How to Check If My Mercedes-Benz C W204 Has AUX?

Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204 from year 2007 to 2014 including models C220, C180, C200, C300, C250, C350, C230, C63 AMG. If your Mercedes W204 comes with original 5 inch small screen without navigation system in the dashboard and want to upgrade it with a large 8 inch screen aftermarket navigation Mercedes W204 Android head unit, you need to find out if your W204 has AUX function or not.

So how to check if my Mercedes-Benz C W204 has AUX?

Firstly a 3.5mm AUX jack is usually located in the glove box at the front of the passenger’s side. You can check if your car has one there:

If yes, you can connect it with your phone via a aux cable, and see if the music sound from your phone comes out from car speakers.

Secondly, please check if you are able to turn to AUX mode from factory menus, just follow below steps:

  1. whiling playing a CD from your menu, use your control knob to select CD, then press the knob to enter.
  2. Use your control knob to turn to Aux as the below pic, press the knob to turn to Aux mode
    Tip: If you have an iPod plugged in, iPod will turn off the Aux option, as iPod and Aux functions go through the same media interface connection and it defaults to the iPod. So you will need to unplug it so that you are able to select the aux input.
  3. If you are able to enter into aux mode(not grey color like disabled), that means your car has aux function, then you can use a Aux cable to connect your phone, play music with your phone, and see if the music sound comes out from car speakers, if yes, that means your car’s Aux works well now.
  4. By the way, your aux volume may be lower compared with radio and CD’s sound, that’s normal for nearly all Mercedes Benz C-Class W204.

Why AUX function is so important?

AUX is used to transfer the music sound from the new aftermarket Mercedes-Benz W204 head unit to your car speakers, so if your W204 does not have AUX function, there will be no sound from the new USB or SD function. By the way, the GPS sound comes out from a small speaker included in the package, so that you can listen to factory radio or CD and use GPS navigation system at the same time.

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4 thoughts on “How to Check If My Mercedes-Benz C W204 Has AUX?

  1. Hi
    I have aux mode in screen active
    But I don’t have aux output cable on glove box
    Do I have aux
    I add aftermarket carplay but no sound
    What the problem

    1. Hi, does your car have a 3.5mm aux port in the glove box? for no sound, you can also test if there’s sound for music app playing.

      1. Hi, I have the ami bit in my arm rest, there is the lead to plug that in and then put the aux lead into that. I have the w204 c220 2013 amg model. I can’t for the life figure out how to make it work. Please cam you help and advise me??

        1. Do you want to make aux working? You can use a Mercedes AMI AUX cable to connect your AMI AUX connector then you can activate AUX function on screen menus.

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