How to set gps path for aftermarket car gps navigation?

More and more car owners are interested in upgrading the factory stereo with more functional and modern aftermarket head unit which comes with gps navigation system built-in. That’s because the original navigation is too expensive and it does not have so much function as the aftermarket navigation unit which has many other functions like USB, SD, iPod, DVD, RDS, and so on, while the gps navigation function is the main consideration for most buyers.

Normally the gps navigation system is built-in, and gps maps are in a SD card which should be put into the GPS card slot which is usually at the front panel of the gps unit. If you have got a SD card with maps, then you can insert it into the GPS card slot, not the other SD slot, the SD slot can not read gps maps. Then you can go to main menu, find settings, click it, and look for navigation menu or gps menu, then click it to enter into gps path settings, then choose the exe file from the gps files, save it, that’s all. Let’s show you some pictures for your reference, all pictures are from our BMW head unit system.

1. Turn on the gps unit, back to main menu, find “settings”


2. Click settings, then you will see another interface for all the settings of this gps unit



As you can see GPS setup, this is the place to set gps path, the gps monitor shows the gps satellite signal, you can see how many gps satellite is connected with this gps unit from GPS Monitor. Only if your car is outdoor can you receive better gps signal, if your car is in the house, the gps signal is weak or not at all.

3. You can see navigation path settings as below. If your map is IGO, the final gps path should be IGO.exe or IGO8.exe or Primo.exe. The after market gps navigation units can also support other maps like Route66, Papago, Tomtom, etc, the map should be compatible with Wince 6.0 system and 800*480 resolution.



After you set all done, you can turn to GPS then you can use gps navigation right away. If you have a problem for gps navigation system, sometimes there may be an error from maps, then you can get another map, especially if you download maps online, make sure there’s no error while downloading and compressing all files. If the maps are ok and you still can not use gps function, the SD card may be defective, so you can try another SD card and copy the same map files.