How To Install 10.1″ Hyundai IX35 Tucson Aftermarket Stereo Android Head Unit?

If your Hyundai IX35 does not have factory navigation or back up camera, a few years later, the factory Hyundai IX35 stereo stopped working, then you can replace it with a new aftermarket radio with GPS navigation system which can supports back up camera as well.

The new aftermarket radio replacement is an Android head unit, with 32GB ROM and 2GB RAM, 10 inch big touch screen. Functions include music and video playing, Bluetooth hands-free, WiFi for internet, Mirror-Link, GPS navigation system, USB and others.

hyundai ix35 android head unit

It’s very easy for me to install such a head unit. Because i know how to dismantle the factory Hyundai IX35 stereo. Besides, installation is plug and play for the new 10.1″ Android unit.

Just follow these steps as following, you should also know how to install it.

How to install Hyundai IX35 Tucson Aftermarket Stereo Android Head Unit

  1. Firstly you should pry the top cover using a plastic installation tool for stereo.

    top cover

    If you don’t have this special tool, using a flat screwdriver is also ok, but you should pry it carefully.

    Hyundai ix35 with top cover off

  2. After you took off the top cover, now you can dismantle the warning light panel.

    warning light

    Inside there are 2 buckles which are very tight, pay attention to that.

    removed warning light

  3. Now you can take out the factory Hyundai IX35 stereo.

    Take out Hyundai ix35 stereo

    As you can see, there are power cables, radio antenna inside.

    radio antenna power cable

  4. Now you can connect the power cable with the new aftermarket Android head unit. Then turn on the car, test if it works power cable

    android head unit installed


  5. Finished installing.

    finished installing

About steering wheel controls, you may need to study it in settings.  The user manual can be seen in apps > instructions.


This is clean installation, you don’t need to cut wires from original cable. If there’s WiFi, you can connect it to download and install some Android apps from Google playstore.

By the way, the original top cover is salient, it’s not good to put anything else at top dash, this new Android head unit for Hyundai IX35 solved the issue for me.

It fits Hyundai Tucson as well, because they are with the same factory radio, wiring harness is also the same, so the radio replacement is also the same.

Installing a back up camera with this unit is possible, the complicated part is running the long video cable from the front to the back, there’s a camera video RCA cable to connect the camera.

If you are interested in installing a new aftermarket Android head unit for your Hyudai IX35 or Tucson, learn more information about this unit here:

In 2016, we also written a post showing how to install a wince system 7″ Hyundai ix35 DVD radio GPS. The 7″ wince model is not available anymore. Nowadays, the 10 inch large screen is popular.