Subaru Forester Android Head Unit Stereo Upgrade With Navigation Carplay

For Subaru forester owners who are interested in upgrading the original car stereo with aftermarket Android head unit, here are 2 replacements for you. One Subaru Forester Android head unit is with 9 inch HD screen, the other unit is with 10.4 inch Tesla style vertical screen. Both are with Android system.

The first model: item# 9817

9″ Subaru Forester Android Head Unit


forester android 10 radio

9“ subaru forester android head unit_2

9“ subaru forester android head unit_back

subaru forester navigation

The 9″ Android head unit for Subaru Forester head unit is built-in Android 10 system, Octa-Core 1.5GHz CPU processor, 64GB internal memory and 4GB Samsung RAM. With the powerful configuration this Android Subaru Forester head unit runs fast and smoothly.

Latest upgrade with Android 10 system, built-in DSP amplifier now. Support factory reverse camera, support Harman Kardon amplifier and speakers working.

For Subaru WRX, the dashboard is similar to Subaru Forester, just a little different. You can check the Android head unit for Subaru WRX as follows:

wrx android head unit

It’s also with latest Android 10 system and the same price as the stereo upgrade for Subaru Forester.

The main features include GPS navigation system, Bluetooth hands free phone calling function, Bluetooth streaming music function which supports both iPhone and Android phones connection.

The 9″ HD screen is very clear, high resolution, touch screen is also responsive. Subaru Forester Android head unit comes with mirror-link app installed, ready for use and mirror your phone on the screen, it also supports Apple Carplay and Android auto which is optional and costs extra US$35. What’s more, this Android unit supports steering wheel controls and rear view camera video input, so you can connect an aftermarket rear camera with it and display on the HD screen.

Below is the second model, item# 1072

10.4″ Tesla Style Android Subaru Forester Head Unit

subaru forester tesla android screen

Original Subaru Forester radio unit in the dashboard:

Subaru forester dash radio

subaru forester android head unit 10.4

subaru forester tesla style navigation


This model is built-in with 10.4 inch vertical screen, some customers prefer larger screen, so here it is. It supports split screen, above can display navigation or multimedia information, below can display air conditioning system information.

Specifications: Pure Android 9 system, PX3 Cortex-A9 Quad Core 1.6GHZ CPU, 32GB ROM, 4GB RAM, 1024*768 resolution.

The 10.4″ Tesla style Subaru Forester Android head unit also comes with GPS navigation system, Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth music, WiFi, USB, RCA audio and video outputs, steering wheel control, backup camera video input. For both models, Google maps app was already installed, we will also install IGO or Sygic maps for you for free. Besides, maps update is also free from us when available.

About Installation

Both of them fits Subaru Forester 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 year, easy for installation. Plug and play for Subaru Forester without factory Harman Kardon sound system, if your car has Harman Kardon sound system, only the first 9″ model works, it comes with a special power cable to support factory amplifier.

If you want to install the second 10.4″ model, there will be no sound then you will need to modify wires for  installation. You will need to find out the amplifier’s control wire, ground wire and speaker wires to connect them directly to get sound.


The above 2 head units are available, free shipping now. If you want to check if the Android head unit fits your car, you can send us your car model, manufacture year and a dashboard picture for us to check. And please tell if your Subaru Forester has factory Harman Kardon sound system. If you have a car stereo shop or have customers want to install such a unit, welcome to contact us for wholesale prices.

We also have Android head units for other Subaru models like Subaru WRX, Subaru Outback, Subaru Legacy.

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