Installation Instruction Audi Q5 GPS navigation & Audio System

With the detailed installation instructions as below, you can easily install this Audi Q5 GPS navigation & Audio system even you have never done that before. Before installation, please read these announcements carefully.


Please check the appearance and the unit functions before install l the unit
Don’t shorten or extend the GPS antenna, it will lead to the antenna problem.
Don’t make the GPS antenna winding the steering wheel and shift lever, it will be dangerous.
Please don’t self-service, maintenance or install the unit, In case of the power is on, please don’t install or repair the unit, it is very
dangerous if the person who did not receive the electronic equipment or vehicle install lat ion training or lack of experienced personnel to install and repair the unit.

Audi Q5 navigation unit Step-By-Step Installation Instruction:

1. Firstly, let’s take a look at the original center console
2. Here are our unit and parts
3. Let’s begin: Take down the original frame and take out the original screen
4.Take down the air-condition ventilate frame and take out the 3 pcs screw on the fixed support
5.Take down the air-condition frame, and take out the 4 pcs screw as pic
6.Pull out the original CD cable, connect with our cable.
7. When you want to connect camera, you need connect it to the back cable (purple) ,Brake cable(pink) connect to GND, Red cable is the
12V power of the machine,which is used to supply power to other functions
8.Connecting the cable of display screen to the center console picture.
9. Dismantle decorative panel of center console to install the loudspeaker
10. Fitting the Mic of Bluetooth and plug
11.Fixing plugs and screws after install display screen
12.Fixing main unit and install original CD back and fix screws.

Audio, Steps to switch the interface

1.Retrofitting device’s sound comes out from original speaker. Firstly, enter into original CD menu and launch AUX, after AUX launched, press button “media” from original CD board to switch the sound between original radio, CD and our unit.
2.When customer is playing original Radio or CD ,GPS navigation system will activate the small speaker
3.Switch interface
a.When stay on original interface,click touch screen to enter into our device’s interface
b.When stay on our device’s main menu,click”original car” at the left corner to enter into original interface

Click here to download the full PDF of Installation Instruction for Audi Q5 GPS navigation Audio System

By the way, you should still be able to use your car aux to listen to music, while if you found your car aux does not work anymore after installation, you should not connect our aux cables, learn more here.