Installation Instructions for BMW F20 F30 Navigation DVD Touch screen Head unit

BMW F20 Navigation &Audio System Instal lation Instruction and Things To Note

Security considerations

Pls check the appearance and the unit functions before instal l the unit.
Dnot shorten or extened the GPS antenna, it wi l l lead to the antenna problem.
Don’t make the GPS antenna winding the steering wheel and shift lever, it will be dangerous.

Warm prompt
1.Don’ t use strong chemicals, cleaning agents, strong detergent to washing the machine
2.Please use a clean soft fabric to wipe the screen, don’t use ordinary fabric
3.Please use the touch screen pen to operation unit, please don’t use other sharp objects, or it will damage to the screen
4.Please don’t self-service, maintenance or instal l the  unit, in case of the powerison, don’t install or repair the uni t . I t is very dangerous i f the person who did not receive the elect ronic equipment or vehicle instal lat ion training or lack of experienced personnel to instal l and repair the uni t.
5.Please protect the or iginal display when the staf f dismounting the original CD and keep the original CD, try to use the original screw.
6.Navigation and rearview camera only do auxiliary function, it can’t replace your attention and judgment.
7.When the customer choose the digital TV, our unit could real ized the digital TV touch.

The publ icity material only for reference,we dont make the further notice if the information have any changes, our company has the final explanation right!

BMW F30 F20 Installation Manual

1. Firstly, let’s take a look at the central console picutre


2. Accessories:1) Head Unit 2) Mini Speaker 3)iPOD cable 4) USB cable 5) GPS antenna and two screws for fix Head Unit 6) User Manual 7)Touch pen 8)Video cable 9)Power cable 10) Head Unit and display screen connecting cable 11) Display Screen


3. Pry and remove air conditioning vent by pry tool, and unplug the connector


4. Remove the 4 screws which fixed the original screen and air conditioning panel by screwdriver

5. Pry and remove the air conditioning,and unplug the connectors


6. Use the pry tool remove the panel
7. Remove the two screws which for the original CD
8. Remove the original display screen and unplug the connector

9. Unplug the original CD’s connector,connect to our power cable,if there are fiber optic wires,please move to relevant PIN of our connector


10. Plug the Head Unit and display screen connecting cable and GPS antenna


11. Put the USB cable to USB slot in storage box,and put the iPod cable to there too.


12. Install the mini speaker and plug the minis peaker connector


13. Plug all connectors and tighten the screws to fix the CD and head unit


14. Plug all connectors in screen and fix the screen by screws


15. Put the air conditioning panel,panel,air conditioning vent back and plug all connectors,tighten the screws.


16. after installation pic


If you still don’t know how to install this BMW F30/F20 navigation DVD, we highly suggest you asking a professional mechanic to install it for you. All pictures are taken from BMW F20, while the installation for our BMW F30 head unit is the same as BMW F20. For any questions regarding our BMW F30 navigation head unit or BMW F20 navigation unit, just feel free to contact DVDGPSNav, our customer representatives would be very happy to assist you with any questions.