Installation Guide for Volkswagen Golf 7 DVD Player Radio GPS Nav

Seven generations in the making, the new Volkswagen Golf Mk7(also known as Golf VII) lauhched, and the aftermarket VW Golf Mk7 DVD radio GPS also comes out. In recent years upgrading the factory car radio with aftermarket head units with car DVD player, GPS navigation system and Bluetooth has becoming more and more popular as the new replacement comes equipped with more features than the factory one.

So what features does the VW Golf mk7 radio DVD GPS unit comes with? The main features are GPS sat nav, Bluetooth hands free phone calling, Bluetooth stereo music to play music through your mobile phone, built-in DVD player allowing you to watch DVD videos in the car, and USB, SD, iPod playing.

Volkswagen Golf VII Radio DVD GPS

Installation is not difficult for a mechanic in the car stereo shop. All you will need to do is taking our the factory radio, then install the new VW Golf 7 radio DVD GPS. You will not need to do any modifications for wires, because the wiring harness included in the package is special for the factory connectors.

Below is the installation guide of this Volkswagen Golf 7 radio DVD GPS head unit.

  1. the factory VW Golf VII car radio in the dash
  2. use a plastic knife to pry the silver front panel, remove the panel and trim
  3. take out the factory screen unit, unplug the wiring harness
  4. use the special key to insert into the hole of CD, take out the CD player, unplug the wiring harness, take out the CD player(high end Golf 7 need this step)
  5. put the new wiring harness in the position of factory CD
  6. plug the wiring harness with factory connector
  7. detach the air outlet cage, install with the new Golf 7 radio DVD, plug the power cable at rear.
  8. push the new DVD GPS into the dash, turn on the unit, test every function, install back the panel and trim
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The difference between high-end VW Golf 7 and low-end Golf 7:

High-end model: with factory screen and rear view camera, steering wheel controls, main unit is in the glove box
Low-end model: without parking camera, without steering wheel control, with parking sensors, main unit is together with the front buttons panel.

This installation guide for VW golf 7 DVD GPS radio was made by DVDGPSNav, if you have any questions for this installation, you can contact us for further information.