Installation Instruction for BMW X1 E84 Navigation DVD GPS head unit

Here’s a detailed installation manual for our BMW X1 Navigation GPS headunit, please do it carefully if you are not professional at installation of aftermarket car dvd gps head units, if you are not professional, it’s better to ask a professional mechanic to install it for you.


Matters Need Attention:

First the conditions of the car need a common check, including the electronic devices(sound system), interior trim and external lacquer to see if there’s abnormal scratching, after checking, tell the car owner about the condition and then start to install.

Means of protection are indispensable before installation, the rear stick and cigar lighter must be protected well, since the scrape may exists in the process of installation.

Step-by-step Installation Instructions for BMW X1 E84 Head unit:

1. Disassemble the decorated board on the right side, pull out the air-conditioner outlet:
2. After removing the air-conditioner outlet, disconnect the cables carefully, then take apart the storage locker above the air-conditioner outlet, please mind the two screws, which should be unscrewed before taking down the storage locker.
3. Dismantle the decorative frame from the right side, lay it aside after done:
4. Unclench the control panel of the air-conditioner
5. Remove the original car’s CD player, mind the fixed screws marked in the following photo, which should be unscrewed before pulling out the CD player.
6. Pluck out the wire harness on the original car’s CD player, the male plug on the car is connected with the female plug on the power cable we supply, our power cable’s male plug should be connected with the original car’s CD player. The small 2pin plug on the power cable will be connected with a small speaker reasonably, route the power cable as the following:
7. USB installation and wire routing, pull the USB cable from the etwee on the right side:
8. Connect our power cable’s plug with the machine’s plug, fix the machine with the screws, reinstall the original car’s CD player and the air-conditioner panel, all will be ok as the following.

Want to learn more? Just click here to download the full manual about this installation instrunctions: BMW X1 E84 Navigation Installation Instruction

After installation, if there’s no sound for navigation voice or music, or there’s warning sound coming out from car speakers, please check this post to solve.