Mercedes W204 Head Unit Upgrade (Benefits and How to Install)

Mercedes C-Class W204 head unit upgrade is available now. Upgrading the head unit in your Mercedes W204 can provide a wide range of benefits, including Apple carplay, Android auto, GPS navigation system, rear view camera display, advanced connectivity options, greater compatibility. These benefits can help enhance the overall user experience of your car’s infotainment system, making your daily commute more enjoyable and productive.

In this post, we will introduce you the benefits of Mercedes w204 head unit upgrade, and how to install w204 head unit upgrade with a step-by-step guide.

Benefits of Mercedes W204 Head Unit Upgrade

Upgrading the head unit in your Mercedes W204 can provide several benefits, including:

  • Apple carplay and Android auto

    upgrading the Mercedes w204 head unit with Apple CarPlay can provide access to advanced navigation features, seamless integration with Siri and other Apple devices, third-party app integration, and a simple, easy-to-use interface that is optimized for use while driving. These benefits can help make your driving experience safer, more enjoyable, and more productive.

  • Integration with Factory Controls

    The aftermarket Mercedes w204 head unit upgrade is designed to work seamlessly with your car’s factory functions and controls. This means you can control your upgraded head unit using your car’s steering wheel controls, and the new head unit will display original information on the new HD touch screen.

  • Advanced Connectivity Options

    Upgrading the w204 head unit can give you more connectivity options, such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and auxiliary inputs. This makes it easier to play music from your phone or other devices.

  • Compatibility with modern technology

    A w204 head unit upgrade can make your car more compatible with modern technology. This is because newer head unit is designed to work with the latest technology and software updates, allowing you to take full advantage of features like smartphone integration, advanced voice control, and hands-free calling.

  • Enhanced Navigation Features

    The w204 head unit upgrade comes with advanced navigation features that can make it easier to get around. Features like 3D maps, real-time traffic updates, and voice-guided navigation can improve your driving experience.

  • Improved Safety

    An aftermarket head unit comes with advanced safety features, such as rearview camera, parking sensors, and collision warning systems. These features can help you stay aware of your surroundings and avoid accidents while driving.

In conclusion, upgrading the head unit in your Mercedes W204 can provide you with many benefits beyond just modern technology and advanced connectivity options. With a Mercedes w204 head unit upgrade, you can enhance the overall aesthetics of your car, increase its resale value, and future-proof it for years to come. With improved safety features, navigation system, Apple carplay and Android auto, customizable settings, integration with factory controls, and enhanced performance. An upgraded w204 head unit can make your driving experience safer, more enjoyable, and more productive.

This Mercedes w204 head unit upgrade fits Mercedes Benz C-class W204 including C180, C200, C220, C230, C280, C300, C320, C350, etc.

Inbuilt with a 8″ OEM looking HD touch screen, Apple carplay and Android auto, GPS navigation system, Bluetooth phone calling, Bluetooth streaming music with your phone, USB. It also supports steering wheel controls and a backup camera with RCA connector.

w204 android screen upgrade

The latest version comes with 3 themes available, it can be set in factory settings.

w204 head unit install

For more information about this w204 screen upgrade, you can learn more and buy here.

If your Mercedes W204 comes with an original 5.8 inch small screen and a working aux function, you can order and install this unit in your car, this head unit can also fit factory 7 inch screen w204 now.

If you don’t know if your car has aux or not, you can check our previous post: How to check if my W204 has aux function?

W204 Head Unit Upgrade Installation Step by Step

Before beginning the installation process, it is important to gather all of the necessary tools and materials. Some of the tools that you may need include a panel removal tool, wire strippers, and a screwdriver. You will also need a new head unit that is compatible with your Mercedes W204.

Before starting the installation process, you must take out car key and the best to disconnect the car battery. This is a critical step that will ensure your safety and the safety of your car’s electrical system.

The first step is removing the factory Mercedes W204 screen unit and radio system, then you can connect all cables and install new touch screen W204 head unit in your car.

  1. User a special installation tool to remove the central air vents.install_1install_2
  2. Unplug the cables behind the air vents, then you can take out the air vent.install_3
  3. Remove 4 screws to take out the screen unit and radio/cd system.install_4
  4. Take out the w204 factory screen unit, unplug cables behind.install_5
  5. Take out the w204 oem radio and cd system, unplug cables behind.
  6.  So factory w204 screen and radio have been removed and the next step is to install the new W204 screen unit.
    Upgraded in 2022: You just need to connect less plugs now, see below photos:screen cablesw204-screen-backYou will need to connect the white LVDS plug behind the new android screen(right plug as above) with your w204’s LVDS plug which was disconnected from the back of your factory screen.w204 screen control box
  7. There are 2 square big plugs to connect your CD and factory wiring harness, see below picture:
    power-plugsImportant! If there are fiber optic cables from factory wiring harness, you need to move them to our new plug at the same position as below:

  8. Where to put the main unit control box?
    You can put the main unit box in the glove box as below.
    If you don’t know how to detach the glove box, you can check this video on how to remove the glove box for Mercedes W204.Of course you can also put the control box to other places if you can.
  9. This step is only necessary for camera installation.Want to connect an aftermarket backup camera with this w204 android GPS unit? That’s easy to do that. Check a black cable with yellow RCA connector and BACK-VIDEO-IN label on it which connects to the video cable from the backup camera, see below pic:rear-camera-plugAnd there’s trigger line which should connect 12V+ reverse light, see below pic:w204-rear-camera-triggle-wireBesides, you should get the power for the camera with 12V reverse light(not from our 12V power), so after you put in reverse gear, the camera can get power and automatically display rear view images on screen.

In conclusion, installing a w204 head unit upgrade is a straightforward process that can be completed with a few basic tools and some patience. By following these steps carefully, you can enjoy a better driving experience with your new head unit.

Trouble Shooting While Installing W204 Head Unit Upgrade

  1. Rear camera no signal, or rear image is flicking – If you have connected the camera correctly  (check the above step for the camera again), but still no signal or the display is not stable, that’s because the voltage from your car reverse light is not stable, we have a solution, you can connect a relay to power the camera. A professional mechanic should know how to connect the relay for the camera easily. Here’s a document with clear photos for you to check how to connect the camera for Mercedes W204 and how to connect a relay, you can download it here
  2. No sound from android music playing after installation – If there’s no sound after installation from Android music or video playing, but have sound from your radio and CD, you need to enter into factory menu to activate aux mode.If still no sound after you have already activated the factory aux mode(this rarely happens with only 1% possibilities according to our experience before), then you will need to check the factory aux wires from the plug behind the CD, and compare them with our aux wires(red, white and black wires in a group) from our new plug, make sure they are matched, if not, then you can move the factory aux wires to match the position of our new aux wires, or you can connect the factory aux wires directly with our aux wires, this is the first solution.The second solution is by using a aux-adapter audio cable from us to connect our main unit and your 3.5 mm aux port directly in the glove box to get the factory aux working. You can check this cable as below:aux-adapter-cableNote: this cable is not included in the package by default, because only very few cars need it.
  3. No sound from factory radio or CD – If there’s no sound from car radio or CD playing, you need to check the fiber optic cable plug which connected to our new plug as below:check-fiber-optic-cablesSolution: Please turn off your car and the unit, then you can disconnect the entire square plug from your CD, then re-connect the fiber optic plug with our CD plug, make sure it’s well connected. We had one customer the first time installed but there’s no sound from radio, after he checked and re-connected the fiber optic plug the sound issue solved. After installation, if you want to listen to radio and navigation sound at the same time, you can try these steps: When the unit displays original radio interface, long press the voice button from your steering wheel controls, then the screen will automatically switch to our GPS function, so that the GPS sound will come out from small speaker, and radio sound comes out from car speakers.
  4.  Switch between Mercedes menu and Android menu: Switch from factory menu to new Android menu: just activate and enter into factory Aux mode, the screen will switch to new menu automatically. For new version, you can touch the screen to switch from old menu to android menu, click FM/CD icon to switch from android menu to old menu.After installation if your old factory OEM menus does not display normally, don’t worry, you can contact us we will tell you how to set it correct in settings. Because there are 2 different OEM screens from Mercedes-Benz W204, one is with factory small 5″ screen, the other is with factory large 7″ screen, the screen resolution is different.

If you still have a question while installing, please take some photos for us to check all cables and plugs connections and send to us via email, our technicians would be glad to assist you. You can also contact us on Facebook:
or send a message to our whatsapp:

By following our facebook page, You can get latest news of our products including new arrivals, installation instructions, product videos, etc. And you can send a message on our facebook page.

46 thoughts on “Mercedes W204 Head Unit Upgrade (Benefits and How to Install)

  1. On the radio I purchased ( not from you guys) there is no LVDS connexion, do I remove the LVDS cable from the unit below and discrd it or I need to puchase the silver box, also will I loose the use of the control knob on the console.


  2. Hi I have bought your dividi gps navigation devices from the 3rd party but I miss the cables and the antennas can I buy all the connections cable from you

  3. Do I need additional hardware/wiring for my steering wheel controls to work? It is required for some aftermarket head units

    1. Small speaker with a small white plug connects to the main unit control box now. If you check carefully of all plugs from the main unit, you can easily find it, because all plugs are different.

  4. Hello, the sound is the same as the original sound before installation of the screen? Or do we have any problem? Also I can put back camera on this screen?
    And where from can I buy this

    1. Hello, the sound transfers to car speakers through your aux mode, so you can check your aux sound quality. It can support factory and aftermarket back up camera.

  5. there are five buttons for setting. they are numbered from one to five. can you tell me what functions each number has? you can do it up and down. Thank you

    1. This unit has been upgraded and it does not have 5 buttons for settings anymore. So this don’t need to be set anymore.

  6. The original Mercedes navi has a cap above it that slid upwards when press on the button. Can I still use the cap with your system..?

    1. Before installing the new w204 Android head unit, this cap will be removed, because our w204 screen unit is larger than the original screen.

  7. Hi,
    How much does your Aux adapter cable cost + cheapest delivery cost (No rush) ? Is it on eBay ?

    Why no sound from small speaker/buzzer, even from the Navigation App (IGO version 9), which comes with this unit?
    My car has FACTORY radar, parking assist sensors, but no reversing camera, Audio 50, with simple DVD Navigation.

    Many thanks.

    1. The cable is US$15, shipping cost is US$10 by hongkong post, if you need you can contact us to order one, but we can not guarantee if it works with your unit or not as you did not buy the Android w204 unit from us.

  8. Hi,
    In which socket on the android control unit, does your Aux adapter cable, plug into, and how many pins does it have ?

    Many thanks.

    1. You can check the blue socket plugged into the android control unit, the Aux adapter cable also comes with blue plug to connect the same connector.

  9. Hi,
    I have got no sound from new unit. My old radio sound is ok.

    What do I need to do with the 2 male phono plugs coming from the centre of the main wiring harness ?

    Many thanks.

    1. You can check if your aux wires matches the new ones, if not, then you can connect your aux wires with the new aux wires directly, red/black/white color in a group. Or use our Aux adapter cable to connect your aux port to get sound.

  10. There is instruction manual / getting started PDF in the app section of unit. Can this be emailed to me so that I can print it and read how to use the functions of this

      1. Здравейте мога ли да си поръчам такъв екран и каква му е цената?? Колата ми е Мерцедес с200 ( s204) 2009г. Мисля че разликата в w204-s204 едната е седан а другата комби, ако не се лъжа

        1. Hello, for S204, it should install another model, please send a dashboard picture for us to check further. I also sent you an email, please check.

  11. My unit has been plugged in the car, The problem is not yet able to play DVD and the gps sound is still out along with the radio sound. Incidentally my car does not have a voice button, what should I do?

    1. If there’s not a voice button from steering wheel controls, gps sound can not come out from the small speaker which included in the package. As for DVD function, if you did not choose DVD player option, there’s no DVD function available, since you can keep using factory CD player and you can also play videos through USB or SD, so DVD function is not necessary.

    1. This w204 gps unit supports back up camera video input(camera is optional), it will automatically display after you put in reverse gear.

    1. We don’t suggest you enter into factory settings to avoid any wrong settings. You can tell us why you need to enter factory settings, so that we can help you better.

    2. Hello,
      I have the fault 7″ Display remove and install your system. But no sound from Android Display. Second, if I push FM/CD on Android, the Display switch black, more not. If i push on original radio CD or FM I can heare the source, but nothing on Display shows. It is a C-Class 2008. Also, in HeadScreen I have the funktion “beginn connecting AUX” selected, the procedure never ends. The “to do nothing” shows over 40min. What can i do?
      Thanks alot

      1. By searching your name or email, i did not find your order with us, your unit should be different from ours, our unit does not have this “beginn connecting AUX” menu. Please contact your seller for after-sales service.

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