How to Connect AUX Adapter Cable for BMW F10 Navigation Unit

When you are installing an aftermarket touch screen BMW F10 navigation head unit to replace the original screen unit, there are some things you will need to pay attention to, though installation of this unit is not difficult for a professional mechanic.

The most issue you will have after installation is no sound, we have written a post before to explain how to solve the no sound issue for BMW F10 GPS unit, and this post will focus on the AUX connection. The AUX function is located in the armrest of BMW F10, so the AUX connection is there.

There comes with a AUX adapter cable with both female and male plugs for this touch screen BMW F10 navigation Bluetooth head unit:

aux adapter plug

The above AUX adapter plugs should connect the original AUX plugs, just unplug the factory AUX plugs, then connect these new plug between the factory female and male plug. Continue Reading >