Lexus CT 200h Radio Replacement Upgrade with Aftermaket Navigation

A new aftermarket radio Android head unit is made for Lexus CT 200h. Upgrading Lexus CT200h radio upgrade with an aftermarket head unit provides you many benefits. It fits 2011-2019 year Lexus CT 200h and looks like OEM after installation.

Original Lexus CT200h stereo system

Lexus ct200h original radio
Lexus ct200h original radio

Lexus CT 200h Radio Upgrade Android head unit

Lexus ct200h radio upgrade
Lexus ct200h radio upgrade

Main Features of Lexus CT 200h Aftermarket Radio Upgrade

  • Android 12 OS
  • Quad-Core CPU processor
  • 32GB ROM, 2GB RAM, 64+4GB optional
  • Double din 7 inch HD capacitive screen
  • Touch screen operation
  • Built-in GPS navigation system
  • Support Android maps like Sygic, Google maps, IGO, etc.
  • With free navigation maps available worldwide
  • Support multi-languages, English by default
  • Built-in Bluetooth hands-free phone call
  • Support Bluetooth music with your phone
  • FM radio built-in
  • USB connection for music/video playing or file transfer
  • Support steering wheel controls
  • 4x45W Amplifier power output
  • Support aftermarket backup camera with RCA input
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module

What’s in the package?

ct200h stereo upgrade package
Lexus ct200h stereo upgrade package

Unit Price: US$369.9
FREE SHIPPING! Extra 15% OFF for payment by Bank Transfer or Western Union

Latest ct200h radio upgrade SHOP HERE:


New 10.25″ Lexus ct200h screen upgrade is available now, it fits both left hand driving and right hand driving models.

Lexus CT200h Screen Upgrade Aftermarket
Lexus CT200h Screen Upgrade 10.25 Inch

How to order?

You can send us an email with your car model, manufacture year and a dashboard photo, so that we can confirm if this Lexus CT200h head unit fits your car.

After confirmation of your car information, one of the customer representatives will contact you about the order and help to place an order for you.

FREE Shipping worldwide, 3 years warranty!

Note: We also have Android head units for other Lexus models including Lexus ES, Lexus RX, LEXUS NX, RC, feel free to contact us to learn more.

52 thoughts on “Lexus CT 200h Radio Replacement Upgrade with Aftermaket Navigation

    1. If you use the factory bluetooth phone, you can use the oem microphone. All your factory functions can work the same as before after installation.

  1. I recently purchased a 2012 Lexus CT200h base model with no navigation and a OEM radio unit. Where the nav option package has the unit on top of the dash, the base model just has a little open and close storage unit. I was wondering if it was possible to install an aftermarket radio (with Apple Car Play) on the dash (or where the OEM radio unit is) with my non-nav base model. Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

    1. We will install igo maps for your country, besides, maps update is also free from us. Installation is plug and play.

  2. I have a Lexus CT200h 2014 and it does not have a back up camera. Do you have an aftermarket backup camera with RCA input you’d recommend we purchase that supports this navigation?

  3. Hello i want to upgrade factory HU in my 2015 Lexus CT 200h is the replacement
    a plug and play? can you send me more info about HU upgrade is this HU a (US standard)? can you give me a list all I need to upgrade HU like backup camera and
    CarPlay i do have a factory backup camera in the review mirror does this integrate
    to the new upgrade HU.

    1. Hello, our head unit for Lexus ct200h is plug and play for installation. It’s compatible with US ct200h as well. Back up camera and Apple Carplay are optional, if your backup camera comes with a RCA connector, then you can connect it with our unit as well, because our 7″ lexus ct200h radio replacement unit supports aftermarket back up camera with RCA connectors, and our 10.25″ unit also supports factory back up camera.

  4. Hello I have a. 2014 ct 200h, basic model, can I install the 10 inch on it?, can you sent me a picture o how to cut and install it, if I do not have the “mouse” how does it work?, does the Bluetooth tells me which song I’m playing?, I’m finally does it ship to Cost Rica and how much would it cost?

    1. Yes, you can install our 10.25″ ct200h Android head unit as well, your ct200h does not have mouse controller, we will send you the unit with a mouse controller. As there’s not a top screen from your dashboard, you will need to cut a hole to fix the new screen. You can check the installation instructions via this link:!Am8pv4kpOz8zmShoSNtwU4gDE59L

      Bluetooth music can display song name. As for the price of the unit for your car, please contact us via email, we will send you the price via email.

  5. I have 2014 Lexus ct200h with factory navigation with 10 speakers systems and mouse. I know this unit can not support my 10 speakers and I don’t mind to go with 4 channels this unit provide and give up other speakers. Can I keep my factory dash board screen and factory trip computer with this head unit?

    1. Your 2014 ct200h comes with factory navigation and mouse, only the 10.25″ Android unit works for your car. Your original system still work after installation of our new 10.25″ Android screen. You can switch between the old factory menus and new Android menus on the new screen. So our new screen can also show trip information and other information from original menu.

  6. How well does this integrate with

    1.) The existing mouse
    2.) The voice button on the steering wheel?

    I have a lexus ct 2014 200h and I’m looking to upgrade.

    Thank you

    1. Our 10.25″ Android screen unit can support your existing mouse, your voice button can work the same as before, as our unit does not change factory function, it keeps factory function working.

  7. Hi, how do I turn the volume up and down if i take out the original radio? Is there a volume knob? And I want to install a back up camera too, can you recommend a back up camera compatible with this so when I back up it shows on the screen, not the rearview mirror.

  8. My 2011 CT200h is a basic model without the Nav display and mouse control unit, I worrying when evening the headlight on, the 10.25 display will tune down the backlight automatically or not.

    1. For a basic model CT200h, our Android 7″ model radio replacement can fit and work on your car, it replaces your factory radio for installation. You can also install our 10.25″ Android model but you will need to cut a hole in order to put a new screen at top dashboard, if your car does not have such a hole at top dash. When you turn on the headlights in the evening, the screen brightness will turn down automatically.

    1. I have already bought this head unit. I wanted to add Apple CarPlay first an additional cost. Is there a way to buy this after I have already received the stereo?

  9. I have recently purchased a 2014 CT200h and want to install a stereo and backup camera. Will the Android OS work with and connect to iPhones?

    1. Yes, this Android OS Lexus ct200h stereo upgrade can also work with iPhones for Bluetooth hands free phone calling and Bluetooth streaming music.

    1. When update is available in the future from us, we can upload new software online and send you link to download it.

    1. Our new 10.25″ Android screen replacement can support original screen menu displaying, just replaces the factory small screen, so your original functions like navigation, radio and others can still work after installation.

      1. im interested also. I have a 2014 with navigation and I would like to output to the factory screen. I dont know if you guys make a cable for aftermarket radio to output to the screen.

        1. How do you learn the stealing wheel controls?
          I installed the unit last night but can’t seem to get the steering wheel controls to work.
          Please help

    1. Android 8.0 system is available now. For our 10.25″ Lexus ct200h Android head unit, it supports original HD radio.

    1. It should fit and work for your 2015 Lexus CT200h, please send a dashboard picture for us to check further. Installation fee should be different from different installers in different countries, you can try to ask a mechanic to quote you the installation cost.

  10. I hate a 2011 Lexus CT200h and would love to be able to upgrade the head unit. I do not have the nav unit, only the cd/sat/bluetooth model. Can you please give me more info on possible replacements. Thanks.

    1. Hi, you can send a dashboard photo from your 2011 Lexus CT2OOh to for us to check which model is compatible with your car, we also have another 10.25″ head unit for ct200h available, total 3 different versions, so we need to check your dashboard firstly.

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