How To Install 2014 2015 Honda Fit Radio DVD Navigation Bluetooth?

The 2014 and 2015 Honda Fit come with base price and carry Honda’s strong reputation for reliability. The price is much cheaper for a base model of Honda Fit, and you can upgrade it with aftermarket car entertainment system which costs less than the original but the quality is also good. The first you may consider about is the in-dash HD touch screen DVD player and navigation system.

The car DVD player GPS navigation system for 2014-2015 Honda Fit is touch screen operational by your finger or a stylus included in the package, and a 8 inch digital HD screen with 800*480 resolution. The inbuilt GPS navigation system comes with maps for free together with a 8GB SD card. It can also support Blue tooth hands free phone calls and play Bluetooth streaming music. In this post, we will tell you how to install 2014-2015 Honda Fit Radio DVD Navigation Bluetooth and replace the factory base radio system.

Factory Honda Fit Radio and CD player Look
If your factory Honda Fit radio looks like this, you can install an aftermarket DVD GPS system easily. If your dash is different, you’d better contact the seller to check further.
honda city 2014 2015 factory radio

New Honda Fit Radio DVD Player GPS Navigation Bluetooth Unit: ONLY US$279.6
The new unit comes with a 8″ HD large screen, support touch screen. Basic function: DVD player, Bluetooth hands free phone calls, Bluetooth streaming music, GPS navigation, USB, SD, FM/AM radio, support steering wheel control and rear view camera video input. Optional function: Digital TV, DVB-T, ISDB-T.
2014 2015 honda fit radio dvd navigation

You can learn more about this unit:

Let’s get started to install this new Honda Fit DVD navigation unit, just follow below steps one by one.

  • Step 1
    Use a plastic knife to pry out the trim strip, remove screws. A set of installation tools of plastic knives is available in a car stereo shop and it’s very cheap.
    pry the trim
  • Step 2
    Pull out the flapper, then pry out the instrument panel, remove the instrument panel.
    remove factory honda city radio_2
    remove factory honda city radio_3
  • Step 3
    Pry the panel near air vents
    remove factory honda city radio_4
    remove factory honda city radio_5
  • Step 4
    Pry the bottom panel, leave it aside, remove a screw.
    remove factory honda city radio_6
  • Step 5
    Remove 2 screws, then you can pull out the factory radio and CD.
    pull out honda city radio
    remove factory radio
  • Step 6
    Unplug all factory wiring harness and cables.
    factory wiring harness
  • Step 7
    Remove 4 screws from left and right side of the factory radio/CD, then install the bracket into the new Honda Fit radio DVD navigation unit.
    bracket both sides
    install bracket
  • Step 8
    Install the warning hazard light at the new front panel of the unit.
    warning hazard light install
  • Step 9
    Plug new power cable with the factory wiring harness, plug USB and iPod cables, GPS antenna. Push the new unit into the dash, fix 2 screws.
    install new honda city navigation
  • Step 10
    Install back the panel near the air vents, install back the panel near the instrument panel, and other panels.
    install back air vents panel
    install navigation_2
    install back bottom panel

After installation, turn on the car and the new Honda Fit 2014 2015 GPS navigation DVD player, test every function, make sure all work well.
after installation

As you can see, installation for such a unit is plug and play, you will not need to modify factory wiring harness the match the new plug, because the new plug is custom made for factory wiring harness. It may take about 1 hour to complete the installation for a professional technician, if you take it to a car stereo shop for installation, the installation fee should be more or less than 100 USD.

If you want to install a rear view camera, it’s easy to connect this unit with a rear camera, there’s a cable with “CAMERA-IN” which should connect the video cable from the camera, and there’s a wire with a label “BACK” which should connect with 12V reverse light because this BACK wire can control the back up camera when the car is in reverse gear.

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