How to Install BMW E60 Android Head Unit?

Trying to find a BMW e60 android head unit or want to see how to install it? This post shows you step by step installation instructions for an aftermarket BMW e60 android head unit.

If you have a BMW E60 or E61 with a factory 6.5″ or 8.8″ screen, you are able to upgrade the original screen unit with a modern looking BMW E60 android screen head unit now.

How to install BMW E60 Android head unit?

Simply put, you will need to remove the OEM screen and radio first, disconnect plugs behind, then you can start installing the new android head unit.

Here’s a video showing you BMW E60 radio removal, and you can follow the below installation steps one by one.

  1. Use a plastic level tool to pry at the end/middle/front of the decorative trim to detach the side metal chip and gently pull the trim across. The trim is held using metal clips along the length of the trim.
    remove decorative trim
  2. Take out the trim including the air vents, remove the buttons for hazard light and door lock by pressing on the metal clips, detach the cable connector behind.disconnect plugs behind
  3. Remove 2 screws at the top of original screen, take out the original screen unit.
    remove 2 screws at topscreen plugs
  4. Remove the two screws at the top middle instrument panel(some models don’t have these screws), pry and pull the climate control panel towards you with force, unplug the connectors behindAC panel
  5. Use the plastic tool to pry the edge of the CD panel, take out the CD panel.
    cd player
  6. Remove 4 screws at 1, 2, 3 and 4 to take out original CD player/radio.
    4 screws for the radio
  7. Take out the original CD and radio unit. Detach the power plug behind the CD/radio.
    take out cd player
  8. Connect the new female power plug to the back connector of CD/radio, connect the new male plug to the original wiring harness. This step is very important, if there are fiber optic cables from original harness, you will need to move the fiber optic cables to our new plug at the same position(very important!)fiber optic plugs
    pull out the 2 fiber optic cables:disconnect fiber optic cables
    Move the 2 fiber optic cables to the new plug at the same position, make sure they are well connected!
    move fiber optic plug
    Connect the new plug with 2 fiber optic cables to the back of factory CD/radio, see below:

    new plug behind radio

  9. Connect the LVDS plug removed from the back of the original screen to the LVDS plug from our new main unit, connect the 2 black cables between the main unit and the new screen, connect new red, blue and green plug into the correct plugs from the side of the main unit, see picture below:
    new control boxNote: You should also connect the GPS antenna, WiFi antenna at this step, GPS and WiFi antenna can be put at top right corner of dashboard. And connect the loose black wire to the iron of LVDS plug, very important!!! you should firstly connect the black wire to the iron of LVDS plug before turn on the unit! see below:

    ground wire

    connect TFT and LVDS cables to the back of new screen.

  10. After all cables connected well(very important!), then you can turn on the car and the unit, test it, if everything goes well, power off the car, reinstall the CD/radio and climate control panel, tug the cables at the back of the screen neatly and install the new screen, you can put the main unit at right side behind the CD/radio(remove the entire plastic frame to put it there), or you can put the unit at rear of the screen inside, or you can put the main unit to any other area where can be put into.
    control box where to putDon’t worry about the future maps update, you can copy new maps from USB to the sd card.

    another position
    BMW menu on new screen

  11. This step is only needed by BMW e60 without factory AUX and add a small amplifier to get sound, below picture shows you how to connect the small amplifier:small amplifier

    Note: the small speaker is not necessary anymore, so we don’t add it in the package, as the navigation sound can come out from front left car door speaker.If there’s no sound after installed the small amplifier, the small amplifier should not be activated, you can follow these steps: firstly turn off the car and take out car key, unplug the red power plug from the main unit, then disconnect the 2 plugs for the small amplifier, then connect the 2 plugs for the small amp again, finally connect the red power plug(the red plug should be the last to plug).

  12. No sound after installation? You can check this post: Solution For No Sound After Installed BMW E60 Android Head Unit
  13. This step is only required for installing an aftermarket rear camera.
    Firstly the camera should be powered with your car reverse light.
    Secondly, there are one green cable with RCA connector to connect the video input from the camera, and there’s a loose REVERSE 倒车控制 wire which should also connect the red trigger line from the camera.
    install camera
    Only the above 2 cables need to be connected from the unit for the camera. About wiring diagram of the camera to be installed with this BMW e60 android head unit, please check this post.Note: If you have connected the backup camera correctly, but still no signal or the display is not stable, that’s because the voltage from your car reverse light is not stable, you can connect a relay to solve this, it has been proved by many of our customers, if you need more info about the relay, you can contact us we can send you some pictures and feedback from our customers who’ve used a relay for the camera.

If you have installed a few units yourself over the years, following step by step installation instructions here you won’t have a problem. Please send this installation guide to your installer before he installs the BMW E60 Android head unit for you. If your installer still have questions, you can take some pictures for us to check, we will do our best to help.


You can also download the entire installation guide here, however, installation instructions from this post are more detailed as we will update this post from time to time to add more information which our customers will frequently ask, so you’d better printing the how to install guides on this page directly.

51 thoughts on “How to Install BMW E60 Android Head Unit?

  1. Hi there. With the aux connection, do you have to run the aux wire from the unit into the cabin and plug into back of armrest aux connection? That would look crap. Any other way to run the aux wire? Thanks

    1. Only for some cars without aux wires in the CD plug(or aux wires not matched) need to use our aux adapter cable to connect the aux port. Most BMW e60 don’t need to use such a aux adapter cable.

  2. Gunji (who posted on Jan 25),
    I also had the same issue regarding CCC screen resolution and iDrive sensitivity when I installed a unit from another website. Even though I have an E92, the E90 setting in “BMW Model Choose” of the Factory Settings menu resulted in this error.

    I was able to fix it by setting my car model as “CCC_E60 big(8.8, full)”

    Hope this helps!

    I had previously purchased an Android 9 version of this product from another website and was stuck on the installation as it came with no instructions.
    The clear and comprehensive instructions you have provided enabled me to successfully complete the install, thanks so much! I just wish I have purchased the unit from your company instead.

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi there, I installed the unit and everything is working on the new unit side of things perfectly!
    However when I go back to the factor CCC system the resolution is stretched really oddly. The main car system was lower resolution so I would have expected it to shrink if anything, but instead it has half of the screen missing as it looks to be super zoomed in. any ideas how to fix this? is there some firmware update or something that would help? E90 325i BMW with the E60 Android 10 8core system.
    Also the centre dash knob that moves the navigation is Super sensitive now, and moving it sliglhty makes the selection change like 10 times the speed. Any ideas how I can fix that? thanks =)

    1. Hi, i searched your email and name but can not find your order with us, your unit should be different from our unit, so I’m sorry we are not able to help as it’s not our unit.

  5. Hi, you wrote “Please note our unit just replaces the factory screen, and regularly transfers the sound via factory aux mode, it does not have audio output with RCA connectors, so it can not connect another amplifier.”
    However, if the system sends sound to the factory radio, then the signal can be also redirected to an external amplifier, right?

    1. There are 3 aux wires(audio output) from our plug to connect directly with your aux, that’s why the sound can transfer to car speakers with your aux. It does not have RCA cables to connect external amplifier. However, if your car does not have aux function, does not have fiber optic amplifier, you can also use our small amplifier to transfer the sound from our unit to 4 car door speakers.

  6. Hi there thanks for the info can you send me what info you have on the reverse camera fitting with a relay such as where you take the power feed from as mine works when you first turn on the ignition and go straight in reverse fo about 3/4 seconds then goes off as the car records a fault in the lights then it won’t work until the car is turned off and back on again but I can’t find anywhere in the tailgate as mine is a e61 touring to get a decent feed from as it is all can bus and don’t like things being connected to it also do you have any recommendations for set up as it is so unreliable especially connecting my iPhone sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and does the CarPlay dongle make a lot of difference a lot of questions sorry but it is frustrating

    1. I searched your email and name but did not find your order with us. Please ask your supplier for after-sales service because your unit may be different from ours.

  7. Hi, I have a 2008 E60 525 with the CCC system. It has AUX. I have a few questions.
    1) Will this come in English
    2) Can I still go to the original screen to check system faults, car maintenance etc
    3) Can I still use the original bluetooth for calling
    4) Can I use navigation for any country at any time? Or does there have to be internet connection at al times?

    1. Hi,

      The default language of this unit is English.
      You can still enter into original screen menus to check system information.
      You can still use original bluetooth phone, our unit supports all factory functions.
      We will install our latest offline igo or sygic maps for you, so you don’t need to connect internet for navigation.

  8. Hi – I have an E63 645 ci which has the CCC system, 1: Can I put this unit in my car? 2: I have no Aux connection at all in the car, can i retro fit?

    Cheers Rob

    1. Hi, for BMW E63 645ci, it should install another model, please send a dashboard picture for us to check further, so that we can send you the correct head unit.

  9. Hi all of my original screen menu are displaying slightly to high and and main original screen is a lot to the right of the screen, how can I fix it. All the other aftermarket menu is fine

  10. Hi, I’m interest by this product, I have the SMALL SCREEN that called M-ASK. My E60 is from 2004. Is that match ?

    I have aux codded + mp3 codded and works.

  11. That’s because the original screen resolution did not set correct, you can set the resolution in settings > System > Factory pattern > BMW Model setting.

  12. hello,
    I already bought an android screen and install it but there was to wires from the original screen one is for power with the iron case and the second one was with a plastic case which i did not connect it the question is :
    1- when i wanna show the original car info the screen say no signal.
    2- i can not get sound from the screen but i can got sound from the radio and cd unit.

    who can i solve these 2 problems .

    best regards

    1. 1. check if you connected the LVDS plug with the new head unit.
      2. check if your car has working aux function, if yes, also check if your aux wires match the new plug, if not with aux, you need to add a small amplifier to transfer the sound.

      If you still have questions, please contact your seller for after-sales service.

  13. Is aftermarket amp and sub istallation an option in this unit? Or do i go frome the speekerwhire into an transformer an then into a amp?
    Also, are there a posibuiliti to play video with the old type connection?(3plugs red, white and yellow)? To connect like a playstation?

    1. Hi, this Android screen unit just replaces the factory screen, keep using the factory radio and CD system, so if you want to install aftermarket amp or sub you should check if your CD system can support or not. It does not have old type connection to play videos, this Android head unit already has video app to play videos through USB or the internal memory of the unit.

  14. Hy there. I have installed in my 530 e61 an android unit. Everything works fine, except reverse camera. I have installed it 100% correctly, as a prove it works fine when the contact is on, but without starting the engine. Once the engine is on, the display shows “no signal”. If i turn of the engine, but the contact remains on, and gear in reverse, i have the image from the camera.
    As i read in this post, i probably don’t have enough power in reverse light and i must install an relay.
    Can anyone here help with an tutorial? Or how can i make it work normally?
    Thank you verry much.
    Please sent sugestion in email nutu_***

    1. You can check the feedback from one of our customers as below:

      “The fix was to tap into the fuse box on the passenger side of the trunk. I found a 12v wire and ran it to a standard automotive relay (can be found at most autoparts store like O’reillys or Autozone). The coil of the relay was triggered by the wire powering the reverse lights, which was the wire I had originally tried to power the camera from. With this method, the camera was powered from a separate source entirely and the relay had enough resistance to not affect the LCM.”

  15. Hi,
    If i have this unit with the small amplifier box provided,
    and now i want to upgrade to bigger more powerfull amplifier and speakers.
    How do i connect the new aftermarket amp to replace the small one provided ?
    Where do the rc line out cables go to from the new amp ?

    1. Please note our unit just replaces the factory screen, and regularly transfers the sound via factory aux mode, it does not have audio output with RCA connectors, so it can not connect another amplifier.

  16. Hello i have a problem i dont get the signal from my bmw own menu it says no signal when i change from android to the main menu

    Car is an E60 2005 with CCC what is the problem i can only use it with the android menu :/

    1. You can check the LVDS plug and see if it’s well connected with the main unit. If still no signal, you should contact your supplier.

  17. Hi there. I have a version of CCC on a E63 without original AUX. Is there something I can do in order to make your production work on my car?

    1. Hi, if your car does not come with fiber optic amplifier, which means there are 8 speaker wires from your plug behind the radio and CD, then you can install our Android e60 head unit and add a small amplifier to get sound to 4 car door speakers.

  18. Hi. Do i need to have my CCC operating correctly? cause mines screwd up..doesnt turn on..always saying bmw and restarting..will it work anyway? buying an adroid radio will it work?

    1. I’m afraid not, our unit does not change factory functions, so if your CCC system does not work normally, it remains after installation.

  19. I have a 2003 BMW E60 with a CCC screen after i put this my screen will be
    8 inches or the small as i have now?

  20. Hi What about the climate control options and all original car door locks and flashers and service screen are they still available? Thanks

  21. The little black wire that you connect to the ldvs there one that needs to go to the radio new unit only has a wire about six” long. Some kind of ground I’m guessing. Thx. Joe

        1. That’s great your car has working aux, because the sound transfers to car speakers through factory aux mode. If the car does not have aux or aux doesn’t work, you will need to add a small amplifier to get sound. If you have any other questions, just feel free to contact us by sending an email to # with @), thanks.

  22. can you explain in more detail about the auxiley in the e60 and how do you know if you have this option or not? and any detail instruction on how to install amp and speaker thanks

    1. Regularly, for e60 with aux function, there’s a 3.5mm aux jack located at the back of armrest, secondly, from your screen menu you should see aux option as well. If you still don’t know, you can ask a local BMW dealer to confirm it.

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