Mercedes GLK 350 Stereo Upgrade

If you are looking for Mercedes GLK 350 stereo upgrade, with a new Android GLK aftermarket head unit but keeps factory looking, this 7″ Mercedes GLK aftermarket radio is your best choice.

Mercedes GLK 350 stereo upgrade

After installation, your GLK 350 radio system can support more features like Apple Carplay, Android Auto, GPS navigation with igo, Sygic or Google maps, Bluetooth music with your phone, Wi-Fi connection for internet and more.

Main Features of Mercedes GLK 350 Stereo Upgrade

  • Keep factory GLK screen menus working and displaying
  • Custom made for GLK350, GLK
  • Support steering wheel control
  • HD 7″ Touch screen, 1024*600 resolution
  • Support original or aftermarket backup camera video display
  • Support GPS navigation function
  • Bluetooth hands free phone calling
  • Bluetooth streaming music with your phone
  • Support Apple Carplay and Android Auto
  • USB connection for music and video playing
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

glk 350 radio upgrade

And it’s with latest Android 13 system, latest Mercedes Benz UI, high speed 8-Core CPU, 64GB ROM, 8GB RAM. Just click this link to learn more:

Now i will introduce you how to install this GLK 350 stereo upgrade. Before you install a new aftermarket GLK screen upgrade, you will need to remove the factory GLK radio and screen firstly.

How to remove Mercedes GLK 350 Radio?

  1. Firstly you need to use a plastic pry tool or a flat screwdriver to take out the air vents panel. Then disconnect a small blue plug behind.
  2. Then you pry out the decoration trim below the air vents and above the CD player. Then you can see 2 screws behind which fix the CD player in the dashboard.
  3. User a screwdriver to remove 2 screws on left and right sides. Then you can take out the CD unit. Disconnect the square power plug behind.

Mercedes GLK 350 Screen Removal

  1. After you removed the GLK radio, you can now remove the GLK factory screen. Firstly you need to pry the plastic frame around the screen.
  2. And  then you can remove the bottom frame at the front of the GLK screen.glk-screen-bottom-frame
  3. Now you can see 2 screws which fixed the screen, remove 2 screws then you can take out the GLK screen.
    And you can disconnect the LVDS plug behind the factory screen, so you can see if it’s with round LVDS plug with 4 pins or square LVDS plug with 10 pins.

Here’s a video to show you clearly Mercedes GLK radio and screen removal.

After you remove the factory GLK radio and screen, you can start installing the new 7″ Android radio. There are many plugs from our control box, but if you look out our installation photos as following, you can connect all plugs easily one by one.

How to install Mercedes GLK 350 Aftermarket Stereo?

  1. Firstly install screen cables with the android screen and the control box.
    screen cablesYou may hear a clip sound if they are well connected, make sure it’s clipped well and tight not loose. The small control box can be put in the glove box or any other place you can put into.
  2. Then you can connect other plugs from the control box
    control box
    : this plug should connect your LVDS plug behind your factory screen.
    WiFi: connect WiFi antenna
    GPS: connect GPS antenna
    Mic: connect our microphone
    USB: connect our USB cablePlease check carefully, make sure there’s not anything¬† wrong for any plugs. and make sure all plugs are well connected. You can also take some photos for us to check for you.
  3. Another 2 big square plugs from our power cable.
    radio plugs
    If there are fiber optic cables from our factory plug behind your radio, you need to move them to our new plug at the same position, and please make sure it’s well connected to our new plug.
  4. If you want to install an aftermarket backup camera, here are 2 cables which need to be connected for the camera:
    backup camera video cableglk backup camera trigger wireThe camera should be powered with 12V reverse light. If the video from the camera does not look good or no signal, you may need to connect a relay to provide stable 12V voltage to the camera, because your reverse light may not be able to provide stable 12V voltage to the camera, a relay connection can solve this.
  5. The sound transfers from our unit to car speakers through your factory aux mode, so if there’s no sound from android music playing, you need to firstly activate factory aux mode from original menus, then touch the screen, the screen will then switch to android menu automatically, then you can play music from android system.
  6. If you or your installer still have questions while installing, please remember to contact us and take some photos for us to check, we will do our best to help you. Our technician can help you online on Facebook messenger: or send a message to us via whatsapp.

6 thoughts on “Mercedes GLK 350 Stereo Upgrade

    1. Yes, the sound transfers from android system to car speakers through the car’s aux mode. If your car does not have aux, you can also contact us to see if your car can use our small amp to transfer the sound.

    1. This Mercedes GLK350 Anroid screen head unit is based on android system, but it works for iphone as well, bluetooth can connect your iphone for bluetooth phone and music, and it also supports Apple carplay. Your factory functions can work the same as before, your Mercedes Benz menus can also display on our new screen.

  1. I have GLK 2012 and I am interested about this gps system. I am wondering, do I need something else or just install what you send to me.
    And of course, I will ask you even you wrote on web side – support controls.- so I am really wondering if this really support all controls in glk car.

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