How to Install Mazda 3 Radio Upgrade

Installation for an aftermarket car stereo head unit is always easy, because the special wiring harness is customized to fit the factory plug, so you will not need to modify wires to install it. Besides, the design of the new radio is customized to fit the existing dashboard, so it can fit perfectly in the dash without cutting anything else.

Last year, we have provided a video showing how to install 2004-2009 Mazda 3 radio, ┬ábut it’s just for old model of Mazda 3. The installation for this radio is plug and play. Installing a new 2010-2013 Mazda 3 stereo upgrade is more or less the same as the old one.

You can see how the new dashboard looks like for a 2010-2013 year Mazda 3:

2012 mazda 3 radio

If your factory Mazda 3 radio is the same as above, this new Android Mazda 3 radio head unit can fit your car.  The new head unit is special for 2010-2013 year Mazda 3.

mazda 3 radio upgrade

In general, there are 3 easy steps to follow installing this Mazda 3 radio upgrade.

  • Remove the factory Mazda 3 radio
  • Plug power cable with the factory wiring harness
  • Push the new Mazda 3 radio upgrade into the dash and fix it

Below are some photos taken from the installation in one of the customers’ Mazda3, as you can see it’s not difficult for installation.

  1. Firstly you will need to take out the air vents in the center console using a plastic knife, pry both sides
  2. Then you are able to take out the air vents and unplug a small plug for hazard warning light
  3. Now you are able to see 2 screws on both sides fixing the existing car radio, use a cross screwdriver to remove them
    factory mazda 3 radio
  4. After removed the 2 screws, you are able to pull out the factory car radio and CD, the new head unit will replace it.
    pull out factory radio mazda 3
  5. There are 2 brackets included in the accessories bag, install them in both sides of the new unit
    brackets for mazda 3 radio gps
  6. Check the power cords, GPS antenna, USB cable, iPod cable, CAN-BUS box, radio antenna as below, plug all cables, remove 2 screws at the top of the new Mazda 3 stereo upgrade head unit, these screws are used to protect the DVD during shipment, but you should take them out in order to use DVD player function after installation, if not, the DVD disc can not fully go into the unit.
    all accessories
    The power cords just plug with the factory wiring harness
    GPS antenna connects to a round GPS port at rear of the unit
    USB and iPod cable connects to the rear plugs
    CAN-BUS connects to a small white plug from the power cords, it used to support steering wheel controls.
  7. Push the new unit into the dash, fix it, plug back the small plug for hazard warning light, install the air vents, done!

By the way, if your Mazda 3 is 2004-2009 year model, please check this Mazda 3 radio.

Android mazda 3 radio

Installation tools: If you need to buy installation plastic tools, you can also contact us, or buy our Mazda 3 radio head unit and ask to send installation tools for free, you should leave a comment requesting of a set of installation tools during checkout online.