How to install DVD GPS Head unit for Mercedes Benz C-class C180 C200 C300 2011-2014

Installing a new touch screen head unit to replace the factory small screen unit is not something new nowadays due to the factory screen unit does not have so much features as the aftermarket ones. For car owners who have a 2012 year Mercedes-Benz C-Class like C180, C200, C300, the original screen in the dash is 6.5 inch, which seems a little small and not supports touch screen, now you can upgrade it with a new HD 7.0 inch touch screen together with car DVD player, navigation system, SD card playing, etc.

Installation of such a unit is not difficult for a professional technician who has experience before. Unless you are professional enough, we don’t suggest you install it by yourself. The following installation pictures and instructions should help a lot for installing this Mercedes Benz C-Class C204 GPS navigation head unit:

How can i know if the above gps head unit fit my car?

The car model should be Mercedes Benz C-Class from year 2011 to 2014, and the car should be with factory 6.5 inch screen, besides, the car should be with aux function.

Now let’s start, you can see how the original dashboard looks like below:

mercedes benz c180 dash


Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. use a plastic pry knife to disassemble the air-conditioning air outlet, then you are able to take out the air outlet.
  2. disassemble the plastic trim both left and right side near the original screen.
  3. remove 2 screws fixing the factory screen, then you are able to take out the dashboard.
  4. take out the accessories from the original mounting frame, then install then into our new mounting frame
    mounting frame
  5. Then remove 2 screws fixing the original CD, so that you can take out factory CD and then unplug all plugs.
  6. disassemble the glove box from the front passenger side.
    glove box_1
    glove box_2
  7. run the cable for the DVD from dashboard inside to glove box, then fix the DVD player in the glove box.
  8. connect the power adapter cable with the CD plugs, then install back the CD player.
  9. plug the wiring harness correctly, install our new screen head unit, fix it with 2 screws.
    install back
  10. install back the trims.
    install trims
  11. Done, check how it looks like after installation.
    after installation


After installation, useful information you may need:

  1. make sure the car has factory 6.5 inch screen, and the car should has aux function and aux should works.
  2. If you want the sound from the new coming out from the car speakers, then you will need to activate the car’s aux function, because the sound is transferred from the new gps unit to car speakers.
    activate aux
  3. When you are listening to the radio or cd, press the “navi” button, then the gps sound will come out from the built-in small speaker.
  4. You can swtich between the original menu and the new menu.

For any other questions about installation you may have, welcome to contact us.