More Installation Guides for BMW E60 Navigation Head Unit

After learning how to install BMW E60 navigation DVD, some of our customers may still have questions or problems for the sound coming out from car speakers. Firstly remember that the music sound from the new unit should be transferred to your car speakers through factory aux mode, so make sure factory aux working well. If your BMW e60 does not come with factory aux, you will need to add a small amplifier to get sound to car speakers.


Question One:  I’ve installed the e60 navigation head unit but i am not receiving any bass at all and my sound is coming mostly from one side…

Solution: Firstly check if factory aux works well, re-install the factory screen and use factory wiring harness to see if if there’s bass coming out. If yes, compare wires behind the factory plug with the new plug, then you will see some wires are not matched, especially for BMW E60 before year 2005 like a 2004 BMW 525i with aux and 6.5 inch small screen, we have found a 2004 year model BMW e60 without logic7 amp comes with the wiring harness which are different with 2005+ models.


As you can see from the above picture, the left plug is from factory wiring harness, and right plug is our new harness(the real right 4 wires are orange color), for Connector B left and right are with wires in different positions. These wires have something to do with audio and bass. What you will need to do is moving wires from the new plug to the correct position to match the factory wiring harness, you should do this carefully, make sure all wires are pin to pin.

  1. Change the positions for red and black wire for 2 new plugs.
    Factory plug: pin# 7 is red wire, pin#8 is black wire
    New plug: pin#7 is black wire, pin#8 is red wire
    So, move red wire to pin#7, move black wire to pin#8 for both new plugs(not factory one)
    After you done this, the sound comes from all speakers now, but still no bass? so go to step 2.
  2. Move 4 orange wires to the left.
    Please note you should move these 4 wires from 2 new plugs, not just one.
    Important: Make sure each wire is pin to pin for both plugs.

Once you moved the 4 orange wires, the bass should come out now. If not, check each wire and make sure they are well connected not loose.

Question Two: My car does not come with aux function, how to connect the small amplifier to get sound?

Just follow the following instructions to connect the amplifier you’ve got from us.

how to connect amplifier

In order to get sound, 1, 2, 3 and 4 all should be connected well.


After you connected all plugs correctly as above, if there’s still no sound coming out from car speakers, you can unplug and re-plug every cables again, sometimes the amplifier may not be activated or a bad connection, so you can connect cables again. Here’s what one of our customers said:

“I spent several hours today disconnecting and reconnecting each plug and it is now working OK. It looks like there may have been a bad connection somewhere, I’m not sure exactly where though.”

Overall, installation is not an easy work for non-professional, but it’s not difficult for a professional installer. Besides, if your installer has any questions during installing, we are always ready to assist, and we will do our best to help.