Installation Manual for BMW 5 Series F10 GPS Navigaton DVD Player

As you know, we already launched a new product of BMW 5 series F10 navigation unit in 2013, which is installed at the position where the factory display screen is.  Some customers may be a little confused with accessories included in the package, and don’t know how to install this BMW F10 head unit. DVDGPSNav provide a simple installation guide for bmw f10 navigation as below.

1. Firstly, let’s take a look at the factory display screen. If you want to upgrade it with much more features, our unit helps.


2. Secondly, please check accessories for this bmw f10 gps unit as below.

Note: the hard disck cable is used to connect external mobile hard disk, support up to 500GB.

3. Use a knife to pry the outlet and then unlpug connected cables

f10_3_1  f10_3_2  f10_3_3

4. Use 6 point screwdriver dismantle screws of the screen side and then unplug the connect cables

f10_4_1  f10_4_2  f10_4_3

5. Transfer AUX cable from display screen to original car’s AUX socket which located in the armrests. Take out original AUX socket, and plug to switched line: How to Connect AUX Adapter Cable for BMW F10 Navigation Unit
f10_5_1  f10_5_2
f10_5_3  f10_5_4

6. If your car has USB, you need to connect  the GND cable together from the AUX cable, see pic as below

7. If you want to install a rear view camera with this unit, just check the Camera Video cable, Camera Power cable as below
f10_7_1  f10_7_2

8. Plug all cables and install the display screen
f10_8_1  f10_8_2

9. Install the screws of the screen back
f10_9_1  f10_9_2

10. Connect standalone GND cable from the AUX cable to original CD’s ironclad

f10_10_1  f10_10_2

11. After installation effect

Note: If there’s no sound after installation, please check this post.


Only the professional installer are allowed to install and maintain this product, though it’s an easy task for a professional mechanic, but it does require some knowledge for installation. For unprofessional people they might cause electric shoke or other risks and even damage for the bmw f10 unit. is not responsible for installation.