No sound after installation of BMW F10 GPS Head screen unit?

We usually check the car information before processing the order of BMW 5 series F10 gps unit, in order to make sure the unit you purchased is compatible with your car.

If you have purchased the BMW F10 GPS head unit, you should check the installation instructions before installing it, after installation if you find there’s no sound coming from the unit, there are some settings you need to check, you can follow these instructions to get sound.

Question 1: There’s no sound from navigation gps system

  • In order to hear the navigation sound separately from the music sound, we provide a small speaker to output the navigation sound, so make sure you have connected this small speaker, you can check how to connect it as below:
  • Then check the menu settings > navigation, and see if you tick this small speaker:
  • After you have done as above, when the screen is showing your original menu, press “NAVI” button or “MAP” button or the voice button from steering wheel control, then the screen will switch to our navigation mode, then the sound should come out from our small speaker.

Question 2: There’s no sound from DVD player, USB or iPod

  • Firstly please understand that the sound is transferring from our unit to your car speakers through your car’s aux function, so make sure your car has aux function and it works well. And make sure the original CD/radio turn to AUX mode. You can check as below steps:

Lastly, when you are playing videos while driving, and see there’s a message displaying on the screen: warning, do not watch to master, don’t worry, you can turn it off in settings > system > brake > off, just set the brake option to off, then this message will disappear.

If you still have a question, you can contact us and we will reply you soon.