How to install GPS BMW E60 Navigation DVD – BMW E60 Radio/Stereo Upgrade

You may think that the original car radio and stereo in a BMW E60 is perfectly fitted in the car and looks good, while if you can keep the original BMW E60 radio working but also you can get more features for your dream car with affordable price, will you upgrade the factory 6.5 inch screen head unit to a 7 inch touch screen GPS BMW E60 navigation unit?

BMW E60 GPS Navigation Radio Upgrade

The aftermarket 7″ touch screen head unit for BMW E60 not only can show your factory menus which the factory screen does, but also you have new menus for GPS navigation, iPod, TV, DVD player, USB, SD card. The GPS function is built-in so you can easily reach your destination by following easy turn-by-turn steps. For those long family trips you can keep the kids fully entertained with DVD videos as well as games while you concentrate on driving.

How can I know if this touch screen GPS head unit fit my BMW E60?

Normally this unit can fit all BMW E60, but there are different models for BMW E60 with 6.5 inch or 8.8 inch screen, with AUX or without AUX, so you can tell us your exact car model, manufacture year, screen size, with aux or without aux so that we can know the exact model for your car.

How to install this BMW E60 navigation?

Installation for this BMW E60 GPS is easy if you follow below steps, if you have not any experience before, we highly suggest you asking a professional car stereo shop to install it for you.

Before installing, you should do the following steps, or it will burn the original CD player, so pay attention to these instructions:

1. Turn ACC to OFF position
2. disassemble the original car screen, and you will see the cable connectors which should connect to plug 3.
3. Connect cable 1 to original screen cable connector’s iron jacket(do not connect screen cable to plug 3 at this moment)
4. Connect cable 2 to original CD player’s iron body
5. Connect original screen cable connector to plug 3, then connect all other connectors, then wait for about 2 minutes
6. Then you can turn ACC to “ON” position and boot the device now.

Cables connections from the back of this unit:

all cables connection

all plugs

How to connect a rear view camera? The BACK-VIDEO-IN cable connects to the camera video cable:

rear view camera cable

For a detailed step-by-step installation instruction, please click this link to download it.

More Installation Guides for BMW E60 Navigation Head Unit

This BMW E60 navigation comes with DVD player optional, you can put the external DVD player box in the glove box. As you can keep using original CD player after installation, so not all buyers choose the DVD option.



After installation of the new touch screen BMW E60 head unit, you can still use the factory control knob to control the original menu, because the original menu can also display on the new screen. There are other features for the control knob:

control knob


  1. Press this button for about 3~5 seconds can turn from original car menu to new navigation menu
  2. press this button back to new navigation menu, or it will be used to hang up the phone on Bluetooth function.
  3. In navigation menu, can work as choosing previous and next music; in main menu, can slide up and down to choose different modes.
  4. answer the phone



If there’s no sound after installation, firstly you can check if you activate the car’s AUX function, you will need to mods the black, white and red plug from the unit harness into a aux cable then connect its to the aux in the armrest. If your BMW E60 does not have AUX function(most BMW E60 under year 2006 not with AUX).

Learn more about this head unit through a video in YouTube: