Questions You May Have After Installed a BMW Navigation DVD Unit

Here are some common questions you may have when installing or after installed a BMW navigation DVD head unit in your car, and you can find out answers one by one. 

  • Failed to turn on the unit
    All cables are connected, but failed to turn on the unit, firstly check if there’s a CAN-BUS decoder not connected, then check the wiring diagram at the back of the unit, try to find out the red ACC wire and use a multimeter to measure the voltage to see if it’s about 12V. Sometimes the cable may be loose, the unit was well tested before the shipment, so this problem rarely happened with the unit itself. Secondly, your wiring harness may be a little different in pins, so you can compared the pins from factory harness to the new plug and see if they are matched, if not, just move the wires to the correct pins from the new plug to match the factory harness.
  • Steering wheel controls not work anymore.
    For some models of BMW navigation DVD units, there’s a CAN-BUS decoder included in the package to support steering wheel control, if steering wheel control does not work after installation, you should check if you have connected a CAN-BUS decoder and make sure it was connected well.
  • Touch screen not work
    For WinCE system BMW navigation units, touch screen can be calibrated in settings > touch. For a capacitive screen, normally touch screen is responsivie with your finger, if touch screen not work at all, the flat cable between the screen and main board may be loose during the shipment, so you can try to dismantle the unit and check cables inside of the unit, make sure all cables inside are well connected.
  • Wating for GPS signal
    When you use GPS navigation function, the maps show a message “waiting for GPS signal”, firstly you should make sure the car is outdoors not in the house, because in the house the unit may not be able to receive GPS signal. Secondly please check the GPS antenna to see if it was connected well, you can put the GPS antenna at top right coner of the dashboard to receive better GPS signals. Thirdly, check the settings from your maps, if you use IGO Primo GPS maps, you can check the sys.txt file inn the root directory of the GPS card, pay attention to the baud rate and port, usually the baud rate should be 9600 and the port should be COM2 for most aftermarket navigation DVD head units.
  • CD or DVD disk can not fully go into the DVD player
    This is most probably you did not remove the 2 screws which was used to protect the DVD loader during shipment, you should remove these 2 screws before you install the unit in your car, if not, DVD player will not work. Don’t use brute force to push the disk into DVD player.

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