACK-VIDEO-IN” or “CAMERA-IN”.

The installation guide for the rearview camera is as follows:

How to Install :

  1. Take out your stock license plate light at the back of your car.(don’t worry, nearly all cameras have night vision)
  2. Fix the camera to where the stock license plate light was.(some back up cameras need to drill a hole to fix it)
  3. Connect the built-in license plate light of the camera to where the stock license plate light was connected to get the power
  4. Connect the power of the camera to your reverse lights – red wire to positive and black wire to negative.
  5. Connect the video cable of the camera to the extension cord.
  6. Connect the extension cord to your car dvd gps monitor.
  7. You will see the images when your car is in reverse shift.

Wiring diagram for installation of the camera


After installation of the rear camera, if you found the rear view images displayed on the car DVD monitor was opposite, then you can check settings > Camera Mirror, change to Normal or L&R Mirror.

Common camera installation issue and how to solve

After installation of the backup camera, if your screen display no signal, or flickering, your backup video is not stable, that’s because your reverse light can not provide stable 12V voltage to the camera, you can add a relay to provide stable 12V power to the camera to fix this issue. For more information you can check this post: How to connect a relay for car back up camera?