Smart Guide Before Buying Aftermarket BMW E60 Android Stereo Head Unit

Are you interested in upgrading and replacing the factory BMW e60 stereo with an aftermarket e60 Android head unit? If your answer is yes, you should check these things before buying, follow these guides will help you a lot to get the correct BMW e60 head unit upgrade for your car.

How does an aftermarket BMW e60 stereo head unit look like?

bmw e60 android head unit
BMW E60 Android head unit
bmw e60 stereo upgrade
BMW E60 Stereo Upgrade

Latest upgrade with Android 11 system, 8-Core, 64GB+8GB RAM, quality guaranteed!

You can buy it from this website

A video show of this Android BMW E60 head unit.

How to check if my BMW e60 has working aux?

Factory aux is very important for BMW e60 which wants to be upgraded with an aftermarket infotainment head unit. It doesn’t matter if your BMW e60 has factory navigation or not, but aux is important, why? Because the sound transfers to your car speakers through your car’s factory aux mode. If your e60 does not have aux, you need to get a small amplifier to transfer the sound, or you can coding aux from BMW.

If you don’t know how to check if your e60 has aux or not, you can follow these steps:

Firstly, for e60 with factory aux, usually there’s Aux port at the back of car armrest:

aux behind armrest
AUX port behind the armrest, you can check it from the backseats

Some e60 owners installed aux below the radio system as this picture showing:

aux below the radio
AUX below the radio system in the dashboard

Except an aux port you can find, you should be able to see aux option from your factory screen menus:

aux menu
AUX menu on factory screen display, for BMW CCC system

This aux option should not be with grey color, and you should be able to enter into aux mode, please check below photo showing the aux mode:

aux mode
AUX mode

Besides, if you connect your phone with an aux cable, the music sound from your phone can come out from car speakers.

Overall, if you are able to enter into the aux mode as above and can play music with your phone via aux, that means your car has a working aux.

My car does not have aux, can i still install it?

That depends on, if you can make sure your car does not have aux function and not with a fiber optic amplifier, you can still install this BMW e60 android head unit.

Just remember to buy the optional small amplifier, which is used to transfer the sound from the new unit to your 4 car door speakers, and make sure your car does not have a fiber optic amplifier, because the small amplifier option does not work with the fiber optic amp.

Our small amplifier connects to your 8 speaker wires from factory wiring harness behind the radio/CD directly to get sound, so the sound does not go through factory amplifier or subwoofer if your car has it. By the way, the sound quality may not so good compared with sound quality from radio or CD if your car has more than 4 speakers or amp or subwoofer.

Additionally, you can also use a FM transmitter to transfer the sound from the new android head unit to car speakers.

How to check if my e60 has fiber optic amplifier?

You can try to take out the factory radio/CD, and check the plug behind, if there are 8 speaker wires from the plug, that means your car does not have a fiber optic amplifier, see this photo:

no fiber optic amp
With 8 speaker wires from the OEM radio plug, this e60 does not have a fiber optic amp.

Difference between BMW e60 with factory 6.5″ small screen and 8.8″ large screen

Our BMW e60 android head unit fits and works for BMW e60 with 6.5″ and 8.8″ factory screen. Most BMW e60 come with a factory small 6.5 inch screen. There are also some with 8.8″ large screen. Please note the factory settings are different for different factory screen sizes, the new screen is with large 8.8″ HD 1280*480 resolution capacitive screen, so you’d better send us your screen photo to us, so that we know the screen size and send you the correct model with the correct screen settings.

My BMW E60 has a Voice button near the MENU button from idrive controls, can i install this unit?

If there’s a voice button near your MENU button, we have another new similar unit works for your BMW e60. You can contact us to learn more of the new e60 android head unit for your car.

voice button
A voice button near the MENU button, needs to install another unit


These are four important aspects you should check before you buy an aftermarket BMW e60 stereo head unit.

If you follow the above guides, you won’t get a wrong product, and it can save you much time for installation. Still interested in how to install BMW e60 android head unit? That’s not difficult for a professional car stereo shop. Besides, if you or your installer has any questions while installing, you can also contact us, we will do our best to help you.

54 thoughts on “Smart Guide Before Buying Aftermarket BMW E60 Android Stereo Head Unit

  1. I have a 2009 e60 with ccc unit but the cic controller. I fitted the wireless android display some months ago and have a question regarding going from the oem screen to android and visa versa. You are meant to do it by holding down the menu button on the controller for a couple of seconds according to what I’ve seen and read. I my case nothing happens. If I wish to go to android I have to press the nav button and it goes and from there I can use the menu button to get around the android display etc. If I want to go to the oem from a page or function in android I have to press the radio button on the controller. I don’t mind so to speak it’s just that if I switch back from oem to android again I don’t get back to the home page or where I came from, I have to bounce from navigation back to home . Is there a setting somewhere that may need changing perhaps.

  2. Hello. I installed the android unit (without the small amp) but the quality from the AUX (coded) is not the same as Radio or CD. It mainly lacks low frequencies (bass).
    This is a m-ask system with 6 speakers (one on each door + the underseat subs).

  3. hi, I’m really interested in upgrading my head unit. I currently have the ccc for my E60 2004 BMW 545i, no aux. I understand that I’ll need to add the small amplifier option that would effect sound b/c it wont be connected to factory subwoofer/amplifier. I noticed you mentioned on a reply that “some customers coded factory aux before purchasing.” is that just a software thing or did they add an aux port as well. I’m trying to figure out if I can upgrade my unit with out loosing my factory subwoofer and other speakers. I’m also interested in a rear cam and front bumper sensors.

    1. It can connect a rear view camera. As for aux activation, it also includes an aux port, you can ask a local BMW dealer to do that for you.

  4. Hi I have a 530D e60 it has aux port haven’t looked for amplifier but my voice control is on steering wheel and centre console has fitment for factory phone, is there any option available for me?

  5. Hi,

    I Have 2007 (pre-LCI) M-ASK unit without navigation. I understand that you can download an android navi app, but how is this going to work if my car doesn’t have a GPS antenna? Does the unit has it’s own antenna? If so, do I need to route it out to somewhere to get a good GPS signal?

    1. Hi, our unit has a GPS antenna included, GPS function is built-in, and we will install our latest igo or sygic maps for you. The GPS antenna can be put at top right corner of your car’s dashboard.

  6. Hi,

    I have a 2004 E60 fitted with the logic 7 and satnav with the larger screen. The ccc unit is failing and I am looking at changing altogether. Would the failing ccc unit make it impossible for your system to work or does it operate as a “stand-alone” system?

    1. As your factory CCC system has a problem, we can not guarantee if our new Android head unit works for your e60 or not, as our unit keeps factory functions working, it just replaces the factory e60 screen.

  7. Hi, I have two cars one with ccc and another one with cic. Both is 8.8”… if i buy one android head unit only, is it compatible to install in both cars? as i not yet decide which car i want to install it. or i need to choose either cic or ccc

  8. I have a 2004 bmw 525i with the basic idrive mask system with no navigation
    and the 6.6 screen, how hard would it be to convert this system to a one with navigation and a usb for flash drive?

    1. You can send a dashboard picture for us to check further, and please confirm if your car has working aux.

  9. I have a base model 2006, BMW 525i. It has no navigation Will this unit fit? Will the navigation be activated?

    1. Our e60 head unit has navigation function built-in, it does not use the factory navigation. You can use our navigation no matter if your e60 has factory navigation or not.

    1. Please note our unit does not replace or change factory functions, just replace the factory screen unit.

  10. I have a 2008 BMW 535xi, it has the logc7 surround Sound system, working auxiliary port, and has the ask button on the steering wheel. It has the 8.8 inch screen, factory navigation with the DVD drive. It does not have a reverse camera, however it does have parking sensors. I believe due to the logic seven, it is fiber optic. Will this work on my vehicle, if so will it retain the same quality of sound with my logic7 still working? Additionally it has BMW night vision. Will the DVD drive work to watch DVDs?

    1. If there are 3 aux wires in normal position from your plug behind the CD, you can use aux to transfer the sound from our unit to car speakers. So if you care about the sound quality, you can check the sound quality from your aux. Our unit keeps factory functions working.

  11. Found a good youtube demo of this last night and it does look like you can use the existing steering wheel and I drive controls with it as well as/instead of the touch screen.  It seems also that you can switch between the android and BMW OEM CCC system by holding the menu button on the I drive control.  Also looks reasonably easy to install, I’m thinking I might take the plunge!!


  12. Hi,
    I would like to understand is it worth to change my factory multimedia system wit Android, mine is dead )
    So my car is 2004 year BMW e 60, CCC big monitor 8.8 ” before restyle , I do not have Aux as I checked. Is the android coming with monitor and radio together ? And what more options I have to purchase with to install it in a best way ? What could you offer?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Please note if your factory multimedia system does not work anymore, it remains the same after installation of our new unit, as our unit keeps all factory functions working. Android system separates from the factory system, new Android screen can display old OEM menus and new Android menus. If your e60 does not have aux, you need to confirm if your car has fiber optic amp, if not with fiber optic amp, then you can add our small amplifier to transfer the sound.

  13. Hi i have a 2005 525 e60 with ccc fault bootloop mode im in the mechanical trade and im getting by having to reflow the internal pcb (heat gun on certain chips) inside,ccc every few weeks i have aux which I coded when I bought bmw coding software a while back but when it fails thatd mean no sound so if i retro fited a better sound amp etc would the android unit be somewhat compatible any help be good on this subject as its looking costly

    1. If you want to use our small amplifier to transfer the sound, please make sure your e60 does not have fiber optic amplifier. I suggest you fixing your aux issue firstly so you can transfer the sound through your aux.

  14. I have a 530i 04 e60 with aux an Bluetooth installed already would this work with my car if i have the mask unit set up will it just plug an play i have 6.5 inch screen just wanna make sure before i spend over 500$

  15. I got a mask unit 2004 coded with mp3 an Bluetooth an aux has no navigation though will this work on my e60 has the 2 fiber optic cables

    1. Hi my ccc unit is stuck on bmw logo i have aux cable. Will the sound work from the aux or usb with android even if ccc is almost dead? Thanks

        1. Can you please test it. There are thousand of people wondering like me. I can hear the aux start up from the speakers on start up and cd dvd works but the screen is stuck on bmw logo and cant play anything.
          If it works, we save alot of money. Ccc dies very fast.

          1. Just remember that our unit does not change or replace factory functions. If your factory menus can not display normally, this will be the same after installation of the new unit.

  16. hi
    i have this in my e60 and it wont boot up and just stays on the bmw connected drive screen ive pressed the reset button on the unit but it still wont boot up any ideas please how to fix this

    1. Your e60 Android head unit should be the old version, you can contact your supplier for a software upgrade.

  17. Hi
    Thx for the information
    But I installed the car stereo drive , however the I drive mouse control is not working with the display , I depend on the touch screen .. my car is e60 2005 .. I just used the menu button to shift from the new interface to the older one , then I can use the control .. however with the new interface , I’m not able to use the I drive pad , depending on the touch screen only … is there’s any solution , or program to b installed .. how I can deal to make the I drive pad works with the new interface

    1. Hi, does your idrive control knob can keep rotating 360 degrees without any resistance by just one finger? If yes, you can check the factory settings for Idrive type. Please contact your seller for the password to enter into factory settings.

    1. Hi, you can send a dashboard photo from your 2008 BMW 535i e60 for us to check for you, including the factory screen and the MENU button, and please tell us if your car has working aux function, so that we can confirm if this head unit fits and works for your car.

  18. I have a 2008 e60 M5 with manual transmission. Will the reverse camera work pnp or do I have to splice a connection into the reverse light switch?

    1. If you install an aftermarket reverse camera, you need to connect the power from reverse light to the camera. If you mean the factory reverse camera, this unit supports factory reverse camera as well.

      1. Okay but when some customers coded aux in did they also install the 3.5 adapter to plug in your unit? I have aux coded for factory ipod adapter and also for bluetooth streaming module hooked to fiber optic do do I still need 3.5 adapter also to get sound or can I sync bluetooth for unit to adapter

        1. Here are two solutions for you:

          1. install 3.5mm aux port to get aux working
          2. if your car does not have fiber optic amp, not have aux, then you can use our small amp to transfer the sound from our unit to 4 car door speakers.

  19. Hi, I have a 2005 pre LCI e60 which doesn’t have the AUX. If I buy the head unit with the small AMP will I lose the audio from my Subwoofers and any other speakers. I think my car comes with the logic 7 system.

    1. Please note the small amplifier just connects to 8 speaker wires from CD plug for 4 car door speakers, so if your car does not have aux and use our small amplifier, only 4 car door speakers have sound after installation, so the sound quality is not so good compared to radio or CD’s sound, the sound from radio and CD is the same as before.

      Secondly,for BMW e60 without factory aux, you also need to make sure your car does not have fiber optic amplifier, if your e60 has fiber optic amplifier, there’s no 8 speaker wires from the plug behind the CD, so the small amplifier will not work and there will be no sound at all.

      By the way, some of our customers coded factory aux and then installed our BMW e60 head unit, so the sound can transfer through aux mode and the sound quality is better than through our small amp.

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