How to install Mercedes Benz C W204 Navigation GPS?

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204 GPS navigation unit is easy to install for a professional mechanic, you don’t need to cut or modify any wires for installation. But it does require some specialized knowledge to install this Mercedes W204 navigation, we provide the installation process for this head unit as below.

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Latest Update:

Since the new Android head unit for Mercedes W204 comes out, you can also check How to install Android head unit for Mercedes W204 here.

Installation process for navigation entertainment system for Mercedes Benz C-class W204 C200 C180 C250 C300, etc

1. the original Mercedes Benz W204 car pic and dashboard


2. remove the original air conditioning outlet and panel

2_1   2_2

3. find the plug and pull out the plug


4. remove the screws on the store content box

4_1 4_2

5. remove the parts as the below pic showing


6. remove the screws on the original CD and radio


7. remove the original CD player and radio


8. find the original CD plug and remove the CD plug

8_1  8_2

9. pry the panel as the below pic showing


10. install the small loudspeaker


11. put the cable as the mark position and adjust the cable


12. connect the cable with our unit


13. put back the original CD player and radio


14. install our W204 head screen and the original air-conditioning outlet


15. the effect pic of installing our w204 head unit and the original air-conditioning outlet


16. final step, install the frame


Important Tips:

If there are fiber optic cables from factory plug which connects to factory radio, you will need to move them to our new plug at the same position, see below pic:

how to move fiber optic cables

Click here to download the entire installation manual.

1. Please don’t use strong chemicals, cleaning agents, strong detergent to washing the machine
2. Please use a clean soft fabric to wipe the screen, don’t use ordinary fabric
3. Please use the stylus to operate unit, please don’t use other sharp objects, or it will damage the screen
4. Please don’t self-service, maintenance or install the unit, in case of the power is on, don’t install or repair the unit, it is very dangerous if the person who did not receive the electronic equipment or vehicle installation training or lack of experienced personal to install and repair the unit
5. Please protect the original display when the staff dismounting the original CD and  keep the original CD, try to use the original screw
6. Navigation and rear view camera only do auxiliary function, it can’t replace your attention and judgement
7. When the customer choose the digital TV, our unit could realized