Installation Instructions: BMW F10 F11 Android Navigation Head unit

New 10.25 inch Android GPS navigation head unit for BMW F10 F11 comes out, it’s based on Android 9 operation system, inbuilt with Octa-cores 1.5GHz CPU, 32GB Nand Flash, 4GB RAM, 1280×480 high resolution capacitive screen, touch screen. The main features of the new BMW F10 Android navigation head unit include GPS navigation system, Bluetooth hands free phone calling, Bluetooth streaming music, USB, SD, supporting backup camera display, etc.

BMW F10 F11 Android GPS Navigation

How to check if this Android unit fit and work for your car? Firstly make sure your car has a working aux, secondly you can send car model, manufacture year and a dashboard picture for us to check for you.

How to install this Android BMW F10 navigation head unit? Installation is quite easy if you follow below instructions.

You should know that this new GPS unit just replaces the factory 6.5 inch small screen and is upgraded with 10.25 inch large screen, the original menus can still display on the new Android screen except the new Android system. You can long press the “MENU” button from idrive controller to switch new menu and original menu, the original idrive control buttons can work the same as before.

Firstly remove the original screen unit, unplug all cables behind.

remove original screen

Don’t know how to remove the factory screen of BMW F10? You can check this video: BMW F10 Screen Removal

Note: for 2010, 2011 and 2012 year model BMW F10, which comes with 4 pins LVDS connector from the back of the original screen, we will send you the new head unit with the same 4 pins connector which matches the original LVDS plug.

4 pins connector LVDS
Plug A: this is 4 pins LVDS plug
Plug B: this plug is used to get power for original screen, so this plug will be useless.

For 2013, 2014 and 2015 year BMW F10, it’s with 6 pins LVDS plug, so we will send you the one with 6 pins connector to match it.

6 pins connector LVDS

After you have removed the original screen, then detach the original radio/CD player, and pull out the plug behind, so you have got 2 plugs, one from the back of the original CD, the other plug from factory wiring harness which was connected to the back of the CD, these 2 plugs will be connected to the new plugs, so that the radio and CD can still work.

wiring diagram

Important Note: If there are fiber optic cables from your original CD plug, you will need to move the fiber optic cables to our new plug at the same position as below:

fiber optic cables

new plug

There are main parts, one screen unit and one main unit, how to connect cables to new screen? There are 2 cables to connect between them. See below pic:

connect screen

There’s a CAR-LVDS plug connected to the original 4 pins plug behind the original screen.
LVDS plug

More pictures showing how to connect all other cables and plugs:




connect back up camera

About 3 loose wires:
Purple wire with a label “REVERSE”, red wire with label “REVERSE OUT 12V”, black wire “GND”, you don’t need to connect these 3 wires, if you want to connect an aftermarket camera, just connect the green cable with yellow RCA connector(BACK-VIDEO-IN) with the camera video cable, our CAN-BUS system can detect rear view signal after you put in reverse gear.

How does this Android head unit look like after installation in a BMW F10?

BMW F10 screen upgrade

android bmw f10 navigation

If you still have a question during installing, welcome to contact us, our technicians are ready to assist you.